Rift Rogue NB/Sin Leveling Guide

Rift Rogue NB/Sin Leveling Guide?by Thag

So basically, I wanted a ?stealthy? spec while I was leveling my rogue, so I modified the ye olde NB/Sin spec ? 61 Assassin was too reliant on steath, mob DoTs </3. Basically, you can either open from stealth ? I prefer opening with Paralyzing Strike; mob would be dead shortly after that four seconds of stun, but your choice ? or you can stack Fiery & builder, when you have a DoT on you from a prev. fight etc..

Either way, the lack of Curative Engine or Boosted Recovery ? in this spec ? doesn?t hurt as much as you think; I was peaking 13k after opening on a mob at my 55s, you rush through mobs like through butter. As long as you use Vampiric Essence on your weps you?re good; and don?t forget about Twilight Transendence and Enduring Brew to patch you up after tough fights!

So without further adeu, the spec at 50. Put your points further down Assassin as you level, take Enduring Brew & 4/5 Poison Mastery.


The macros:

#show dusk to dawn
cast dusk to dawn
cast Primal Strike
cast fiery chains
cast swift shot
((cast expose weakness) add this when you?re 52)

Dusk Strike macro
#show Dusk Strike
cast dusk to dawn
cast dusk strike
cast Swift Shot
((cast expose weakness) add this when you?re 52)

#show Scourge of Darkness
cast scourge of darkness
cast blazing strike
cast flame thrust

AoE builder
#show fiery chains
cast fiery chains
cast weapon flare
((cast expose weakness) add this when you?re 52)

AoE finisher
#show Flame Blitz
cast Flame Blitz
cast Flame Thrust

Along with these macros, you should have Fiery Spike, Ebon Fury and On the Double keybound ? along with other utility.

The way this plays: Open with Paralyzing Strike -> Builder -> Fiery Spike -> Finisher -> Builder x5 -> Finisher and you know how this goes. Every two minutes, use Dusk Strike macro instead of the builder for a faster kill. As said, mobs will go down like sack of potatoes.

Sorry for any mistakes in advance, and thanks for reading!

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