Rift Warrior Perfect Solo Build Guide

Rift Warrior Perfect Solo Build Guide?by pkudude

Updated Build

Level 50 ??41 WL / 25 Champ / 0 Paragon

Level 60 ??41 WL / 35 Champ / 0 Paragon

Updated Macros

Single-Target Builder

#show Empowering Strike
cast Piercing Thrust
cast King of the Hill
cast A Quick Death
cast Empowering Strike
cast Arterial Strike
cast Weapon Defense

Single Target Finisher

#show Breaking Blow
cast Killing Field
cast Breaking Blow

AE Builder

#show Mighty Blow
cast Wave of Steel
cast Mighty Blow
cast Arterial Strike
cast Weapon Defense

AE Finisher

#show Killing Field
cast Killing Field
cast Bladefury

I don?t put Savage Sweep in as I?ve not noticed any overall dps difference when using it vs not using it, and if I have it, it?s just ?1 more thing? to manage and when I?m soloing I?m looking for ease of use, so I don?t bother with it. Feel free to swap a point into it if you like it and want to use it.

The bug that had Arterial Strike adding combo points has been fixed, so it?s now just bonus OGCD damage, so I left it at the bottom of the macro due to its slightly lower priority now. I moved the Piercing Thrust/Wave of Steel up in the macro to reflect their higher priority, especially now that King of the Hill is making them 100% chance to crit once per 15 seconds.

If you want to move Piercing Thrust/Wave of Steel into the finisher macros and push them 2x instead of the top of the builders, that works also, but I found that with my own play style of spamming the builder buttons but only doing single presses on the finishers that it works better in the builder macros. YMMV, of course.

The 3rd soul can be Paragon for 3% crit chance buff or Tempest for a bit of ranged damage. If going Tempest, taking 2 points out of Champ and putting them in Tempest in order to get the Skyfall ranged finisher is a decent idea. As I generally find that with 2 charges, Mark of Inevitability, and Sergeant?s Order that that?s plenty of ?range? and I go for simplicity in my soloing, I prefer the Paragon myself, but again? YMMV.

I was playing with this last night and even though it?s now a little longer in between finishers due to no longer getting the Arterial Strike?s bugged combo points, the kill times and dps were the same as before all the changes. I?m level 58 and I could still take on 4 level 60 mobs at a time and finish the fight with 80% health (thank you Cornered Beast!). Single-target fights actually heal me a little bit, so if below full health goes up. If at full health, I stay there. I still love this build for solo!

For this build to really ?work? you need 41 WL and 21 Champ, so that requires at least level 47 before this build makes much sense. As a result, in the lower levels I suggest going primarily Champion with a touch of Warlord. Since Champ does so much more AE damage I also keep a ?Pure Champion? role for doing invasions, onslaughts, or for clearing footholds.

Level 4

Level 16

Level 21

Level 32

Level 48

After 48, respec to ?Perfect Solo.?

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