Rift Warrior Warlord In Depth Guide

Rift Warrior Warlord In Depth Guide?by Thag

Hello! So, this is my second Warlord guide? beating the dead horse ? or is it! Well I know there are some Warlord variants running around, people don?t really take them seriously but let?s see if we can change that.

Basically, this particular 61 WL 4 CH 11 Para spec, I ran in farm content for a good while ? roughly two months ago; before I took a break from Rift. It did roughly the same ST as RB and ofc lower AoE, but mostly more fun. Anyway, after coming back, with oGCD surges, I?ve noticed that for me it?s starting to pull higher than RB on dummy and in raids so I decided to go in-depth. I?ll go in detail after laying out the basic spec:

61 Warlord 4 Champion 11 Paragon

Buffs: Ready & Deadly Posture, Everything is a Weapon, Soldier?s Bearing, Battlefield Experience and Way of the River


#show King of the Hill
cast King of the Hill
cast Decisive Strike
cast Piercing Thrust
cast Backhand
cast Arterial Strike
cast Rising Waterfall
cast A Quick Death
cast Empowering Strike

#show Killing Field
cast Killing Field
cast Breaking Blow

Alternative Finisher ? With Killing Field on a seperate button
#show Breaking Blow
cast Breaking Blow

#show Clear the Breach
cast Clear the Breach
cast Bull Rush

Other mandatory dps keybinds:
Tactical Surge
Battle Surge

High survivability
Cheating death every minute
High mobility with two charges and one backstep
Damage link for ?the weakest link? of your raid
Small self-heal

Low disconnect utility
Limited AoE but good cleave
People *****ing about your spec

Basically, the spec is self-explanatory. Builder > Finisher while keeping Tactical & Battle Surge up, keep watch on your attack points at all times beacuse they build up quite fast and you don?t want to waste any. But yeah, pretty much everybody knows how to play Warlord already so I?ll go in the juicy stuff:

In-Depth Warlord: Attack Rate

So basically; what I wanted to know is the ?threshold? of the attacks executed in a time frame for Warlord to overtake RB on dummy ? and it does. Without further dudes:?1.6 attacks per second with 2hs / 2.3 attacks per second DWing, is when this spec starts overtaking Riftblade. He who manages to execute this many attacks will see that this WL spec will start going over RB. Of course, you can?t test >30% on a live dummy; which contributes to WL damage even further and of course this theory needs way more testing than I can do with my Warrior friends, which you guys might help out with, but this is what I conclude with my data with this spec.

Thanks for reading and your feedback! Also special thanks to Plaza, Yobiraion and Belade for their contribution!

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