Rocket League Climbing Solo Standard Guide


Rocket League Climbing Solo Standard Guide?by crazeepreacher

Hey everyone, yesterday I posted about getting from Challenger Div I to Rising Star Div II in Solo Standard in just 6 hours. Many people had questions, so I thought I?d post a little insight regarding my mindset and strategy going into Solo Standard. Feel free to ask any questions.


Important Notes:

My highest rank is shooting star, so I couldn?t hard carry every Solo Standard game. I had to learn how to play effectively, and hopefully this small guide will help you do that to. This guide is aimed toward people whose skill level is between high challenger-low champ. Any lower, and your best bet is to just play normal and get more experience.

This guide also assumes you are the best player on your team. Seeing that someone on your team is better than you is one of if not the most important things to recognize if you want to win. Set them up to carry. This usually looks like Centering for them and (for the love of God) if they have possession of the ball give them space.


-Center the ball over and over again. Your teammates will miss the shot most of the time, but the opposing team will make mistakes and will eventually miss a clear.

-Have meaningful touches, get the ball past a defender.

-Boost deny ALL THE TIME. Seriously. Nearly everyone you meet in Solo Standard won?t have good boost management, and the nature of the playlist encourages more boost usage, making denying more effective.

-When you have a power shot that you can put on target, go for it. Long shots when the enemy is pressed up is one of the highest percentage shots in Solo Standard.

-Your Teammates most likely won?t be able to follow up on your fast play, so be cautious with fast passes that might just be giving possession away.

-On offense, make affordable, effective plays. If you can?t afford your team mate to miss the follow up, go with another touch.


-On Defense, it?s better to wait until you can get a good clear (if you can still beat your opponent to the ball). Waiting also stops a lot of those collisions with ball-chasing teammates who swoop in when you thought you had the save.

-Let your team mates take every Kickoff possible. This allows you to be in a better position to take possession after the kickoff. (Unless you are godlike at fast kickoffs)

-If you can?t make hard clears on the corner or walls, or if you can?t clear high aerial balls from above the goal, go practice those immediately. I found the best tool for this to be Rocket League Trainer.

-Learn good boost management, you?ll need it to make plays.


-Trust your team mates to make mediocre plays. No trust leads to you babysitting. Full trust leads to (many, many) open goals.

-Be fluid with your playstyle, let your teammates affect how you play. If one of them ball chases all the time, you?ll have to give him space. If one of them tends to rotate to defense quickly, feel free to be more of a play-maker.

-Don?t tilt. If you are tilting, either your expectations for your teammates are too high, or you are playing poorly. Tilting helps neither of these, a hot head makes poor decisions.

-ALWAYS give your team mates praise. Nice shot, Great Pass, whatever. Even if it was a mediocre play to you, it might have been a great play for someone with their skill.


-Whenever I play Solo Standard, I put on a chill playlist. It helps keep me calm, and whenever you start to feel tilted, just pay attention to the music. The Playlist I use can be found here:

-Sometimes you will have a very, very new player on your team. This most likely means a loss if there isn?t one on the other team. I?ve found the best thing to do is try to be more of a playmaker.

-Have fun, after all it?s a game.

And finally. Your team mates will be toxic, the enemy team will tell you kys, you?ll make mistakes and get flamed. Sometimes games will be so toxic you?ll think you?ve stumbled into Fukushima. Sure you can get mad back, defend yourself, throw poison words back at them. Or you can set aside your pride, try to be nice and learn from your mistakes. While they stay the same rank you?ll be climbing, until soon they?ll be asking you for advice on how to get better.

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