Rocket League [Guide] Heavy Car Bug Solved By: ShintoxTV


I’m not going to go over the regular performance changes like power or graphic settings as all of that has been covered already. What I’m going over is input delay specific to PC players on Steam and the Epic Games store.

The heavy car bug, stems from the CPU priories of various programs on your system. SO we are going to fix that. This workaround has been relayed to Psyonix, its temporary and it requires to be redone on each launch of the game and/or PC but so far its worked every time for me.

Use at your own risk, these changes reset when your PC restarts, however making changes to any windows processes can cause system instability. SO if you don’t know what it is, don’t change it.

If you have any issues, a PC restart will reset all of these changes.

There are programs you can use to make changes permanent, but I will only be providing the manual fix as you can’t really brick your computer doing it this way.

YES you have to do this every time you start up.

YES its a pain to do each time, and you have to keep an eye out for changes and new processess.

BUT it works.

Rocket League Heavy Car Bug Process Priority Workaround

Video now available:

Step 1: Restart your PC so you’re working from a baseline.

Step 2: Turn off any and all other programs you don’t need to run.

Step 3: Start rocket league

Step 4: Alt+Tab out to desktop and bring up your task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and click “more details” (if required) so you get the tabbed view of the task manager

Step 5: Select the “Details” tab, Right click where it says “Name” on the column list and click “Select columns”

Step 6: Look for and check the box that says “Base Priority” click OK

Step 7: Left click the top of the column where it says “Base Priority” to sort list by priorities from highest to lowest.

This is where it will vary from system to system. Don’t touch ANY windows processes.

In general don’t change the priority of anything unless you are ABSOLUTELY SURE it’s not part of the operating system. Doing so could cause system instability and lead to a blue screen crash.

If you’re unsure if the program is a windows process or not you can add another column called “Command line” which will tell you where the process’s executable is stored.

– If it’s in c:WINDOWS, DON’T TOUCH IT.

– If it doesn’t have a command line… DON’T TOUCH IT

– If it just has a plain (insert example here).exe on the command line.. DON’T…TOUCH..IT.

Step 8: Change anything running “above normal” to “normal” by right clicking the process > set priority > normal.

There shouldn’t be any windows processes running “above normal” and only a few running at high.

Leave the “High” processes alone.

Step 9: Sort by name by left clicking the word “Name” on the task manager.

Step 10: Set the priority of ALL Steam or Epic/unreal processes to “Below normal”

Steam Processes

– Steam.exe > set process to “Below normal”

– steamwebhelper.exe > set all processes to “Below normal”

– GameOverlay.exe > set process to “Below normal”

Epic games Processes

– EpicGamesLauncher.exe set process to “Below normal”

– EOSOverlayRenderer-Win64-Shipping.exe > set all processes to “Below normal”

– UnrealCEFSSubProcess.exe > set all processes to “Below normal”

Step 11: Set the priority of RocketLeague.exe to “High”

Step 12: Alt+Tab back into Rocket League and play. Some other processes may start while you’re playing so monitor your task manager for them and make changes accordingly.


BE AWARE Some programs revert their priority after a time, so if this works for a while, then you get the bug again, re-check your process priorities and change them back.

If you restart Rocket League after applying these changes, it will start in “Below Normal” So you have to change it back to “High”

If you open a new browser in the steam overlay a new process will appear that is set to “Normal”

Additional Troubleshooting.

Some programs are known to run at a higher priority then they should, or may use up a lot more resources in the “Normal” category then you want.

While YES you can solve this problem by just turning them off, I personally like listening to music while I play and this allows me to do so wile still fixing my issue.

You can set the priority of anything NOT related to windows to “Below Normal” by right clicking the process > set priority >”Below Normal”, without any terrible issues.

Known Process Offenders

Here a list of processes that are known to run with a higher priority then they should and can have their priority safely altered. I’ll update this as I find more.

Logitech G Hub (lghub.exe)

Steam (Steamwebhelper.exe)

Spotify (Spotify.exe)

Chrome (Chrome.exe)

Please feel free to add to this list. If you discover any other programs that run with an elevated priority.

Specific Program Changes

Controller software

I am not a Controller player, however If you still have issues after following this guide you can try setting your required controller’s software to “Above Normal” to see if that helps. Otherwise ask in the comments to see what worked for others.


For any device specific drivers running like Logitech:

-If you’re using a controller, Set the priority of all related processes to above normal / high

-If you’re using Keyboard and mouse: Set the priority of all related processes to “normal”

The reason for this is if you’re using mouse and keyboard you’re using 2 different input devices, if your mouse has a higher priority it can override the priority of your keyboard inputs and slow them down. Normally on FPS games this isn’t an issue, but since in RL movement > aim this can cause issues.


Set the priority of all the processes of discord or Spotify to “Below normal“


Change all related processes to “Below normal” if required.

Game Bar

Change all related Processes to “Below Normal” Or turn it off cause no one uses it.


Change all related Processes to “Below Normal”


– Again, some Processes may fire up mid game so if you notice the bug while you’re playing check the process list to see if any new processes from steam or epic have started and set them to “Below Normal”

– This is not a fix all problems solution, I suggest you follow all other Rocket League performance guides before attempting this. If you STILL have the heavy car double check your processes again for any new offenders and then post on the reddit.


This has personally been driving me MAD for over a year. I hope this brings peace to some of your input woes! Good luck out there!

P.S Psyonix I want a White Hat. <3

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