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Rocket League [GUIDE] How to Use a PS5 Controller in PC Rocket League (Steam and/or Epic Games Launcher) By: KYVX


I just bought a PS5 controller, but I didn’t realize there wasn’t Dualsense support within Rocket League (yet). Since this process was such a pain in the ass to figure out, I wanted to post this for anyone else who might be in the same boat. I’ve tested this on two different PC’s with two different PS5 controllers, and both of them are working (without any input lag!) in Rocket League.

You can use Steam’s controller configuration for PC Rocket League until native support is added. As far as I know (and if someone can test this with a wired connection and let me know), you’ll need to connect the PS5 controller with Bluetooth. I have a $6.49 universal Bluetooth adapter that I sometimes use for a speaker, but it also connects to the new controller. I’m not saying you need this, but I haven’t tested this method with a wired connection.

For those who are unaware or are thinking of picking one of the new controllers up, they are USB-C. If you have a new Android or a Nintendo Switch, it’s the same cord.

To pair the controller to your PC, press and hold the PS button and the share button together until the controller starts to blink blue. Navigate to your PC’s Bluetooth settings, click “Add Bluetooth or Other Device,” and select the wireless controller from there.

1) Once you’ve paired the PS5 controller in your Windows settings, open Steam. In the bottom left corner, click “Add a New Game.” Choose “Add a Non-Steam Game,” then navigate to the Epic Games Launcher itself (the application/.exe).

2) Repeat that same process, and install the Rocket League application/.exe. (I’m not 100% sure you actually need to do this, but I did it, and it’s working for me now).

3) Put Steam into Big Picture Mode. In the top right corner of your screen, you’ll see an icon with two arrows:

You can change the settings to make Big Picture Mode still a windowed application (if you still want to see your task bar along the bottom).

4) In the top right corner again, you’ll see a settings icon; fromthere, go to Controller > Controller Settings > Uncheck “Guide Button Focuses Steam” (not sure if this matters, again, just saying what I did); the only checked checkbox should be “Playstation Configuration Support.”

5) At the bottom of that screen, you’ll see an option to add a wireless controller. You should be prompted to go through and map each button on the controller; there should be a bright green dot highlighting the outline of a controller in the middle of your screen. Click each button that it asks for. When it asks for a Guide Button, push the PS button on your controller. When it asks for left/right bumper, it means L1/R1 (L2/R2 are referred to as triggers, as I’m sure most of us know).

A good thing to note here is this mapping process sucked dick. Half the time when pushing a button, it wasn’t registering that I was pushing it; I would then click the button rapidly, to which (of course) it started to work, but I would push it one too many times and map the next binding to the same button. I didn’t know how to go back and redo the last binding, so I had to start over. Just be patient with it and get through it without messing anything up. You’ll only have to do it this one time (unless you fuck up like me and have to do it three times).

6) After the last binding, I used my mouse to select “Save” at the bottom of the screen, since I was scared I would fuck up the bindings and have to start over again. It will ask to save it as personal or local – choose personal, name it whatever, then click save.

7) At this point, your PS5 controller should be able to navigate through Steam’s Big Picture Mode. Back out of settings all the way to your library and choose the Epic Games Launcher. Under “Manage Shortcut,” click on “Controller Options.” The top option in that menu should say “Rearrange Controller Order;” if it does not say that and instead starts with “Allow Desktop Configuration in Launcher,” turn your PC off (not restart it) and back on again.

8) Select the Epic Games Launcher from your games within Steam, “Your Shortcut,” and then “Play.” Steam will launch the Epic Games Launcher. You cannot just launch the Epic Games Launcher on its own or the controller will not work; it has to be initiated through Steam. An anecdote from this step for me was the Epic Games Launcher would open up in front of Steam and quickly get pushed back behind Steam so I was looking at the “Play” button again. A hard restart of my PC fixed this for some reason.

9) When the Epic Games Launcher opens in front of Steam and doesn’t minimize, use your mouse to select Library > Rocket League (like you normally would).

This should make the controller work, and in my experience on both PC’s and with both controllers, I’m not getting the input lag others have talked about with these Dualsense controllers.

Another note: to turn the PS5 controller off when you’re done, press and hold the PS button for 10 seconds.

If you encounter any issues in this process or would like me to make any corrections, please leave it below!


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