Rocket League Secrets of Boost Management By: RetroGamer2153


With the wave of newer players from F2P, I thought I’d lend a hand to those struggling keeping their Boost Tank at a healthy level.

The biggest “secret” that will help you with Boost Management is…

  • Patience:

    • Don’t approach your teammate’s play faster than required. If you spend boost, yet arrive too early or fast, you’ll have to hit the brakes to stay in Position. Then boost again to accelerate to the ball. A double waste…

    • Don’t rush your own possession more than necessary. The faster the play, the more boost is needed to affect the Ball’s path. (Only rush if you can’t locate all opponents on screen. Usually, that last opponent is closing in from behind.)

    • When going for an Aerial, don’t point at the ball. Maneuver so you point roughly towards your target (The Goal, or the area/wall in front of your Teammate), then wait/hover until the ball sails in front. It’s easier to boost forwards, rather than correct your angle or boost backwards.

  • Boost Conservation:

    • During Ground Dribbles, Hood Dribbles, and Air Dribbles, make your play with a bias towards one side. It’s more efficient to angle so your target is offset, and follow a gentle C-curve towards it. If you aim straight at your target, your plays forms an inefficient S-curve. You end up exhausting more boost rushing to the other side of the ball, just to wrangle it back in line. (An S-curve should only be used to take out a defender, in the form of a Cut.)

    • When you launch into an Aerial, your trajectory should only need finesse, not correction. Be sure to point your nose towards your target, and wait for the ball to come between. Practice the 3 different Aerials, to get a feel of the height they provide. (Single Jump, Double Jump, and Fast Aerial)

    • Vault off the wall to convert forward momentum into height, without wasting Boost. Be sure to utilize your versatile Flip, as it can be used to: Lock Height, Reset Gravity, Correct Angles, Cover Distance, and Gain Speed.

  • Momentum Preservation:

    • Plan your retreat, as well as your current play. When you land, hold Powerslide, so you can buy time to correct your orientation. When Rotating out, Flip to preload some additional speed. (It’s also a strong non-verbal cue.)

    • Angle your low Challenges towards a wall, so it halts your forward progression. This allows you to regroup quicker, while preserving some speed. (Avoid landing perpendicular, straight into a wall, as it will kill your momentum. If this happens, consider Jumping off into a Wavedash.)

    • After a high Aerial, ensure you land nose down, and drive back down the walls. The gravity assist will grant you bonus acceleration, without additional boost. (This is negated if you jump and Wavedash.)

  • General Tips:

    • If you are caught in the air, after an Aerial, keep in mind: any additional forward travel will need to be backtracked. If you have any boost left, use it to get back to ground as soon as possible! You’ll be able to grab Small Pads sooner.

    • If you aren’t immediately going for the ball, get used to accelerating via speed tech.

      • Use Wavedashes, when leaping off a wall.

      • Speedflips will get you up to Supersonic real quick with minimal boost usage.

      • Use a Diagonal or Side Flip to finish off a turn.

      • Even a simple Front Flip can be used, if you just need to get back up to Supersonic.

      • Ensure your Pathing is laid over as many Small Pads as the play comfortably allows. Just don’t overreach! Take a look at my X’s and O’s Guide for more info.

If you have any small tricks you use, leave a comment!

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