Rocket League Simple mans guide to ranking up fast By: si-83


Ok, first a disclaimer. This worked and is working for me, I do not expect this to work for everyone so please, if you don’t see results with this very very simple method, please do not bash the post.

Ok… here is the method, and it’s very very simple.

Step 1. Go into ranked 3v3 and Play until you win a game, then play until you lose.

Step 2. Go into ranked 2v2 and Play until you win a game, then play until you lose.

Step 3. Go into ranked 1v1 Play until you win a game, then play until you lose.

Step 4. Rinse and repeat.

The theory behind this… 3v3 you have a buffer or a hindrance of 2 additional team mates. It’s easy to blame a loss on one or both of these guys. When you do lose, you might blame one of your team mates, and you could be right but you don’t get a second chance, you drop to 2v2.

In 2’s you only have one additional team mate, you have to judge their capacity and your own playstyle needs to work with theirs to win. Here you only have 1 guy to blame other than yourself, it’s still no good though, a loss here and you’re down to 1’s.

In ones it’s all on you, now is your chance to prove to yourself how bad your team mates were in the 3’s and 2’s matches that you lost and you’re gonna do it. You’re gonna annihilate the opponents, you are not gonna go easy and you’re gonna keep battering them player after player, those noobs that are holding you back in 3’s and 2’s and you’re gonna show them how much better than them you are at rocket league. Eventually though, you’re gonna get beat and realise you still have gaps in your game to improve upon.

You’re gonna go back into 3’s knowing exactly what you need to work on and you’re gonna do it with a buffer of 2 extra players, then in 2’s and then when you get back to ones, whatever that small slip up was will be a little better and you’ll hopefully be that little bit better.

Knowing I only have one loss and then I have to move down really helps me play to win and use everything I have to do it and it’s worked i get multiple win streaks. Also dropping down gives a real sense of your team mates skill level and playstyle and I feel it’s helped me loads in terms judging who I’m playing with in public lobbies and how to win with them.

I hope this works for anyone else who may feel like they aren’t getting the results they deserve from the practice they put in.

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