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Rocket League Vehicle Hit Boxes Guide?by Varixai

tl;dr ? Here is where the hit boxes are on almost all vehicles, with some extra gifs, charts, and data comparing their sizes

EDIT: Now has stats and images for Delorean, Grog, and Ripper! (I?m going to finish making the combined images/gifs on Wednesday)

I haven?t seen anybody compare or demonstrate hit boxes in this way or detail before, so I took some time off playing to test and display them in a (hopefully) understandable manner.

I took screenshots of each car from various angles at various camera settings, the same for each car. The main images used for the comparisons are rather small, since I took those at a further distance away to minimize warping.

I tried many methods of testing where each side of the hit box was, but the most accurate and reliable seemed to be just finding a ground spot without any thick texture on it and laying whichever side I wanted to test on it. So that?s what I did. I put each side of every car on the ground and took screenshots to refer back to. I used the screenshots of those tests to place the hit box lines.

I have included pretty much all related material here, including the photoshop files used. So anybody can look as deeply into the data/tests/files as you want here, and even make better things out of them if you want. Visually, a lot of this is still very messy or basic.. I just wanted to get some of this out there and then I can improve on it. So, let me know if anything needs clarified or doesn?t work for you.. I?m open to suggestions.

Notes about the images/data:

  • The outer edge of the colored lines are where the hit box starts. (ball hits there it will bounce off) The lines are just 2 pixels wide so you can see them and I guess it can be a small error margin.
  • The Merc and X-Devil were the only cars that would not sit still on their edges, I think this means one side of the hit box is shorter than the others.
  • The differences are smaller than they appear on the charts. (The chart minimums and maximums are set fairly close to show them more)
  • The spreadsheet/chart data is in # of pixels to the outer line edges. The height numbers were taken from the ?top? view pictures, so they are in a different scale than the length/width numbers which were taken from the ?side? view pictures. This means that they cannot be combined to get an accurate 3D hit box, however I combined them purely for comparison purposes.
  • I don?t have a Delorean, so that isn?t tested. If somebody wants to repeat these tests and send me the images, I will gladly update the graphics with it. (I?ll do the tests if I get it at some point in the future or if it is gifted to me)
  • No Sweet Tooth either since I?m on PC. Same deal as Delorean with the images.
  • I do plan on getting the Wasteland DLC right when it comes out though, and will do these tests on those cars right away.
  • I can probably find a way to get bigger, non-warped pictures if I keep playing around with my field of view settings.. I?ll work on that, as well as better locations with less visual noise.

Some previous Psyonix statements about hit boxes:

  • Confirmation that they are just rectangles.
  • (Source) ?You are right, it could be a bit of an advantage. It could also work against you, depending on how you play. The hit boxes are not very different, TBH, and some of the other points like sliding tend to compensate. Honestly, we are and will be watching what our high ranking people are doing with the cars. We don?t see them all using the van, so it can?t be a huge advantage. We can always shrink the hitboxes to be the same for each car, but that does tend to limit what we can do with them.?
  • Lots of info from Psyonix_Corey right here about how the vehicles end up with their handling and Psyonix?s thoughts on players choosing their cars via statistics.
  • Psyonix_Dave says here that the Octane is 144 Unreal Units long. I may try to use this as a basis to make further visual comparisons to estimate actual hit box sizes in unreal units. (assuming that is the actual measurement and not a number thrown out there.. Also, if Psyonix were to actually provide any official measurements that would be bloody amazing. I can?t open the encrypted .upk files to see.)

P.S. Paging Tamoketh (the awesome vehicle spreadsheet guy) See his sheet for turning and power slide stats.


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