The CORRECT Way to DRIBBLE in Rocket League! (Basic Dribbling and Flick Tutorial)


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back and today i’m gon na be teaching you guys how to dribble in a few basic flicks. So now that rocket league has gone free to play. I get asked all the time How I keep the ball on top of my car. So I made this training hack to help. You guys, learn the basics, So the first shot just kind of throws you right into it. It just puts the ball on top of your car and you’re, going to make a lot of mistakes at first when you’re doing this, The ball is going to fall off your car, so you can just press your Shot reset button and it automatically respawns right.

On top of your car, So you can give it another try now, one of the things I found helpful when I first started dribbling Was to think of the ball in the car as having two different velocities and your car kind of acts like a d-pad. So if the ball is on the front of your car, It will accelerate forward off of it. If the ball sits too far on the back of your car, You have to slow down Otherwise it’ll roll off, because your car is accelerating faster than the ball same thing on the right side of your car, The ball will roll off to the right. If it’s too far to the left, The ball will accelerate off to the left and if it’s in the middle, the ball hardly moves at all and you’ve got it perfectly In place.

So, basically, if the ball’s on the front of your car, you have to accelerate to match It’s on the back of your car, You need to decelerate to match And turn left to turn right respectively. Now, in my opinion, This is the hardest part of dribbling is just getting used to moving with the ball on your car. So you can kind of treat this like it’s a Free play for dribbling because it just quickly resets On top of your car and just get used to moving around with a ball on top of your car. If you drop it just reset your shot. So another important thing to know about dribbling is it’s pretty impossible to dribble and ball cam like I do it some other Players will do it for a little bit if they have to, But as soon as the ball gets to the sweet spot of your car, It becomes really hard to manage So a lot of people do. Is they pretty much strictly dribble in car cam Like oh, this is nice.

Camera doesn’t move at all as soon as you switch to ball cam. It’S it’s like impossible to judge where the ball is in relation to your car. Now the second shot brings in the basics of getting the ball on top of your car. You can use That’s a very common scenario for dribbling. If the ball is rolling towards you, All you have to do is lightly drive at it and it’ll pop up, and you just drive under it basic pop-up dribble, Just a little bit of boost to get right under it and you’re good to go. The next shot use the side of your car To get the ball on top of your car. Another very common tactic and same thing, rinse and repeat: This is going to be really hard for you guys at first just get used to it landing right on the top, the sweet spot, if you will, where The ball and the car have about the same velocity. Dribble god dude so good

The next shots very similar They just pop up dribbles but you’re, facing the wrong direction. So you have to get used to cornering with the ball and that’s where you get. You really have to get used to turning And getting the ball in the side of your car, using your momentum To keep the ball from touching the ground really tricky at first, but once you’ve mastered this, You can really set up some easy flicks on your opponents And stuff with basic cornering now, Once you’ve gotten the concept of dribbling and getting the ball on top of your car, It’s time to start incorporating some basic flicks. If the ball is towards the hood of your car And you do a forward flip, You will execute a basic front flick, Not the most powerful flick and actually, in my opinion, a little bit harder to execute than just a little diagonal flick. But yeah. Just hood of the car forward flip: That is your fast front flick if you’ve got the ball on the back of your car and you do a back flip, You will pop the ball up.

I use it a lot in hoops if I want to get the ball vertical for my teammate To dunk it down. But it is a super handy tool to know because, if you’re about to get challenged by somebody, you can back flick to Keep the ball out of their possession. So it’s important to note that if you are going super sonic, It’s going to be harder to flick, because if the ball is going faster than you and you’re going supersonic you’re not going to be able to flick because You’re going to be unable to catch up. To the ball to get that extra oomph of power behind it, another basic flick That doesn’t require any air rolling is a diagonal flick Which is basically a front flick. But instead you move your analog, stick slightly to the forward right position or forward left position, and it helps for placing your shots a little bit easier and you get a little bit more power behind the ball. That Has more power, but it’s a little triple god. Dude, But the execution of this flick is the exact same. Keep it on the front of your car. See that’s why you don’t go super sonic

See yeah a lot of people will accidentally go too fast. With the ball Like right. There that’s good perfectly placed diagonal flick. A really good spot to dribble is like right in the middle of the car, but for the flicks you want it to be a little bit more forward, so you can get the maximum amount of speed and power So once you’ve mastered the basics of dribbling and Those flicks get used to catching the ball on top of your car And then dribbling to the net and making a quick little flick.

That was a 45 flick. You guys haven’t gotten there, yet That’s just a habit of mine We’ll do that in the advanced flicks tutorial and even on these cornering exercises, This one’s important get used to catching the ball cornering. It left Executing a quick flick man. I cannot not 45 flick and once you’ve mastered this training pack, Then it’s time to graduate to free play. I use training packs in conjunction with free play. I use string packs to teach the mechanic and then free play is where you kind of master it And get used to doing it organically Kind of gluing. Together the knowledge you learned in the training pack, with all the little things that can’t quite be mastered with something So rigid, if you have any questions or feel like you still haven’t quite mastered dribbling after going through this video. Let me know down below in the comments leave a like on the video if you found it useful subscribe to the channel. If you Are new at the time of recording.

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