Runes of Magic Instance and Required Level List

Runes of Magic Instance and Required Level List by sharinganuser

MA or under ? quest gear will be fine.

Clops ? 4-6k hp min, blue weapons will do.

Kalin?s ? 6-8(10?)k hp will do fine.

HoTO ? big jump here, but even still, statted in whites with 35, 30, and 40 greens, your group should do fine. 10-15k hp for dps/heals, 15-20k for tanks. mages do especially well in this instance.

Origin ? like HoTO, with the only exception being the razor lurker fight. Do it often, and with the strategy, you should be able to clear it with a flurry of yellow VII from HoTO(or by current means, mementos in Dalanis, which are easily obtained.) The other option is to burn through the fight, but tanks should have 40k+ hp at that point. Mages do especially well in this instance

HoS ? big jump, group should have at the very minimum 15-20k hp, with tanks having 30 or 35k+ for a ?safe? group setup. You should have a majority being purple gear by this point. Mages do especially well in this instance. Note; this is where the group has to start to learn to pull strategically, and not with the tank aggro?ing the room.

ZS ? a smidge harder than HoS; but upping everyone?s hp by around 10k (20-25 for dps/heals, 40-45 for tanks) it should be clearable. Nothing under purple(accessories, meh) and no greens. Note; dont underestimate the mobs.

LODD ? one boss, not long, but needed to kill Sirloth, the 4th boss of DL.

DL ? well, you can see where the pattern leads; 40-55k hp, 25-30k for dps/heals.

DOD ? everyone must have at least 20k hp for first boss. Normally, you farm the first boss; 35-40k hp tank, 20k+ dps/heals.

WA ? another gear check instance, tanks must have at least 65k+ hp, 80k+ pdef, and 10-15k patk. Not sure about dps, but 30+ should do fine.

RT ? at least 70-80k hp, 120k pdef(tanks) dps is below.

More or less, the general ideology is, well if your group is able to clear one instance, by theoretic means, they -should- be able to clear the one diretly over it. If they can?t, then using a few upgrades here and there from what you can kill, will allow you to do so.
ie: if you can clear hoto, and Life Leecher(first boss Origin) but not razor lurker+, then farm LL for a bit, use the gear and upgrades from that, and go from there.

Clops ? Dragonfang ridge. Attunment: Yes (quest chain)
Kalin?s ? Dust Devil Canyon. Attunment: No
TT ? Ravenfell. Attunment: Yes (quest chain)
HoTO ? Weeping Coast. Attunment: Yes (quest chain)
Origin ? Aslan Valley, in the Jade Forest. Attunement: No
HoS ? Silverspring. Attunment: No
ZS ? Autoulia Volcano. Attunment: Yes (Kill Sharleedah)
DL ? Autoulia Volcano. Attunment: Yes (enter ZS)
DoD ? Thunderhoof Hills. Attunment: No
WA ? Southern Janaost Forest. Attunment: No

As far as group setups go,

Clops ? Tank, Healer, Mage, 3 dps.
Kalin`s ? Tank, Healer, Mage, 3 dps.
TT ? Tank, Healer, 2x ranged dps, Mage, 1 dps.
HoTO ? Used to be that you needed two healers, but with a group heal of over 10k, it should be, Tank, Healer, Mage, 3 dps. If not, then, Tank, Healer, Healer, Mage, and 2 dps.
Origin ? Tank, Healer, Mage. 3 dps.
HoS ? Tank, 3 Mages (discharge Rotation), 2 Healers, 6 dps.
ZS ? Tank, 2 Mages, 2 Healers, 7 dps.
DL ? Tank, 2 Mages, 2 Healers, 7 dps.
DoD ? Tank, Healer, 4 dps. Alternatly, Tank, 2 Healers, 3 dps.
WA ? Tank, Healer, 4 dps. Alternatly again, Tank 2 Healers, 3 dps.
RT ? Tank, Healer, 4 dps. Or, Tank, Healer, Healer, 3 dps.

Note; These numbers are based on a -normal- group, following the thoery in my last post. Of course if you`re overgeared, these values are less. I`ve 5-manned ZS, solo`d Clops, and duo`d DoD first boss farms with a scout. I`m a Knight lol.

Mana/Matk/Patk/Wep Tier.

MA ? quest gear will be fine in all four areas.

Clops ? 3-8k, 2-4k, 2-5k tier 5 and 6 are fine. Statted in dirty 3-stat green X and XI will let you excel here.

Kalin?s ? 5-7k, 3.5k, 3-6k, tier 5 and 6(7?) are fine. again, dirty-statted greens will get you in here.

White/green gear stops here.

IDK ? 6-8k, 4k, 3-6k, t7(6?) are fine. Puri-statted greens with VI yellows will do nicely.

TT ? See above.

HoTO ? 9-11k, 4k, 5k, t7 purple.

Origin ? 9-11k, 5-6k, 6-7k, t7 purple. (yellows from HoTO to get here)

HoS ? 16-18k, 9-10k, 9-10k, t7(8?) purple. (must be puri-statted in yellows)

LODD ? 16-20k, 10-12k, 10-12k, t7.

ZS ? 18+, 10-15k, 10-15k, t7-8.

DL ? 18+, 12-17k, 12-17k, t8.

DoD ? 16+, 15-20k, 15-20k, t7-8.

WA ? 20+ 20k+, 20k+, t8(9)

RT ? 30-40k, 25-30, 30-45, t8(9)

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