Runes of Magic Macro Commands Guide

Runes of Magic Macro Commands Guide by syndreamer

Another guide on Macro commands I learned and others have learned in-game. Also the commands have to be inputted in lowercase only to work.

Commands List: (Known)

/s ? enables say chat
/z ? enables zone chat
/g ? enables guild chat
/w ?player name? ? whisper player

/cast ?skill name?
/use ?item name?
/wait ?# of seconds?

/invite ?player name?

All emotes work as well, /sleep, /angry, /dance, etc.

So I had the fun of making up some macros using simple commands that you can use in the chat window. Here are some examples of what you can make and a viewing of my macros I made up.

Stringing Skill Combos: Credit goes to Angelia

/cast ?Player skill?
/wait .75
/cast ?player skill?
/wait .75
/cast ?player skill?
/wait 2

You get the picture on that part.

Changing Wardrobe: Credit goes to Angelia

/use ?Item Name?
/wait ()
/use ?Item Name?
/wait ()

The Family Macro: Credit goes to Xanados

/invite ?Username?
/invite ?username?
/invite ?username?

Also all emote shortcuts are available to use in Macros, and even chat commands.

Sample Macros I made:

Barbie Girl Attack

/s I?m a Barbie Girl, in a barbie world!
/cast Blind Stab
/wait .75
/s I?m plastic, It?s fantastic!
/wait ()
/cast Villainy
/s You can brush my hair and take me everywhere!
/wait ()
/cast Villainy
/s Come on Barbie Let?s go Party

Surprise Buttsecks Attack (from behind)

/cast Blind Spot
/wait .75
/cast Villainy
/s Ohhh godd yessssss
/wait 1
/cast Blind Stab
/s harderrrrrrrrr
/wait .75
/cast Villainy


/script if (UnitHealth(?player?)/UnitMaxHealth(?player?)<=.85) then UseAction(9); elseif (UnitHealth(?player?)/UnitMaxHealth(?player?)<=.90) then UseAction(11); else UseAction(13); end

It will use an action based on player HP Percent.
If player HP is higher than 90%(.90) it?ll use action 13
If Player HP is between 85% and 90% it?ll use action 11
If Player Hp is under 85% it?ll use action 9

So tweak those numbers to modify the barriers, just be sure it?s going from low to high for the % and be sure its in decimal form, don?t make the same mistake I did and spend hours trying to figure it out.

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