RuneScape Arraxor Guide

RuneScape Arraxor Guide?by BradTheLurker

Firsly, let me start off with an album of my kills:

This guide is almost 100% geared towards path 3, but it is possible to use the other paths

Required Stats

  • 96 Summoning
  • 90+ Range
  • 95 Prayer
  • 91 Herblore (Overloads)

Required Items?(In bold are my items that I used)

  • Zammy/Sara Warpriest Gloves
  • Zammy/Sara Warpriest Boots
  • Zammy/Sara Warpriest Cape (or helm, just have three warpriest items)/Avas Accumulator/Avas Alerter
  • Armadyl/Pernix/Death Lotus/Sirenic Top
  • Armadyl/Pernix/Death Lotus/Sirenic Legs
  • Armadyl/Pernix/Death Lotus/Sirenic Helm
  • Lumbridge Ring 4/Berserker Ring/Archer?s Ring/Onyx Ring (i)/Leviathan Ring
  • Dragon Rider Amulet/Fury/Saradomin Murmur/Dungeoneering thing necklace
  • Royal Crossbow/Zaryte Bow/Dual Ascensions/Noxious Bow (lol)

Optional Gear

  • Reverence/Vampyrism/Penance Aura
  • Scrimshaw
  • Any shield

Beast of Burden

At this time, the Rhino still functions as a beast of burden, so use this to your advantage and use it over the Yak. If you don?t have one, that is fine. Your Yak should not take any damage any way.

Your BOB should be filled with all rocktails and 5 saradomin brews on the bottom row.

Your Inventory

With Penance:

  • 1 Overload Flask
  • 1 Prayer Renewal Flask
  • 1 Anti-Poison(++) Flask
  • 1 Super Restore Flask
  • 1 Adrenaline Flask
  • 3 Rocktails
  • Everything else: Saradomin Brew Flasks

Without Penance:

  • 1 Overload Flask
  • 1 Prayer Renewal Flask
  • 1 Anti-Poison(++) Flask
  • 3 Super Restore Flask
  • 1 Adrenaline Flask
  • 2 Rocktails
  • Everything else: Saradomin Brew Flasks

Ability Bar

This is my ability bar. It is pretty OK, make tweaks if necessary.

The Fight

Phase 1 (for best results, hope that it is either range or mage Arraxor)

When you enter the fight, take a sip of Overload and Prayer Renewal and start attacking Arraxor. After the first 2-3 hits, use either Anticipation or Freedom.

If done at the right time, if you get cocooned you can click out of it after 2-3 hits.

If Arraxor swipes, he shouldn?t pull you in for it so you are fine from a distance.

If Arraxor encases himself in a web and begins to heal, do not deal damage to him.

Every 5-7 hits from Arraxor, use Anticipation or Freedom!

If you have Devotion unlocked, use it. Also use Debilitate when possible, but avoid using it at the same time as Devotion.

When Arraxor reaches 60k HP, begin to burn down the third web.

DPS down Arraxor until he reaches around 5-10k HP and move on to the next phase.

Phase 2

To save prayer during this phase, turn off Anguish. DO NOT FORGET TO PUT IT BACK ON

When you enter phase 2, you will be shrouded in darkness. Move your camera so you can see the entire ?lane? and wait for a light spot to appear.

Use Surge when needed to get to light spots faster.

Occasionally, webbed eggs will appear. Wait for a while and then go over to them, even if you have to spend some time in the darkness.

Don?t worry if you don?t get to the eggs on time. Just kill the minions whenever possible. You can also wait till the third phase to kill them.

Occasionally, you will see projectiles coming towards your character. If the projectile is green and fast, it is a mage attack. Pray accordingly.

If it is a gray web, pray range.

After a while, you will receive a message stating that Arraxor is about to come down from the ceiling. Do not panic and wait.

Your character will enter a little scene with Arraxor coming at you.

In order to succeed at this, you must use the arrow keys and press the correct one to dodge Arraxor.

If Arraxor moves his legs to the left, press left. If he moves his legs to the right, press right. If he moves his legs downwards and pointing them at you, press down. If he raises his legs, press up.

If done correctly, you take no damage. If done slightly incorrectly, you take 2500 damage. If you do not dodge, you take 5000 damage.

A correct dodge will damage the wall about 52%. An incorrect dodge will damage the wall for about 25%. No dodge results in no damage to the wall.

Phase 3

In this phase, you will encounter poisonous spiders that appear, and spiders very similar that explode causing instant death.

In this phase, remember to use Freedom or Anticipate ever 5-7 hits.


DPS Arraxor down. If you see a slow moving range attack hit the floor causing a little puddle of green goop, run away! This means that at that spot a poisonous OHKO spider is going to spawn.

Use escape if necessary.

Arraxor will continue using the dark room with light spot moves, so go with them accordingly.

Once Arraxor has reached <10K HP, lure all the spiders together. Watch out for his swipe attack.

Now, with the spiders lured, run under Arraxor and get them into his ?mouth region?.

Heal will eat each spider, gaining 5k HP and rage. He will begin to do more damage.

At this point he should have around 30k HP. Just range him down.

Phase 4

In this phase, Arraxor will be killed by Arraxi, the final boss.

As you enter phase 4, try your best to get into Revolution. It is the easiest way to get the kill.

This part of Arraxi is like Jad in that you have to switch prayers. Focus on prayer switching and let Revolution get the damage out.

Continue to use Anticipation and Freedom and keep on going into the light spots.

Once Arraxi is at 50k HP, it will become enraged and begin to deal more damage.

Continue praying properly. Arraxi should no longer use any special attacks, so continue using Anticipation for the damage protection, but Freedom is not necessary.

Once Arraxi reaches 25k HP, use an ultimate ability as soon as possible to get it?s health down.

By now, a black sludge creature will have appeared. It should jump around for a while, and then approach you.

Continue focusing on prayer switching and pay attention to the black sludge. When it gets under you, let it hit you 1 time for 2500~ damage.

The black sludge will do random moves after it hits you once.

You will probably be taking serious damage at this point. If you have a shield, use some ability on it. If not, try to tank it out.

Hopefully you will have killed it! Don?t be let down if you die at this part. I still die here, and when I do, it is when Arraxi has less than 4k HP left. It is very sad.

The End

I hope that this guide was useful. I am really enjoying Arraxor, even though I have almost no money left to continue going because Torva and Drygores crashed so hard that I can even sell it. I guess I have to hope they will rise again.

Alternate?Short Guide by RussianMK

This is meant for people who have Araxxor?s mechanics down but can?t seem to complete a kill. I use magic, but range is also acceptable. Melee is not recommended because Arraxi will wreck you.

Gear?Full sea singer, chaotic staff, god cape, steam ammy, gloves, boots, ring of vigour, any useful aura, any useful scrimshaw

Inven?1 overload flask, 1 pray renew flask, 1 antipoison(+++++) flask, 1 adrenaline flask, 4 sup rests, rest brew

Yak?16 brew, 4 rest, 10 rocks (rocks on bottom of yak)

Note: you can go more rocktail heavy if you haven?t killed that many arraxors today

Action bar?5 basics, 3 thresh, anticipate + debilitate, brews, rests, food, ultimate

Phase 1?Pretty easy. Burn web before spider spawns (I go top route). Remember to use anticipate and your THRESHOLDS whenever you can. Kill the boss to 0lp before moving onto next phase. Use brews only when boss is healing or as emergency (applies to all phases 1-3).

Phase 2?Keep using thresholds and anticipate. 4 waves of minions will spawn. The first 3 will have the mirror/healer bug. Kill these first. The sunshine ultimate is really good here if you can get it under the boss. Kill it to 0 lp and move on.

Phase 3?Same as phase 1, but watch out for the suicide bombers. When he gets near 0lp, stop killing him and lure all acid spiders to him at once. Then kill all the way. Note: This isn?t needed until you get 5 kills in a day. Not luring the acid minions makes the final phase much harder.

Phase 4?USE REVOLUTION. You should have a full yak at this phase still. Some say spam clicks skip the cutscene, but hasn?t worked for me. Pray between range and mage while drinking brews (grey missiles = range, green acid = mage, stay far away to see them coming). Remember to anticipate and use thresholds as you can. When Araxxi gets to 25% the acid blob comes out. Switch to walk. Let him hit you once and walk away 1 square. Repeat while eating ROCKTAILS/pray switching until araxxi is dead.

Woot woot. Sorry about formatting. If you guys have any questions feel free to ask and I?ll respond in a bit.

Since you?ve read this far I?ll let you in on a little known mechanic: If you use the dragon?s breath attack on a minion and he is under Arraxor such that Arraxor gets splash damage, Arraxor gets hit around 6K (3 x 2K about). Make sure mirror is dead.

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