RuneScape Battle of Lumbridge Guide

RuneScape Battle of Lumbridge Guide?by Meranek

Hello everyone!

My name is Meranek and this is my my first-ever guide. I logged into The Battle of Lumbridge today and was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff to do. So after asking some n00b questions in Recent Updates, I decided to collate all the information I can into a single guide! In this guide, I will be covering the beginnings of the Battle, gathering Tears, Tokens, Votes, and Rewards.

Wish me luck!

~ Table of Contents ~
1 ? Crucial Information
2 ? Introduction
3 ? Table of Contents
4 ? Beginning The Battle
5 ? The Tears
6 ? The Token
7 ? The Duke?s Dilemma
8 ? The Duke?s Dilemma Continued
9 ? The Rewards
10 ? The Rewards Tier 1

~ Beginning The Battle ~

Upon logging in for the first time, you will be automatically teleported to the fields west of Lumbridge. There, you will see a cutscene in which Saradomin, the god of Order and Zamorak, the god of Chaos duel over an unknown power. During their struggle, followers of each god are summoned to the field, and The Battle of Lumbridge begins!

**If you experienced a glitch upon logging in, you can right-click on Kara-Meir and select?Replay cutscene?to see it again

Once the cutscene ends, speak to Kera-Meir just west of the Lumbridge Lodestone. After some conversation, ask her if she wants you to help. She will direct you to either the Saradominist or Zamorakian camp. You may choose either god.

The Saradominist Camp

Found on the north east side of the battlefield, this camp is home to the Saradomin Recruitment Officer, Saradomin Quartermaster, and Saradomin himself. Speak to the Recruitment Officer to join this faction. He can also tell you about rewards, and Divine Tears. Speak to the Quartermaster to open the shop, where you can purchase one-time boosts, as well as emotes, titles, and armour. There is also a bank in the western part of the camp, for your convenience.

The Zamorakian Camp

Located on the southern side of the battlefield is the Zamorakian Camp. This camp houses the same amenities as the Saradominist camp, including the Recruitment Officer, Quartermaster, and bank. Zaomrak and his attackable followers also hang out here.

**Your choice of side is not set in stone! If you suddenly realize that Saradomin is a war-mongering meanie, or Zamorak is really a peaceful hippie, just right-click on Kera-Meir and select the?Change side?option.

~ The Tears ~

Divine Tears decide the outcome of this battle. Individually, they are pretty useless. But when large amounts are gathered together, they represent the energy left behind by Guthix, the god of Balance. There are a few ways to collect these Tears, both on and off the battlefield.

On the battlefield, you will find many bright green nodes. You can use your Fishing, Mining, or Woodcutting skills to extract Divine Tears from these nodes. You will not be attacked while gathering, but be careful; they can become unstable, and attempting to use them will result in you taking some damage. After a time, the nodes will turn from light to dark, and you will have to move on to a new node. You can also find Divine Tears while performing skilling actions anywhere else in RuneScape. The nodes are:
Divine Tear Formation ? Woodcutting
Divine Tears ? Fishing
Divine Tear Rocks ? Mining

After joining a faction, you are able to enter the battlefield and face off against NPCs of the opposite god. No Player vs. Player combat happens on the battlefield. After each kill, followers have a chance to drop Divine Tears. They may also drop metal fragments, but more on that later. Any combat that happens outside of the battlefield can also result in Divine Tears.

Using the Tears
At the base of each god?s feet, there are two Collection Points. Free players can deposit a maximum of 1,320 Tears per day, while members can deposit 3,000 Tears. Each Tear is worth 1 Renown. When you deposit your Tears, you will receive one Renown and a certain amount of Votes (It seems to be 1 Vote per 10 Tears). You will be prompted to cast a vote each time you deposit Tears, but you can vote at any time by right-clicking the Collection Point and selecting the Vote option.

~ The Token ~

Once you join a faction, a Token will appear in your inventory. The Token is a pocket-slot item, so feel free to equip it so you always have it with you!

Right-Click Options
The Token has several different right-click options:

This option will teleport you directly to your faction?s camp. This is a great way to quickly access the battle, or deposit Tears. Once inside the battlefield, the only way to teleport out is through the Token, so make sure to take it with you. Unless you don?t mind walking all over the place. 😛

Check Contribution
Check Contribution lists several bits of information in your chatbox, including:
Total Renown ? This represents the total amount of Tears you have collected for your faction.
Next Tier ? This shows how many more Tears you have to collect and turn in before your Token is upgraded. More on this later.
Unspent Renown ? Shows how much Renown you have ti spend at the Quartermaster.
Votes ? The amount of Votes that you are able to cast. The vote resets each week. It is unknown if any leftover Votes carry to the next week.
Power ? The final line of information shows the amount of Tears each god has, and who is winning.

This option allows you to perform a god-specific emote. w00tt, emotes!

Tiers of Tokens
Each player starts out with a Bronze Saradomin Token or a Bronze Zamorak Token. There are several tiers, with many of them bringing new options to the player. Unfortunately, there isn?t any space to put information about Tiers. Since the Token is tied so closely to rewards anyway, check the Rewards section for more information!

~ The Duke?s Dilemma ~

Many players know Duke Horacio as the guy that hands out Anti-Dragon Shields, but he?s actually got his hands pretty full trying to keep Lumbridge from falling apart! You can find the Duke on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle. Alternatively, you can teleport directly to him from the Battle of Lumbridge tab on the Noticeboard.

Each week, Duke Horacio will face a new dilemma, which he needs the community?s help to resolve. Below you?ll find a list of each week?s dilemma, the outcome, and how much money is left in the Treasury. Why not jump in and lend a hand? You?ll get a nice chunk of double XP for your trouble! Note that you can retract your vote, but the bonus XP is permanent!

Week 1 ? The Craftsmen
Two crafters, each with a wife and child, have lost their homes in the destruction. There is a damaged house in Lumbridge which could be restored.
Treasury left: 160,000

Option 1 ? Restore the house, moving the Zamorakian herbalist in.
Cost: 20,000
Option 2 ? Restore the house, moving the Saradomin summoner in.
Cost: 20,000
Option 3 ? Restore the house as a refugee shelter, moving both families in.
Cost: 40,000
Option 4 ? Leave the house alone.
Cost: 0

Winner:?Restore the house as a refugee shelter, moving both families in.

The Army
We could expand our private army to help in the defence of Lumbridge, in case the fighting spills from the crater.
Treasury left: 120,000

Option 1 ? Recruit more guardsman.
Cost: 30,000
Option 2 ? Form a people?s militia.
Cost: 15,000
Option 3 ? Legitimise the Thieves? Guild in exchange for aid in battle.
Cost ? 15,000
Option 4 ? Do not take any action.
Cost ? 0


~ The Rewards ~

Supporting your faction can yield some great rewards! Your Quartermaster has three Tiers of items available for purchase. The currency for this shop is Renown, which is gained by depositing Tears at the Collection Point.

Tiers of the Token
The Token adds certain benefits while on the battlefield. These benefits and the Renown price to unlock them are:

Bronze Token
Unlocked directly after joining a faction. Having a Bronze Token allows you to access Tier 1 items at your chosen Quartermaster.

Silver Token
After turning in 1,000 Divine Tears, you receive a Silver Token. The Silver Token has a 1/10 chance of collecting extra Divine Tears.

Gold Token
After turning in 3,000 Tears, Silver Tokens are upgraded to Gold Tokens. Gold Tokens decrease incoming damage by 5%.

Runite Token
Runite Tokens are unlocked after turning in 6,000 Divine Tears. These Tokens increase damage dealt by 5%.

Dragon Token
To unlock the Dragon Token, you must have 10,500 Renown. 1/5 chance of collecting more Tears, decrease of 9.75% to incoming damage, 10.25% increase to damage dealt.

Sacred Metal Fragments
After killing followers of the opposite faction, you have a chance to obtain Sacred Metal Fragments. After obtaining 1,000 Metal Fragments, you can create god-related cosmetic weapon overrides! Note that you have to combine these Fragments with other items dropped on the battlefield.

Icyenic Overrides

Icyenic Bow
1,000 Sacred Metal Fragments + Icyenic Bowstaff drop

Icyenic Greathammer
1,000 Sacred Metal Fragments + Icyenic Greathammer Head drop

Icyenic Staff
1,000 Sacred Metal Fragments + Icyenic Orb drop

Infernal Overrides

Infernal Bow
1,000 Sacred Metal Fragments + Infernal Bowstaff drop

Infernal Greathammer
1,000 Sacred Metal Fragments + Infernal Greathammer Head drop

Infernal Staff
1,000 Sacred Metal Fragments + Infernal Orb drop

~ The Rewards ? Tier 1 ~

You can speak to the Quartermaster to buy emotes, titles, one-time consumables and, most importantly, scalable hybrid armour!

Tier 1
Sacred Armour
Warpriest Boots ? 1,500 Renown
Cost to Replace: 600 Renown
Token Required: Bronze

Warpriest Gauntlets ? 1,500 Renown
Cost to Replace: 600 Renown
Token Required: Silver

Emotes and Titles
Acolyte title ? 3.000 Renown
Token Required: Silver

Servant of Saradomin/Zamorak Emote ? 3,000 Renown
Token Required: Silver

Experience Lamps
Small XP Lamp ? 400 Renown
Token Required: Bronze

Medium XP Lamp ? 700 Renown
Token Required: Bronze

Large XP Lamp ? 1,300 Renown
Token Required: Silver

Huge XP Lamp ? 2,500 Renown
Token Required: Silver

Guardian Angel ? 50 Renown Duration: 10 Minutes
Token Required: Bronze
Effect: The next two attacks will deal a single point of damage, if the original damage is above your combat level.

Divine Fury ? 50 Renown Duration: 10 Minutes
Token Required: Bronze
Effect: Increase damage dealt by 20%

Smite ? 100 Renown Duration: Single Use
Token Required: Bronze
Effect: Deals 30% of opponent?s max health in elemental damage.

Divine Inspiration ? 400 Renown Duration: 10 Minutes
Token Required: Bronze
Effect: Increase the amount of Divine Tears collected by 50%

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