RuneScape Chaos Tunnels Guide


RuneScape Chaos Tunnels Guide by Greco2301

This labyrinth of a dungeon is located under the wilderness north of Edgeville and Varrock.

Many creatures here can poison or deal dragonbreath damage, so prepare to encounter both while exploring here. If you plan to fight dust devils, don?t forget a facemask; bring the usual slayer equipment for slayer monsters here. For those willing to risk it, there are some of the best places to train, because this dungeon is multi combat.

Cannons are prohibited, but this is a good location for using familiars in a multi-combat. No revenants once you enter dungeon. Each room have a teleport patch for another room.

In Chaos Thunel you have 5 entrance. You need enter in this dungeo to Hunt Surok. Rewards for first time battle: Upon defeating Bork, you receive a one-time bonus of 5,000 slayer experience. Bork?s 100% drops are Big bones, Uncut sapphire, Uncut emerald, Uncut ruby, Green charms(2), Crimson charms(7), and Blue charms(5). You can kill Bork each day for charms, gold and 250 slayer experience.

When you enter Bork?s chamber, (level 267) attack you. He is a melee fighter. While you are fighting, Surok Magis attack with magic. He is non-attackable. Bork summon three Ork Legions (level 70). They melee you, when can?t reach you, switch to ranged. You don?t need defeat these. After defeating Bork, Surok Magis teleport away, and the cave will begin to shake. You may then pick up your drop, and leave.

You can pray melee and wear high magic defence armour (dragon hides) for magic-based attack. Armour with prayer bonus will also help. Or wear high melee defence armour and bring high quality food.

Have a Chaos Tunnels Resource Dungeon with more 8 Black Demons with 70 Dungeoneering Level. You receive 9,600 Dungeoneering XP in first time.

Chaos Tunnels ? Strategy for Waterfiend:
The Waterfiends can be found in the northwestern part of the tunnels. Best place to enter in the Gargoyle rift.

Use Karils Setup with Zamorack Spear ? see armour and weapons for Waterfiend.

If you are 95+ Prayer you can use Turmoil, Deflect Missiles and Berserker prayers. Remember, once your life points become low, pray Soul Split to heal. Don?t worry about eating all of your Rocktails during the time the Waterfiends are aggressive because Soul Split is more than enough to heal later on.

Kill Waterfiends fast using familiars scrolls. The Iron Titan is the most effective familiar, because its special is crush melee based.

Since it?s all multi-combat, it?s possible to get too many waterfiends attacking you. To avoid this, stand near or as close as you can, to the western wall.

If you are 70+ Prayer, you can use piety with regular prayers; however, you will less monsters. Always pray Protect from Missiles and Piety; do this because your only source of healing is the rocktails or sharks (worst). Use your familiar?s scrolls as much as possible and always have it attacking.

Waterfiends are among the greatest monsters to kill when using the triple charm reward from Familiarisation. The best choice fight is The Chaos Tunnels, but with more risk.

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