RuneScape Completables and Repeatables List

RuneScape Completables and Repeatables List?by Lizafer

I decided not to post long explanations due to the space involved and because the guides do a better job of it than I would. I have copied out the exact titles to make your search easier. If you have any questions about any of them or where to get started please post and I or hopefully others will get back to you with a prompt reply. I personally have completed all of these with a bit of work left in my house, song unlocks, skill capes and a few remaining diary tasks. There are quite a few tips, tricks and methods for discussion. Please keep it polite and respect other people?s methods as well as sharing your own.

The main rule for this collection is that it can?t junk up bank space. For example: collecting all Tai Bow Wannai clothing would be out of the question. Other than that it just needs to have a sense of completion. If I am missing something, and that is a definite possibility, feel free to post and I will get it added ASAP if it applies to the above mentioned rules.

Any item that requires real world payment will not be included in this list. This is in special reference to the turkey hat that appeared and remained in the clothes closet but also includes any rune fest items or anything else that Jagex comes up with that requires a real world payment.

**Quest Cape, Skill Capes and Diaries**?? just to state the obvious


Rogue Trader ? opens Ali Morrisane?* extra shops
Desert Slayer Bosses ? opens portals in dungeon below Pollnivneach
Hopespear?s Will
Mage of Zamorak ? Abyss
Mogre Mini-Quest
The Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl
The Curse of Zaros ? Ghost Robes
The Hunt for Surok ? Bork!
The Lair of Tarn Razorlor
The Shadow Sword
Wizard Burial
Knight Waves ? Piety
Mage Arena Wildy ? God Cape and Staves
Enchanted Key part 1 and 2
Scabaras Research ? one of the books you need for POH
Ancient Pages ? one of the books you need for POH
Varrock Museum ? Complete Kudos
Beacon Network ? Adze!!!
Chimp Ice ? 25 deliveries completes the Monkey Colony
Bone wish list ? Bonesack(e)or Ram Skull Helm(e)
Capers ? develop thieving guild
Fremennik Sagas
Deadliest Catch ? 10 times
Ambush Commander ? Death Plateau deliveries
Witch?s Potion
Sheep Shearer
Purple Cat
Doric and Boric?s Tasks
Koschei?s Troubles

**Kill Count, Learn abilities and Elite Titles**

Champions Challenge ? Champion of Champions
White Knights ? Master White after 1300 Black Knight kills
Vyrewatch Corpse Burning ? Improved Flail after 500 Vyres burned
Chompy Hat ? Expert Dragon Archer after 4k Chompy kills
Barbarian Assault ? Level 5 all roles, unlock all colored whips and bows
Mobilising Armies ? Level 401 and unlock all games
Artisan?s Workshop ? Unlock all rewards
Slayer Master ? Unlock all abilities
Dungeoneering ? Max rings and unlock all scrolls
Death Hats ? Wildstalker and Duellist?s
Vyrelord/lady ? The Branches of Darksmeyer titles
Temple Trekking ? Level 99 all followers
Dominion Tower ? Unlock all including max floors
Runespan ? Esteem 1
The Crucible ? Unlock all
Yaktwee Stick ? Charm Sprites

**Hidden Xp and bonuses**

Stronghold of Security ? emotes
Stronghold of Player Safety ? emotes
Dungeoneering Resource Dungeons ? 85 Dunge
Jennica?s Ring ? 50 farm, att, smith and prayer, 60 thief, 80 def
Swept Away ? 93 magic
Myths of the Whitelands ? 30 craft 55 agility 80 wc
Gunnar?s Ground ? 90 craft
Buyers and Cellars ? 62 thief
Fairy Tale 3 ? 85 herb and fire
King of the Dwarves ? Big rock emote at 90 str
Completionist Cape ? Add spirit cape to it
Ceremonial Swords ? 20k smith xp bonus
Song From The Depths ? 80 hp
Carnillean Rising ? 400 qp
Diamond in the Rough ? 80 mine
Do No Evil ? 80 agility
What?s Mine is Yours ? 60 mine 75 smith
Tears of Guthix ? 80 mine and craft
Rune Memories ? 50 mage and prayer
The World Wakes ? 90 prayer 74 fm 67 slayer
Livid Farm ? Wear Witchdoctor outfit
The Nexus ? Max Prayer xp
Bringing Home the Bacon ? 84 cons, craft, summon


Complete Song List
Complete House ? Top o? the Line items in every room
Complete Costume Room ?
Past Holiday Items and any requiring rl money excepted

Complete POH Bookcase ? Bookcase list on rs official wiki page
Complete Barbarian Training ? must do to get ancient pages for bookshelf
Complete House Statue ? Shattered Heart
Complete Prayer Tab
Complete Mage Tab ? Bones to peaches in MTA and Livid Farm
Complete Dungeoneering Book
Complete Key Ring
Complete all 6 Illuminated God books
Complete Emotes ?
any requiring rl money excepted

Complete Tool Belts
Complete Lodestone Network
Complete Player Owned Port ? Unlock all


Circus Outfits ? These store with Ringmaster on ?destroy option?
Balloon Routes ? Unlock all routes
Eagle Transport ? Unlock all routes
Court Cases Outfit ? This stores with the clerk using ?destroy option?
Hidey Holes and Rope Racks ? Unlock all short cuts
Fairy Rings ? Unlock all routes (some need repair work)
Champion?s Tackle box ? stores with fisherman?s wife using destroy option
Doomsayer danger signs ? visit dangerous areas enough to toggle the message off.
Agility Outfits ? Gorilla Mask, Agile Legs, Agile Top
Wicked Hood ? Unlock all options
Omni Talisman ? Acquire in runecrafting guild
Botany Bay ? Pitchfork of Justice
Combat Academy
God Statues ? 4 chisels
Malleus Daemoniorum ? Demon Flash mobs
God Emissaries
Tooth Creature ? Stores with Runaway option

**Collection of 15 rare house pets**

(monster drops you definitely don?t want to leave on floor)

Cresbot, Vitalis, Basilisk, Abyssal Demon, Kurask, Crawling Hand, Cockatrice,
Mean Phoenix, Cute Phoenix, Green Dragon, Blue Dragon, Red Dragon,
Black Dragon and 2 free spaces


If you have completed the list and have months of spare time ? put a profound cw
armor set on your poh armor stand and an intricate set in your costume room while
in the process of achieving all 5 castle war capes

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