RuneScape F2P Constitution Guide


RuneScape F2P Constitution Guide?by MysticManiac

Constitution can be trained with Melee, Magic and Ranged. The xp is approximately 1/3 the xp you?d get in Melee, Ranged or Magic combat which is much lower but you get xp when training all three types of combat.
This guide will tell you all about Constitution with Melee, Magic, Ranged and other skills and about all the food that is used to heal you.

Training Constitution with Melee is the most popular. The xp is usually faster than Ranged and Magic combat. If you get to 99 in Attack, Strength and Defence, chances are you?d get around 99 Constitution too unless you used lamps, quest rewards ect. to train Attack, Strength and/or Defence.

Training Constitution with Magic on f2p is not done as much, mainly because many F2P mages train using non-combat methods and non-combat Magic training gives no Constitution xp. You can get Defence xp with Magic combat as well. The Bones to Bananas spell can be used to make bananas and use them to heal you.

Training Constitution with Ranged isn?t much different than with Melee except you can only train it with the Ranged skill. You can also train Defence with Ranged. Ranged does cost some money

When you hit an enemy, a hitsplat will come up saying how much health you?ve taken off your enemy.
If it is blue, that means you?ve missed the enemy and haven?t damaged the enemy at all.
If it is red, that means you?ve done damage to the enemy
If it is dark red, that means another player or a monster has done damage to you

If it is yellow, that means you?ve done the maximum damage to the enemy that you can
If it is dark yellow, that means another player or monster has done the maximum damage that it/he/she can

Some players (not many), train Constitution just by lamping because they don?t want to train any combat skills except Constitution and lamping is the only way to get Constitution xp on F2P without training other combat skills. If players get to 99 Constitution but have all their combat skills at level 1, they will have 2 Combat

When you start the game, all skills will be level 1 except for Constitution which starts off at level 10. This is because you will almost always be killed if you have Level 1 Constitution. However, if players made their account in Runescape Classics and didn?t gain any xp in Constitution until now they would have level 9 Constitution because the xp required for level 10 changed a while ago

Some accounts have 1 Constitution because they?ve been Stat wiped in the Constitution skill. This means they have botted in Runescape and therefore lost their Constitution xp

Foods and drinks can heal your health when it?s low. Here?s a list of the foods/drinks that heal your health! If you have a very low constitution lvl you shud eat food that heal lower health to get the full healing benefit.

Jug of Bad Wine ? 0 (Lowers attack by 2)
Anchovies ? 10
Cabbage ? 10
Onion ? 10
Dwarven Stout ? 10 (Boosts Smithing/Mining by 1. Lowers Attack/Strength/Defence by 1)
Wizard?s Mind Bomb ? 10 (Boosts Magic by 2 if your magic level is 49 or lower and 3 if your magic level is 50+. Lowers Attack by 4 & Strength/Defence by 3)
Asgarnian Ale ? 20 (Boosts Strength by 2/Lowers Attack by 4)
Crayfish ? 20
Banana ? 20 (Can be used in Dungeoneering with Bones to Bananas spell)
Tomato ? 20
Cheese ? 20
Shrimp ? 30
Sardine ? 30
Cooked meat ? 30
Cooked chicken ? 30
Cake ? 40 (3 servings = 120)
Chocolate Cake ? 50 (3 servings = 150)
Herring ? 50
Bread ? 50
Redberry Pie ? 50 (2 servings = 100)
Meat Pie ? 60 (2 servings = 120)
Apple Pie ? 70 (2 servings = 140)
Plain Pizza ? 70 (2 servings = 140)
Trout ? 70
Meat Pizza ? 80 (2 servings = 160)
Pike ? 80
Anchovy Pizza ? 90 (2 servings = 180)
Salmon ? 90
Tuna ? 100
Stew ? 110
Jug of Wine ? 110 (Lowers attack by 2)
Lobster ? 120
Swordfish ? 140
Heim Crab ? 20 (Dungeoneering)
Red Eye ? 50 (Dungeoneering)
Dusk eel ? 70 (Dungeoneering)
Giant Flatfish ? 100 (Dungeoneering)
Short-finned eel ? 120 (Dungeoneering)
If anybody knows of any F2P Food or Drinks that I haven?t listed there that heals (or lowers) health, please tell me.

There are many ways to let your health restore faster. The following ways are listed below
1. The Prayer ?Rapid Heal? restores your health twice as fast. It requires 22 Prayer
2. Resting allows your health to restore faster
3. Resting Next to a Musician allows your health to restore even more faster
4. Bonfires. Information about it is below
5. Monks at the Monastery can heal you

When a player dies, he/she can respawn to the location where he/she last was
*Starting room in a Dungeon (Only if you die during Dungeoneering)
Once you die, you have 5-8 minutes (depending on the gravestone) to return to your Gravestone and pick up your items. You will keep three of your most valuable items apon death and if you have the Protect Item prayer on, you will keep the next valuable item. If you don?t have any items to lose when you die, your gravestone will disappear.
After ?The Restless Ghost? quest, you can buy a new Gravestone off Father Aereck in Lumbridge.
Memorial Plaque ? Default Gravestone (0gp) ? 5 minutes
Flag ? 50gp ? 6 minutes
Small Gravestone ? 500gp ? 6 minutes
Ornate Gravestone ? 5,000gp ? 8 minutes

The following minigames are all the F2P minigames
The Great Orb Project ? You cannot die here so you don?t need to worry about if you die in this location.
Fist of Guthix ? You will keep all your items and return to the Fist of Guthix Arena if you?ve died in the 1st round and the Fist of Guthix lobby if you?ve died in the 2nd round
Clan Wars ? You can choose whether you keep your items or not in Clan Wars. If you die you will respawn outside the Portal
Runespan ? You cannot die here so you don?t need to worry about if you die in this location
Duel Arena ? You can choose whether you keep your items or not in Duel Arena. If you die you will respawn at the Hospital in the Duel Arena
Some people die on purpose as a teleport to a nearby hub (but they bank their items first unless they have 3 or less items with them) or to restore their health, prayer points and/or run energy

When using bonfires, your health is boosted by a certain percentage depending on your Firemaking level
1-9 ? 1%
10-19 ? 2%
20-29 ? 3%
30-39 ? 4%
40-49 ? 5%
50-59 ? 6%
60-69 ? 7%
70-79 ? 8%
80-89 ? 9%
90-99 ? 10%
The time that the boost lasts depends on the logs used
Normal ? 6 minutes
Oak ? 12 minutes
Willow ? 18 minutes
Maple ? 36 minutes
Yew ? 54 minutes

There?s no quests/tasks that require a Constitution level, but for quests and tasks where combat is needed, Constitution is highly recommended to be fairly high, especially for Dragon Slayer

This part of the guide will tell you all the xp you?d get if you used lamps on Constitution. This part of the guide is mainly for Constitution pures but other people may use lamps on Constitution.
After Gunnar?s Ground quest you get a lamp giving 200xp in any skill 5+
After Myths of the Whitelands quest you get a lamp giving 500xp in any skill

After the Swept Away quest, you can take 10 sips of Goulash from Maggie the Witch, and those sips give xp. 1 sip of goulash is equal to 1 lamp from a Random Event, so the xp given from Goulash is equal to Your Current Level X 10. This quest is the only way to get goulash and after you take the 10 sips, you can?t take anymore.
You can get Small XP Lamps from the Squeal of Fortune, although there isn?t a 100% chance of getting them. The xp that Small XP Lamps give varies for every level. At level 99, you get 8,602xp from a Small XP Lamp.

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