RuneScape Familiarisation Guide


RuneScape Familiarisation Guide by Greco2301

Pikkenmix, apprentice to the Summoning Master Pikkupstix, investigat this phenomenon and he needs your assistance.

Familiarisation is the process by which druids are able to mentally project themselves into the spirit plane, using various Summoning obelisks across the land.

All Summoning familiars come from the spirit plane and it is the only location where spirit shards come from.

The familiars, however, within the spirit plane have begun to act out towards the druids, preventing them from returning to their human bodies.

Pikkupstix, the Summoning Master in Taverly, will provide you with a hint as to Pikkenmix?s current location. Players with lvl 67 Magic and Lunar Magicks Spellbook can speak to Pikkupstix directly with Lunar Contact spell.

The active Summoning obelisk glows faintly and is surrounded by sparkles. The obelisk remains active for 20 minutes only. New obelisk active roughly 2 hours after the previous one went inactive.

If obelisk is inactive, Pikkupstix tell: I expect off somewhere relaxing. He?s been quite busy lately.

Agreeing help Pikkenmix, you will be familiarised and appear in Spirit Plane in the form of one random familiar.

You must collect as many Raw spirit shards before your Focus Bar energy / health bar runs out. Each time you pass too closely to a familiar some of your focus will be drained. In the begin some familiar are hunt you and with time more others familliars go hunt you, too. Familiars have a well-sized radius (3-8 squares) in which they can see you. A maximum of 6 familiars are able to detect your presence during the game.

If you know were is active obelisk, you may wish to take a dip in the Oo?glog Salt Water Pool just prior to entering the Spirit Plane. The effect of the pool will give you unlimited Run Energy for 10-30 minutes.

After the game has ended, you have the option to pick one of two rewards: Triple Charm Drop Bonus ? max. 40 minutes (better) or Box of Summoning Ingredients (worst)

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