Runescape [Guide] Warped Bats in Lumbridge Catacombs 4-4.3 Million Profit/Hour By: RS_Mack


Overview: I’m bored with Runescape and decided to try some random goofy money-making stuff. I’ll be posting guides for anything that stands out.

TL;DR: Warped bats in the Lumbridge Catacombs can be about 4-4.3 million/hour profit mostly afk (hitting the custom loot button once every couple of minutes) depending on how you value the scavenging perk. It’s about 3.3-3.6 million/hour full AFK (only refilling reservoirs and clicking to avoid idle logouts) and about 2.6 million/hour full AFK without scavenging.




Gear Setup:

  • Weapon – They have 650 hp, so whatever magic staff works for you. Putting both scavenging 4 and caroming 4 on the same weapon and not wearing augmented armor would probably be optimal, but I just used a level 80 augmented weapon and level 70 augmented body for the numbers below.

  • Familiar – I didn’t use one for the numbers below. Using the Loothound for the expanded loot area would probably add 100-200k/hour. Legendary pets with scavenging could be useful for picking up runes or something, but I didn’t play with it. I doubt smoke devils with scrolls are cost efficient due to the low number of spawns, but it might be worth testing with the auto-attack rate set to something like 5.

  • Armor – Whatever magic armor is fine. They have 650 hp, so increasing your damage runs into diminishing returns very quickly, and they don’t do much damage.

  • Bar – Chain, Dragon Breath, Corruption Blast, Tsunami, Sunshine probably, a bunch of basics


Numbers and Figures:

  • Your only costs are aggression flasks (with reservoirs), air runes (~430/hour with air wave), charge pack drain (~7,700 energy/hour) and porters (~225/hour).

  • Your sources of income are bat bones (~2060/hour automatically picked up with the relic and BC upgrade), batwings (only in the immediate loot range, we’re not running around getting them; sent to bank with porters via GotE) and scavenging components (300/each as a low estimate since everyone likes to argue about it, based on ~2060 kills/hour).

  • Air runes cost about 30k/hour

  • Charge pack drain costs about 171k/hour

  • Porters cost depends on how you value them, I used 1k each for a cost of 225k/hour

  • Aggression flasks (with reservoirs) cost about 380k/hour

  • Bat bone pickups are worth about 3.5 million/hour

  • Batwing pickups are worth about 734k/hour

  • Scavenging procs give about 618k/hour

  • Add all of that up, and you get a profit of about 4 million/hour. Direct any questions to a brick wall because there’s not really much left to the imagination here.


Anticipated Questions:

  • Q: But X method makes more money and blah blah some shit that’s probably about spiritual warriors.

  • A: I don’t care. Don’t kill warped bats if that’ll make you happy.

  • Q: Should I use a staff that gives limitless air runes?

  • A: It’s probably not worth your time. I just used an Inquisitor staff that I already had caroming 4 on for something else. I wouldn’t recommend using a wand/orb combo though because of the increased rune cost, but do what you feel.

  • Q: Scavenging is actually worth blah blah blah.

  • A: I don’t care. I used 300/kill as an evaluation just as an example. It’s definitely worth quite a bit more than that.

  • Q: Is a spring cleaner useful here?

  • A: Yes, but not very much so. They have some crappy bronze salvage drops that might give you a few regular components that can be useful at some point, but it’s so few that it’s not really worth paying much attention to.

  • Q: Do I need a form of healing?

  • A: Probably not. I have the constitution perk on my max cape, which does give a small increase to healing during combat, but I doubt you’d have problems without it.

  • Q: Do you earn coins from this?

  • A: Yes, but it’s something like 25k/hour, which is basically a rounding error at this point.