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Runescape How I finished all trio missions in Player Owned Port and that fairly fast By: xteris99


There is something I would like to share about player owned ports but this might be a bit of a longer guide.

I started PoP a very long time ago but foolish me thought finishing the stories were enough for MQC and trio missions were for comp (which is wrong you need the trio missions for MQC too). At this point I had the highest crew mates already making it a lot easier for me but the gist of the method is still the same. There are 12 adventurers in total and every trio has 3 missions coming to a total of 12 trio missions: 4 groups x 3 missions. Don’t forget that you have to finish the individual story lines of every adventurer first since they all have 6 story missions each before they are available for their trio group.

How to maximise the chances of getting trio missions? You can actually brute force them at a point. First of all look at the list of groups (which you can see here https://runescape.wiki/w/Eastern_Adventurer ) and decide on one trio that you want to eliminate out of the pool of random adventurers. Let’s take the first trio in the last for example being Assassin, Occultist, Whaler or whatever trio you have the most adventurers in your port right now. You want to send them out on a voyage and DON’T click on the results once the mission is completed because this prevents them from spawning again basically cutting the 12 adventurer pool into a pool of 8. There are also duo missions you could take advantage of to eliminate two adventurers at once (don’t rely on this though since I had the biologist on a trio mission and I still got duo missions featuring her).
Once you got the pool down from 12 to 8 you can build the totems for a certain trio to make their appearance more likely. At this point I highly advise to not use any ship stat boosting buff like +10% combat stat etc since you want all of these items to be at the max cap so you can’t get more of them. Why? Because ports enhancer exist for 50k dungeoneering tokens each giving you 5 random boosts for your player port that IS NOT capped. Once you have everything capped (might as well use one or two port enhancers to get everything capped since you can get like 100k tokens/hour farming tokens or around that). You are doing this so that you can only get adventurer reroll tokens from the port enhancer and then you basically start rerolling for your first trio mission which really didn’t take long for me like 2-3 tries at most.
If you get your first trio mission you check one of your ships to send it out on that trio mission preferable the one ship that carries the adventurer which doesn’t belong to the trio of the other ships. Meaning if you have Assassin, Occultist, Whaler (one trio) and maybe the Trapper on a voyage you would want to check the ship carrying the Trapper on it and ship it out for the first trio mission. At this point you have one trio group on separate voyages on your 3 ships and one full trio group on one ship. Once again do not check any ship that comes back especially the ship with the trio mission. Now your pool of adventurers isn’t 8 anymore it’s 6. Now you might want to swap out your totems/idols to make the appearance more likely for the adventurers of another trio. Just waiting for natural daily resets or you brute force new adventurer missions with a reroll token gained from port enhancers (one enhancer gives 5 random boosts which will all be 5 adventurer reroll token if every other resource is capped, also can be used to force lifeboats). Shouldn’t take long till you get your second trio mission. You now open ONE of the 3 ships holding only one adventurer and prepare it for the next trio group. You should have two trio missions ongoing right now and I recommend having a textdocument or something to write down which ship is holding what adventurers and the success rate of that voyage. If you take another look at the list you can see that the missions have relatively fair requirements on your group but the last trio being Tengu, Memory and Exile. Don’t be afraid of success rates for now since this is only the setup you need to constantly get very high chances on trio missions so you might as well send out a ship on a trio mission with almost 0% success only to decrease the pool of adventurers for now.
If you got your second trio mission on a voyage you have 3 adventurers on two ships each and 2 random adventurers that should be in the same group. Now your pool of random adventurers is only 4. You once again want to change your totems to the adventurers of the trio still in the pool and reroll/wait for resets till the trio comes up. Now you want to check the two ships that hold only one adventurer each and send the third trio mission on a voyage since your pool is only 3 being the last trio group. Also mentionable that you can reroll right after sending out a ship on a mission involving adventurers BUT DON’T REROLL AND THEN CHECK ONE OF THE SHIPS HOLDING ADVENTURERS since that will delete your special research list for some reason and you have to reroll again. Basically always check or have a ship ready before you start rerolling for trio missions. At this point you can only get one more trio mission which should have a high rate of spawning since the pool only consists of these 3 adventurers and you should be able to have all 4 ships on a trio missions each now. What you want to do now is check only one ship every time so that the pool of adventurers goes from 0 back to 3 which is the highest chance of a trio mission spawning. You have to take a note what trio mission this is though once you got a certain group on their 3rd trio mission you don’t want to check them again because you can’t eliminate them out of the pool anymore once their storyline is done.
If you keep doing this you should aim to have all 4 trios on their 3rd and final mission at some point but you only want to check them all if the last mission of the Tengu, Memory and Exile trio was a success because that mission has the highest requirements on your crew and you might as well just try it a couple of times with 30-50% success rate based on your crew since even if it fails the pool of adventurers goes back to 3 meaning getting the trio mission back should be fairly easy. At this point I had the 3rd mission of all the other groups with a success rate of 95-97% untouched and the trio with the high requirements for their last mission at a roughly 50% success rate and waited till this one was a success.
I had a lot of dungeoneering tokens left from last dxp training it a lot but it took me only 3-4 port enhancers costing 150-200k dg tokens which really isn’t much if you farm tokens for maybe 2-3 hours.. All in all it took me like two weeks to get all trio missions done and I didn’t even brute force the mission to spawn that much I could have been faster if I wanted.

I am not a native english speaking person and I also don’t do posts a lot so this will probably have a horrible format which I am sorry for and it might be really confusing how I put it at some points I might even do a visual guide on this making it a lot more understandable but for now I try to answer questions or even redo this guide completely since I wrote this on a whim just now.


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