Runescape Invention Guide


Runescape Invention Guide?by AndyGrammer

This guide was not created by me, but by my friend whom posted it to a private group and gave permission to put it online.

Disclaimer: Contains strong language. ? _(?)_/?

Okay, I realize invention is pretty annoying to get into, and a lot of people haven?t really started training it because the prospect of leveling inefficiently (both gp and time wasted) is shitty. With the updates, it?s kinda hard to keep up, but it seems like now they?ve settled down, so without further ado, here?s the idiot?s guide to Invention ? it?s written by an idiot. Let?s get to it.

Note ? this will NOT cover any potential benefits/use for invention, because it?s not worth the hassle. As far as gizmos go, don?t waste your time on them. Shit xp, lot of time, and there?s no good guides on how to get good ones.

So you?ve completed jagex?s shit tutorial, and you?re confused. So is everyone. Now from here, you could waste a ton of time and effort, or you could listen to someone who has. Lucky you, you have me. The concept is pretty simple ? right now, the most efficient way to train is to augment gear, level the gear up, then disassemble the leveled items to get xp from them. That involves a few steps;

1) Disassemble items to get the parts for an augmentor

2) Add the augmentor to a weapon/armour piece

3) Level up the weapon

4) Disassemble the weapon

5) Recharge energy pack (WTF IS AN ENERGY PACK? We?ll cover that)

6) Question why you?re doing this shit.

7) Ignore existential crisis, repeat steps 1-6

TL;DR ? I spent a minimal amount of effort on this shit, read it.

?Getting started?


To see what shit you have, there?s a little lightbulb icon next to your bond pouch. Click that. You have nothing, or what equates to it. In this section, we fix that. In your spellbook, under the skilling section, there?s 2 spells for invention ? disassemble and analyse. That?s right, we?re getting weird. Disassemble breaks down your items into invention parts/components (which we will refer to as ?Shit? from here on out), while analyse shows you what shit your item can break down into. Junk% is the chance you?ll get nothing but junk from it. Lower is better ? you want shit, not junk.

You want to craft some augmentors to start. What are augmentors? I?m glad you asked.


These puppies allow you to put some worthless gizmos in your gear. WE DON?T CARE ABOUT GIZMOS. STOP TALKING ABOUT GIZMOS. The shit you need for an augmentor is as follows (with the amount of shit)

1) Divine energy (amount varies based on tier of energy)

2) Base parts (45)

3) Tensile parts (45)

4) Flexible parts (45)

5) Enhancing components (8)

6) Powerful components (7)

To get this shit, you?ll have to use disassemble some items. You can see what general items give you the shit by mousing over the shit in your invention tab (again, next to the bond pouch) As follows, here?s the best way I?ve found to get this shit.

1) Divine energy ? Give up now if you need me to tell you this.

2) Base parts ? I use the white knight store, located in the 2nd story of fally (ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd) You need some quests, and to kill some black knights to get the full store (kill elites located under the castle by edge). Weapons with hilts and shields. Other items are bolts.

3/4) Tensile/Flexible parts ? WE GOT A FUCKING TWOFER. Some kind of shieldbow. Yew/magic/maple, do some testing as to what?s best. We?ll go with yew though, it?s the middle ground

5) Enchancing components ? Hopefully, you trained herby like a dumbfuck (see ? how i trained herblore) and have a nice stash of extreme/adrenaline pots you?ll never use. Use 4 dose pots for this, as you get Shit per dose. Alternatives ? make some slayer rings

6) Powerful components ? Rune Minotaurs have a use! They?re like 5k each atm, with 0% junk rate, so all you get is pure Shit. Stick with pouches here, higher level the better, but don?t go all out and waste money.

Now that you?ve got all the shit for an augmentor, head to the fally inv guild and make one on the bench ? the hard part is over!

~Using the augmentor on gear~ Find some t70+ weapon you don?t mind losing. Click on augmentor, then click on the weapon. There you go, it?s augmented. At later levels, you can do this with armour too ? just the top and legs.

~Leveling up the weapon~ Just train with it. Right click on it while your out of combat to see how the level xp (yes, weapons have xp with this) is coming. At level 27, you can boost the max level of weapons to 10, before it?s 5.

~Disassemble the weapon~ Once it gets to max level (10 or 5) it?s time to suck the life out of your gear for GAINS. Disassemble it, just like you would to get shit from items, This time, you?ll get some shit, some bonuses based off the level, and a MASSIVE FUCKING XP DROP. FUCK YEA, KING OF THE WORLD.

~Recharge the energy pack~ At this point, you may be asking ?Hey, there?s this charge stuff that keeps going down as I use augmented gear?. Thanks for reading this far, and not asking a question i answered! You basically have a bank of energy on you that isn?t tied to any one piece of gear. Using augmented gear sucks the charges out ? so you gotta put more in. For that you?ll need DIVINE CHARGES. You make these with simple parts (get that shit from yew logs) and energy. Make that, click it, bam, Pack has 3000 more energy in it. You can decrease the drain rate + max charge by using perks, which will be another post.

Sorry for the wordy post, i wanted to include everything. If you noticed i missed something, or I could be doing something better, let me know ? thanks!

EDIT ? I forgot perks. Okay, there?s some perks you want to research as you get some inspiration. Ignore components, that shit is weak. You want to get less junk, spend less charges on your gear, level your gear more, and some other cool fuckery i forget. Research this crap at the fally invention guild, on the table. Add components to the little box until you get it right, it?s pretty damn simple. Then you need to organize those little pieces of what the fuckery, so you spend the least amount of inspiration possible. It?s like writing a pop song. What i do for those is randomly mash them around, until i get a ?good? rating ? the better the rating, the lower the inspiration cost?.and that?s what this is about, pumping out the most shit for the least inspiration. Again, like pop music. You?ve messed around with them, now you have a good/excellent rating ? you want it to be perfect (unlike pop music).

?Getting it perfect?

So since i?ve got no pictures here, we?ll use numbers. What you have are [1][2][3][4][5]

Swap 1 with 2 ? if the cost of inspiration goes up, switch that shit back )If it goes down, start this again with the new box one.)

Swap 1 with 3 ? if the cost goes up, switch back. if down, start again?.you see where this is going. Once you?ve tried box 1 with 2,3,4,5, move on to box 2. swap with 3. Hopefully that?s clear, cause i?m getting bored of this shit.


EDIT 2 Forgot some shit. Okay, so maybe you want to use your expensive fancy gear. THERE?S HOPE. I don?t reccomend this shit. Slow, and just as expensive (although the siphon will drop in price come monday) For half the xp, you can siphon your hard earned levels off of the gear instead of destroying it. Leveling gear to 12 and siphoning results in a 540k gain too, but twice the weapon xp as lvl 10. at like level 69 inv, you can level gear to 15 for no added benefits aside from siphoning. Again, don?t do this. It?s twice as slow, and currently costs the same as using a staff of light/polypore.

I?d like to add that the experience you gain towards leveling your gear is influenced by the regular combat experience gained when you kill monster. Therefore, for the fastest Invention experience, you want to quickly kill a large amount of high level monsters.

For this, I have three recommendations:

1- Glacors (I believe the best option if you tryhard and are efficient)

2- Airuts on Mazcab with a dwarf cannon (high rank players like iTrolledU do this method)

3- Tormented Demons, lesser killed monster but decent xp, profit, and I think they?re fun.

There?s also cannoning at Dark Beasts, but that?s very crowded.

And then there?s also the afk method of using things like a Crystal Halberd in the abyss using AoE abilites

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