RuneScape Level 99 Summoning Guide

RuneScape Level 99 Summoning Guide by Zik

=== Guide to 99 Summoning: The Slow and Cheap Way ===

This method of getting 99 Summoning is far cheaper than the other method, but is by far much much much slower. The cheapest method of training Summoning involves the use of gold charm familiars only. If at any point in your Summoning training that you have a green, crimson, or blue charm, which is 99.9999999999999% likely, use them on the best familiar of that type of charm possible.

? Levels 4 to 16 ?
You should have level 4 Summoning from the experience reward in Wolf Whistle. From there, you should buy raw chickens from the GE and create dreadfowl pouches. You can also buy some raw chickens yourself from a store. A good spot would be the Canifis Meat Store, located a few steps north of the Canifis Bank, but you will have to have completed the Priest in Peril quest to gain access to Canifis. Another spot would be Oo?glog, where the meat store is just a few steps north of the bank, but requires the completion of the quest As a First Resort? Each pouch requires 1 pouch, 9 spirit shards, 1 gold charm, and 1 raw chicken. Continue doing this until level 16 Summoning. It?ll take around 270 dreadfowl pouches to get there.

? Levels 16 to 52 ?
You?ll be doing granite crabs this entire way, since spirit mosquitoes and bull ants? secondary ingredient are somewhat rare and thus they are extremely expensive. That?s 5,600 granite crab pouches to be made until you are level 52 Summoning. Each pouch requires 1 pouch, 7 spirit shards, 1 gold charm, and 1 iron ore. You can mine the iron ores yourself if you would like to save even more money, and at about 30 Mining, you can get an iron ore with just one hit of the pickaxe, not to mention the rate at which iron ore respawns (very fast). If you don?t feel like mining 5,600 iron ores, you can buy them from the Grand Exchange for about 165gp an ore, which comes out to be 576,800gp in iron ores.

? Levels 52 to 66 ?
At this point is where most people will stop training Summoning: level 52. It is an important milestone, because you now have access to the great spirit terrorbird. The spirit terrorbird is a beast of burden that can carry up to 12 of your items. In addition to that, its scroll restores your running energy, making it ideal for clue scrolls, quests, adventuring and exploring, and even at god wars, particularly Saradomin god wars. But enough with that, let?s get on with the leveling. You?ll be making spirit terrorbird pouches. Oh yes, they?re very cheap and good experience too, in addition to the uses I mentioned above. It?ll take about 5,500 spirit terrorbird pouches to get to level 66. Each pouch requires 1 pouch, 12 spirit shards, 1 gold charm, and 1 raw bird meat. You can raw bird meat at the Oo?Glog meat store, which requires completion of As a First Resort? for a small price. You can buy them on the GE as well, for about 402gp per, but it?ll save a lot of time.

? Levels 66 to 99 ?
Barker toads all the way to 99! War tortoises require level 67 Summoning to create, but actually give less experience than the barker toad does. At level 71, you can make arctic bear pouches as well, but they are way too expensive to be worth it in this ?cheap method?. It?ll be about 144,000 barker toads to get to level 99 this way. Yes, that is a lot of charms to get, but you wanted cheap, so that?s what you get. Each pouch requires 1 pouch, 11 spirit shards, 1 gold charm, and a swamp toad. Swamp toads can be collected in a small fenced in area west of the Grand Tree. There a ton of spawns there, but take a while to respawn. I would recommend using a high populated world while collecting these, so that they will spawn faster. Of course, you can buy all of them, which I highly recommend, at about 221gp a toad.

=== Guide to 99 Summoning: The Fast and Expensive Way ===

The fastest and most expensive way of training 99 Summoning would be through the use of crimson charms after you have used your gold charms to get you started on the first few easy levels. If at any time you have any other charms that are not the ones being used in a particular level section, be sure to use them on the highest familiar pouch you can at your current level!

? Levels 4 to 17 ?
You should have level 4 Summoning from the experience reward in Wolf Whistle. From there, you should buy raw chickens from the GE and create dreadfowl pouches. You can also buy some raw chickens yourself from a store. A good spot would be the Canifis Meat Store, located a few steps north of the Canifis Bank, but you will have to have completed the Priest in Peril quest to gain access to Canifis. Another spot would be Oo?glog, where the meat store is just a few steps north of the bank, but requires the completion of the quest As a First Resort? Each pouch requires 1 pouch, 9 spirit shards, and 1 raw chicken. Continue doing this until level 17 Summoning. It?ll take around 300 dreadfowl pouches to get there.

? Levels 17 to 32 ?
This section requires you to make spirit mosquitoes. They give a lot of xp, despite their low Summoning level requirement, but are very costly. Though it only requires 1 pouch and 1 spirit shard, its secondary ingredient, proboscis, is time-consuming to get, and thus they are highly priced on the Grand Exchange. If you want to get some yourself, you?ll need to play the Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-Up mini-game on Karamja. Every once in a while, a mosquito will spring out of the jungles that you are cutting. Kill the mosquito and you will get a proboscis. It?ll take about 300 spirit mosquito pouches to get to level 32.

? Levels 32 to 46 ?
Ah, now we start with the crimson charms. Crimson charms are the best source of experience out of all of the 4 charms. Though more expensive than gold charms, they are much more efficient to use while training. Starting at level 32, create honey badger pouches until level 46. Each pouch requires 1 pouch, 84 spirit shards, 1 crimson charm, and a honeycomb. You can collect honeycombs from the beehives located west of Catherby. You will need some insect repellent in your inventory to get the honeycombs, which can be found in the house north of Catherby bank. That?s just one way to get them; you can also buy them on the GE. You will need to make about 370 honey badgers to get to level 46.

? Levels 46 to 49 ?
This is a small phase in your training. Simply make pyrelord pouches from level 46 to level 49. Shouldn?t take too long. Each pouch requires 1 pouch, 111 spirit shards, 1 crimson charm, and 1 tinderbox. Tinderboxes are easy to get. They are sold in every general store on RuneScape at a price of 1gp each. In the Grand Exchange, they are only a few gp more, so you might as well go to the Grand Exchange and save some time. You?ll need to make about 120 pyrelords to get to level 49.

? Levels 49 to 61 *
This is where things start getting more expensive. Make bloated leeches until level 61. You?ll need to make about 1,000 bloated leech pouches to get to level 61. Each pouch requires 1 pouch, 117 spirit shards, 1 crimson charm, and a piece of raw beef. You can buy raw beef at the Canifis or Oo?glog Meat Store, like you did with the raw chickens, at a price of 9gp a piece. Again, you can just go to the GE and buy them all to save yourself some time (84gp per Chicken).

? Levels 61 to 64 ?
Another small stage in your training. Make smoke devil pouches until level 64. You?ll need to make about 400 smoke devil pouches to get to level 64. Each pouch requires 1 pouch, 141 spirit shards, 1 crimson charm, and a ground desert goat horn. Desert goat horns are dropped by desert goats found in the desert, near the Ruins of Uzer and Nardah. Then use a pestle and mortar on the horns to turn them into ground desert goat horns. These are tradable, so you can buy them off the GE as well.

? Levels 64 to 74 ?
This part of your training is where you might have to stop due to money issues. Stranger plants all the way to 74. They require 1 pouch, 128 spirit shards, 1 crimson charm, and 1 bagged plant. Bagged plants can be bought from the gardener in Falador Park. There are 3 different plants that you can use to make stranger plants, but bagged plant 1 is the cheapest out of the three possible choices (bagged plant 1, bagged plant 2, bagged plant 3). Bagged plants 1 are sold by the gardener at 1k a plant, and are sold on the GE for about 1,263gp a plant. They?re really heavy, and even a player with 70 Agility and lowest possible weight would use up all 100% of their energy just to buy a full inventory and bank. I would recommend you just buy them on the GE. You?ll need to make 2,500 stranger plants to get to level 74.

? Levels 74 to 99 ?
Granite lobsters all the way to 99! There a lots of other familiars along the way, but granite lobsters still proves to be the best. However, it?s a lot of charms you?ll need: about 37k crimsons.

What makes granite lobsters so good to train on? Well, their secondary ingredient is granite (500g). Why carry 25 granite (500g), when you can carry a full inventory of granite (5kg) and chisel them down at the altar, allowing you to make up to 400 pouches per trip! In addition to that, this is also cheaper than buying granite (500g). Granite (5kg) is about 1,984gp each, which ends up being 199gp per 500g. 500g by itself is worth about 271gp each though, so you save 72gp per 500g, or 720gp per granite (5kg)!

But then comes the question: How can you fit 400 pouches into your inventory? Surely after you craft the first inventory into pouches, you won?t have space to make more? Nope, you will be trading in your pouches for more shards as soon as you make them! You can only do this with Bogrog though, located at the Gu?tanoth Summoning obelisk. See next post for details.

? The Granite Lobster Run ?

**** Due to a recent update, Jagex has made it so that you can use any kind of granite to make granite lobsters now. However, it is still convenient to bring 5kg?s and then chisel them to 500g?s at the obelisk. Just be careful so that you don?t accidentally use your 5kg?s when making the pouches.

NOTE: You must be level 78 Summoning to use this run.

?OMG typo?!!? Granite Lobsters are at 74 [email protected]@@@!?

You only need 74 to make the granite lobster pouches, but you need 78 to trade the pouches in for shards in return, which is the main idea of this method.

? Pouches
? Spirit shards
? Crimson charms
? Chisel
? 8 granite (500g)
? 16 granite (5kg)

Have a ring of duelling equipped.

Familiar (war tortoise):
? 18 granite (5kg)

Start at Castle Wars bank. Fill up your inventory and your familiar?s inventory like stated above. Exit Castle Wars, and make your way east, until you reach the southern wall of Yanille. Climb up the path into Gu?tanoth, and then head back west towards the entrance gate. The obelisk is located there.

Click on the obelisk and craft your 8 granite lobsters. Right-click swap Bogrog, then right-click ?swap-all? on one of your pouches. Use your chisel on your granite (5kg) until you are full inventory again. Craft more granite lobsters, trade them in, and repeat. At the beginning this is quite slow with the lack of free inventory spaces, but it gets much faster once you move onto your tortoise?s granite pieces.

When you are out of granite, rub your ring of duelling and teleport back to Castle Wars. Bank, and repeat as often as needed on your path to 99. This is one of the best ways to effectively use your crimson charms, but not cost you too much.

It is also quite cheap getting to 99 Summoning using only crimson charms on granite lobsters, which is approximately 50M the last time I checked (which was a while ago, so this may be off a bit).

? How Far Will My Charms Get Me? ?

I?ve decided to finally make a post dedicated to this issue after many many many (so on and so forth) posts sounding something like this:

?Hi, I?m level ? Summoning, and I have ?- gold charms, ?- green charms, ?- crimson charms, ?- blue charms, blah blah blah, what level will they get me to??

I used to offer up my free time to do such Summoning calculations for everyone, but as time progressed, I didn?t have a whole lot of free time on my hands to do that, so I closed that down.

However, I am now making this post in order to help people figure this out on their own. After all, this guide wasn?t created so that everyone could bombard me with questions, but to help guide you and help you learn more about Summoning, and become more independent on the skill!

These are the steps you should follow:

1.) Open up a writing document of some sort. Notepad, Microsoft Word, etc.

2.) Look yourself up on the hi-scores or in-game, and record your Summoning level and experience. Also record how many of each charm you have in your bank.

3.) Start with your gold charms! Find the best gold charm familiar you can make at your level, using the Knowledge Base, in-game guide, or this thread. However, exclude war tortoises and polar bears ? they are too expensive to be worth the experience of a gold charm.

Good choices: granite crab, spirit terrorbird, barker toad.

4.) After you have decided which gold charm familiar you will make, find out how much experience they are worth each. Again, you can find that on this thread or on the KB. Multiply the amount of experience by the number of gold charms you have. Record what familiar you will make, how many of them you will make, and the experience all of the gold charms are worth.

5.) Add that experience with your current experience, and find out what your new level is by using an experience chart, which can be found on most RuneScape fansites, and even on some threads on these forums. Record your new level and experience next to the gold charm information you recorded earlier.

6.) Repeat the same processes (steps 3-5) with green, crimson, and blue charms! But use your common sense. For example, we know that at level 74, you can make granite lobsters. Let?s say that after you use your gold charms, you?re at level 70. Use your green charms next and try to get level 74 with them, so then you can use your crimsons more effectively.

Here?s another example: you are level 46 Summoning, and you have a ton of gold charms you?d like to save for spirit terrorbirds. Use some of your other charms first to get to 52 ? green or crimson are usually good choices.

Get the idea? :)

7.) As a general rule, use your charms in this order: gold, green, crimson, blue.

Some players may even exclude green charms though, since their cost to experience ratio is rather high, and most players would rather not spend the extra cash for less experience than that of other charms.

I know that this sounds and looks pretty complicated at first, but after a few times doing it, it?ll come naturally to you.

If you especially like to work with numbers and like to plan ahead, I think you will get a hang of this a lot faster. If you don?t, well ? it may take you a little longer, but if you?re determined, it should be no problem for you.

Besides, unlike some math classes, you can use a calculator for this.

? How Much is 99 Summoning? ?

How much does 99 Summoning actually cost? Using the methods in this guide, it should cost about 60-100M using the fast and expensive method, more than double if ice bursting/barraging rock lobsters (approximate 120-150M), and 20-30M using the slower but cheaper method.

Of course, prices fluctuate all the time, so I can?t really give you an accurate price. My apologies.

? Possible Goal Levels in Summoning ?

Level 1: What?! Level 1?! Go do Wolf Whistle!

Level 4: Congrats, you?ve completed Wolf Whistle! Let?s start Summoning.

Level 16: Granite Crab, the first fishing familiar. +1 Fishing boost.

Level 33: Beaver, a good familiar to have while Woodcutting. +2 Woodcutting boost.

Level 34: Void Spinner, heals 1 HP every 15 seconds.

Level 40: Bull Ant, a beast of burden of up to 9 items and scroll, Unburden, restores energy.

Level 52: Spirit Terrorbird, a beast of burden of up to 12 items and scroll, Tireless Run, restores energy.

Level 54: Abyssal Parasite, the first essence beast of burden of up to 7 pieces of essence.

Level 57: Spirit Graahk, the fastest way to craft nature runes. +5 Hunter boost.

Level 57: Spirit Kyatt, the fastest way to infuse Summoning pouches. +5 Hunter boost.

Level 57: Spirit Larupia, good for hunting in the Feldip Hills. +5 Hunter boost.

Level 62: Abyssal Lurker, the second essence beast of burden of up to 7 pieces of essence. Higher combat level than parasite is and lasts longer.

Level 67: War Tortoise, a beast of burden of up to 18 items.

Level 68: Bunyip, heals 2 HP every 15 seconds.

Level 69: Fruit Bat, a great source of HP with the use of its Fruitfall scroll in places like God Wars.

Level 71: Arctic Bear, a hunter?s best friend. +7 Hunter boost.

Level 74: Granite Lobster, a fisherman?s best friend. +4 Fishing boost.

Level 79: Fire/Ice/Moss Titan, an incredibly useful familiar in all familiar-friendly combat situations with the use of Titan?s Constitution, its scroll, that heals you similar to that of a weaker dose of saradomin brew, but without the negative effects to Attack, Strength, Ranged, and Magic.

Level 83: Lava Titan, a miner?s best friend. +10 Mining boost.

Level 86: Rune Minotaur, the strongest of the minotaurs and also the longest lastest familiar, at almost 3 hours!

Level 88: Unicorn Stallion, the best healer there is. Its scroll, Healing Aura, can be used 3 times before the special bar is used up. Each scroll heals you by 15% of your max HP, thus being 45% of your HP being restored per special attack bar. Saves you a lot of food and healing in many many situations!

Level 89: Geyser Titan. Free glory charges plox?

Level 93: Abyssal Titan, the last and most powerful abyssal familiar (in terms of combat). Holds up to 7 essence and its scroll banks all essence in both yours and your familiar?s inventories, which means you can theoretically stay at the essence mine without ever leaving.

Level 95: The first of the major titans. Very very powerful and gives a 10% Defence boost to all Defence bonuses. Scroll hits very hard as well.

Level 96: The best Beast of Burden there is, being able to hold 30 items at a time, as well as being level 175 in combat. There?s no chance of your familiar dying to another monster with your 30 items with this guy!

Level 99: The right to be labeled a Summoning noob and be made fun of by others.

No, seriously ? you earn the ability to purchase and wear the Summoning cape, amongst one of the rarer and more difficult skills to master. You also unlock the power of the steel titan and can use it to destroy other monsters (and players!) whenever you feel like it.

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