Runescape Loot from collecting 500 hard clues at Glacytes with guide By: Silent_Giant


Since the release of the Glacor front, I’ve been clue hunting at the Glacytes, to see how good they would be.

I did 10 trips, in which I gathered 50 hard clues at a time, so 500 hard clues in total. These are my results;

Version 1, the pretty tl;dr version and version 2; uglier but more detailed.

For those who can’t open the link for whatever reason:

  • 29 hard clues p/h

  • 2.6m gp/h (after the supply costs are deducted)

  • Average trip time of 1 hour and 43 minutes

  • 411 Glacor Remnants p/h

  • 300 Tradeable Resonant Anima of Wen p/h

  • 520 Crimson charms p/h

  • I did not keep track of kills p/h or xp/h

This is my loadout.

  • Power armor doesn’t work here, tank armor with animate dead and soul split is the way to go, you need no food whatsoever.

  • I do bring emergency prayer, but with supreme overload salves I only ran out if prayer if I forgot to activate my shard.

  • Caroming 4 is very important, it keeps the Glacytes aggro’d onto you. As you can see from my excel sheet, resetting aggro every 10ish minutes only made trip times worse.

  • I used dual wield because that’s what I had caroming 4 on, 2h would have been fine too.

  • I don’t recommend Inquisitor’s staff here as some of the Glacytes are magers (and not weak to the staff).

  • Spring cleaner is very important, they drop so many alchables, and it’s a huge part of the profit.

  • I tried siege engine before I started keeping track of my trips, but I didn’t like it very much. Oldak is cheaper and more effective.

  • Pocket slot can be anything. I tried zammy god book for more aoe but it made no difference in average time so I only had it on for the stats.

  • I also used Helwyr’s battlefield ability.

Oldak placement

This spot utilizes both “sides” where the Glacytes spawn. 2 more steps north and the bigger Glacors might see you, which you don’t want because they hit hard with their special attacks.

You can just stand under your Oldak coil (so artisan’s workshop unlocks are not required here unlike hellhounds) and afk with pretty much the same ability bar you’d use for hellhounds.

You should be able to area loot most of it from under the coil, maybe you have to move a bit to the left or right.

It can also happen that a scroll drops from a glacyte that died from corruption blast, close to the big Glacors. Usually you can pick them up, but if the big Glacor aggro onto you, the best thing to do is to use the pontifex ring to teleport to the cathedral and run back to reset the aggro.

Most of the loot comes from alchs and Hydrix tips. T2 troves can also be very nice, in the 10 trips I managed to get 1 Onyx (that I didn’t include in the loot because it is so rare). I also didn’t include RDT drops, but I got a lot of rolls here. They can also be really really quick for gathering with a little bit of luck (see that one 1:17 trip).

Overall, I do like the Glacytes. Unlike hellhounds, I get a decent profit at glacytes. It feels good to make money while gathering clues instead of losing it to cannonballs at hellhounds, that only drop some small salvages.

I will continue to do these for my hard clues and will continue to experiment gear setups with them.

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