RuneScape Tuska Complete Guide


RuneScape Tuska Complete Guide?by Pyro4816

OK, so I have seen dozens of posts, but going through it all makes it a pain, so I am compiling as much info as I can from everywhere so here goes:

Limit for the spear main event: 1000 points.

You can complete it multiple times if you do not cap, however you will only recieve 1k points total. Once reaching 1k points, you can tell you are capped because the timer showing when the next spear event begins will disappear.

Limit for Fragments: UNLIMITED

Fragments are gained through the various skilling methods on Tuska. (explained in step 2).

Limit for experience from side events: Varies by level. About 80 minutes of skilling

The messages you recieve upon capping your skilling limit for the day

Confirmation of skilling limit

1. Getting there:

Open the lodestone interface -> click the magnifying glass in the top right -> click the Tuska button in the bottom right.

NOTE: You can buy this lodestone animation during the event for 1200 points.

2. Arrival:

Upon arriving on Tuska, Wizard Chambers will talk to you briefly and mention a few things. TLDR: You can cut the green spines for WC xp, Chop the blue spines and stand on them for Agility xp, and slay the parasites for Slayer xp. All of these give a chance to pick up Tuska Fragments.

NOTE: Tuska Fragments can be collected and turned in to Wizard Chambers for 5 bonus points each. To turn them in, use them on him.

NOTE 2: Lightning on the base of the blue spines means that particular spine is providing 10 times XP.

NOTE 3: During the spear event (explained in part 4) you will not be able to participate in any of the skilling events for ~20 minutes. (this happens every hour on the hour)

2.1 Interface:

Upon arrival you should also notice an interface at the top of your screen. On the interface on the bottom left you should see a 0 (assuming you just started). This is your points total. In the middle and underneath, you will see a timer. This timer counts down to the next hour which is when the main events start. The progress bar in the center shows you how close we are to defeating Tuska today. If you hover over the bar it will show which factions have contributed the most to the day?s defeat.

3. Choosing a faction:

Once in the tuska area, if you look on your map you should see 3 npc?s directly north of the lodestone. You can explore the chat options if you wish, however to just choose your faction and begin you can-> choose option 1 ?I am <name here>? -> choose option 1 ?Defender of gielinor? -> Choose Faction -> <faction>.

NOTE: Bree = Saradomin, Moia = Zamorak, Scopulus = godless, Kamiee = Armadyl.

NOTE 1: It does not matter which one you speak to, they will all allow you to change factions. However, some of them will be a baby and complain if you don?t choose them.

4. The main event:

The main event can be done every hour on the hour regardless of your point cap, however it only grants points for the first 1000. The idea of the main event is to complete certain tasks on an island till you reach 25% charge on the spear. This can be done in groups of 1-10 people. After you have maxed out your charge (25% on the first, 50% on the second, 75% on the third and 100% on the forth) you can no longer gain more charges from completing tasks on that island.

It appears that the ordering of islands is random. It is also unknown if more islands will be made available in coming days/weeks, but as for today there are only 4 possible choices. There are several ways to accumulate points, but only 1 remains constant throughout all 4 islands, mining the rocks. Below is a list of the islands and the things to do on each. Also if you get confused you can simply click the ??? in the top right of the WE interface for info about each island.

If you see a fallen rock on any of the islands try to mine it. It gives a resource specific to that Island, and it adds to your overall spear charge.

4.1-4 Clockwise Island

On this island your objective is to siphon from active runestones. You must travel in a clockwise direction looking for active runestones. It appears these are instanced for each player, but that is simply speculation at this point.

  • Every 30 seconds someone will be made the new gatestone. (They will have a yellow pointer over their head)
  • If you click the teleport button on the bottom left of the WE interface you will be transported next to the gatestones position at the time of casting, just like dungeoneering. (the teleport button is where your points were at outside the event)
  • It is a useful strategy to zoom out and use the active gatestone to make traveling to your next active runestone easier.

4.1-4 Tree Island

The objective of the tree island is to nurture the roots to grow them towards the green spots on the ground. Once the root reaches a green spot, it will spawn an energy plant. You collect a seed from the energy plant and return the seed to the main tree.

In order to nurture the roots you need crushed mysterious herbs. Crushed mysterious herbs are created by crushing mysterious herbs which are gained by attacking tentacles and chopping vines.

4.1-4 Lightning Island

The objective on the lightning island is to build as many charges as possible. There are several ways to accumulate charge.

  • Build the Shattered pylons. There is one in each of the 4 directions.
  • Divert Lightning Targets. (These will appear as small white markers on the ground. They show where lightning is going to strike soon.)
  • You can attack lightning. Upon killing it you are charged with residual lightning and you must charge the unstable core in the middle to gain charges on the spear. You will be able to tell when you have static electricity by the bar over your head. It will start blue and slowly fill to orange as your charge dissipates. If you wait too long it will go away completely.
  • Lure sentient lightning towards the unstable core in the middle. Just click lure and it will follow you, so just stand on the oposite side to make the lightning walk into the center.

4.1-4 Holy Island

This island has 2 possible forms of completion.

Option 1: You can grab holy fire and equip the torch. You must them proceed to burn the tentacles doing 250-500 dps until they die.

Option 2: You can climb the rockface and interact with the alter to receive a relic of life. You must then dig at one of the graves to go to the spirit realm them climb back up the rock face. If you choose this option you are provided with 2 ways to gain charge.

  • You can claim lost souls to get a relic of life(charged) which later needs to be used on the altar to gain charge.
  • You can also release tormented souls. This brings the soul to the real world at which point you need to kill it. Once you kill it you will be transformed into a tormented soul and need to click the swirling ?last rites? vortex to the north end of the island.

NOTE: If using the second method, the best strategy is to capture 1 lost soul, and then release a tormented soul and kill it. After you complete the tormented soul and go to repeat the process, you can interact with the altar again to gain your charge from the lost soul and repeat.

NOTE 2: If using ranged, It is a good idea to lure the tormented souls closer to the vortex since once transformed, you are no longer able to run.

4.5 Stab it IN THE FACE

Once you have completed all of the islands, you will be transported to Tuska?s face. Run south and climb the tooth. Find an open spot and stab her weak spot. Assuming you aligned with a faction, you will proclaim glory in your god?s name and be transported back to the starting lodestone.

5. Rewards:

All previous warpriest sets are available during this event as well as the new Tuska set. (Saradomin, Zamorak, Bandos, and Armadyl)


  • Gloves/Boots = 1k points each.
  • Helm = 2.5k points each. (Tuska helm is only 2k)
  • Cape = 2k points each.
  • Chest = 5k points each. (Tuska chest is only 3.5k)
  • Legs = 3.5k points each. (Tuska legs are only 2.5k)


  • Spear overrides = 1k points each.(Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl, and godless)
  • Astromancy Telescope (offhand) = 500 points.
  • Tuska Storm Teleport = 1.2k points.


  • Sacrafice = 3.5k points.
  • Devotion = 3.5k points.
  • Transfigure = 3.5k points.
  • Tuska?s Wrath = 4k points.


  • Tuska Emote 1 = 500 points.
  • Tuska Emote 2 = 1k points
  • Tuska Emote 3 = 1.5k points.


  • Small = 350 points.
  • Medium = 600 points.
  • Large = 1.1k points
  • Huge = 2.1k points.

6. Additional Info:

  • As with the other world events, all rewards from the Tuska event will be available in some way following the event?s close.
  • Even if you complete the main event after capping, your contributions still matter as far as the whole world event are concerned. IE If you want Armadyl to win, you can complete the event as often as you want; to improve Armadyl?s standings.
  • Zaros isn?t turning a blind eye to the event. Possible spoiler alert?
  • The 1k cap is not set in stone.
  • There is side content involving a Wizard which I am now looking into further.

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