Hey what’s up everybody, this video will be showing you what animals can be found at the different islands for Merchant Alliance Voyages in Sea of Thieves. All the information will be in the description down below with time stamps. I am doing it this way so I can update the video quickly and not have to continually publish a new guide each time so it can remain a relevant resource to be used. All of the info currently is from the final beta but will all be confirmed this opening week with any new info added. The video will not include any of the forts or outposts, and if any new islands are added I will include it in the description.

Also a final thing to note is that in my experience during the beta was that many of these smaller islands had finicky spawns so the animal listed may be there on and off. Alright everybody, that’s going to wrap it up for my commentary, thanks for watching. Good luck and I will catch you all later..

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