A few key points to successfully slooping solo, or with a friend. I originally posted in another thread, but thought it fit better here.

Super Sloopers Handy Checklist

  • Turn off those damn lanterns. Even below deck.
  • Cannons in Peacekeeper position (pointing straight up). You CAN load them.
  • Spyglass your surroundings.
  • Sail all the way around before you commit to an outpost or an island.
  • Hide your silhouette when you park.
  • Spyglass your surroundings.
  • Perfect stopping with sails alone.
  • Sails up, Anchor Up.
  • Point your ship for the quickest exit. Preferably with the wind.
  • Spyglass your surroundings.
  • Take your anti-anxiety pills!
  • While hunting, hide any real valuable loot on the island near your ship.
  • Use the lookout points on the islands, especially the bigger ones.
  • Don’t stay away from your ship for too long.
  • Spyglass your surroundings.
  • On your ship, put the cheap stuff out in plain sight. Hide the rare loot.
  • Limit the size of your haul. Remember, Sell Little, Lose Little.
  • See a ship at the Outpost? don’t trust them.
  • Watch for mermaids at the outposts.
  • Spyglass your surroundings.
  • Most of all, HAVE FUN OUT THERE, and enjoy a relaxing, carefree cruise on the Sea of Thieves™!

Once you get the knack, you can ignore a few of these if you feel bold. But KNOW it’s a risk.

Additional tip:

  • Remember the names of those that wrong you. Nurture your revenge like a warm brandy on a stormy night.


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