What’s up everyone this is Venus we’re clicking and screaming and let’s talk a little bit about the sword thrust and see if phoebs holding down your attack button and see a Beebe’s is a pretty well known tip and a lot of people been surfing across the wave for a while doing this but I have a different spin on it I’m gonna show you here in this video instead of just holding down the left click and kind of thrusting forward as you normally do with the attack button I hold down the block button this allows you to move freely while you still have that few seconds leading up into the thrust.

And you can actually hop at the very end of the thrust which allows you to clear a ton of ground I like to practice this on the boat when you’re going around through long voyages just kind of out in the middle of the water you can jump from the back of the boat all the way to the front of the boat and you can cover a lot more ground when you’re kind of rolling down into the waves as you can see in this clip this actually gets me into a bit of trouble I did the jump right as we roll down in a wave and I completely clear the ship and the ocean it also draws a bit of attention to me from the crew.

And I missed the ship so be careful when you’re testing this with just a little bit of practice you’re gonna be able to develop a bit of air control and you do the jump as well see how I kind of curved around the mast there you do a little tricks like that as you do it more more practice will allow you to make precision movements in the water as well you can kind of aim right for the ladder and catch on the ladder if your timings right everything about this is all timing based another reason I prefer the block and hop method is because you’re able to clear little half walls and lips and things like that which allows you to be more versatile with the jump the left-click wouldn’t allow you to make that jump.

You would just get stuck on the edge here I’m able to clear up a lot of ground and get back onto my ship before anybody even realized I was screwing around exploring the island this is my favorite example of the jump my crews waiting for me to get back onto the ship they see me hopping around up here they tell me I can jump in and I’m just gonna get fall damage but instead I clear the shore making into the water get a pop out of my group and get back onto the ship you don’t harm no foul thanks again for watching happy hunting and I’ll see you out there

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