Shakes & Fidget Game Manual

Shakes & Fidget Game Manual by KO771


  • General Information

  • Registration

  • Tavern

  • Arena

  • City Guard

  • Weapon Shop

  • Magic Shop

  • Stable

  • Mushrooms

  • Character

  • Mail

  • Guild

  • Hall of Fame

  • Dungeons

  • Options

General Information

Shakes & Fidget ? The Game is a flash-based browser game. You do not have to download or install any software. The title is free to play and does not contain advertisements.

Shakes & Fidget ? The Game?s continued development, support and server costs will be funded through free-to-play design. You can buy additional mushrooms in-game that help you progress faster. For example, the mushrooms can be traded in to allow you to raise the daily quest limit.

Now that your familiar with the philosophy behind the game, the rest of manual will be dedicated to a short overview of the game functions, and some hints to getting started as a hero(ine). The manual does not guarantee you the top position in the Hall of Fame, of course, but it might help you on your way to the top.


Step one

Here you can choose your gender, race, class and appearance in-game.
Please note that the choice of your race and class will affect your attributes at the start


Strengh: +7
Dexterity: +3
Intelligence: 0
Constitution: +5
Luck: 0

Strengh: 0
Dexterity: 0
Intelligence: +8
Constitution: +2
Luck: +5

Strengh: +1
Dexterity: +7
Intelligence: +1
Constitution: +4
Luck: +2


good attitude

Strengh: 0
Dexterity: 0
Intelligence: 0
Constitution: 0
Luck: 0

Strengh: -1
Dexterity: +2
Intelligence: 0
Constitution: -1
Luck: 0

Strengh: 0
Dexterity: -2
Intelligence: -1
Constitution: +2
Luck: +1

Strengh: -2
Dexterity: +3
Intelligence: -1
Constitution: -1
Luck: +1

bad attitude

Strengh: +1
Dexterity: 0
Intelligence: -1
Constitution: 0
Luck: 0

Dark Elf
Strengh: -2
Dexterity: +2
Intelligence: +1
Constitution: -1
Luck: 0

Strengh: -2
Dexterity: +2
Intelligence: 0
Constitution: -1
Luck: +1

Strengh: +3
Dexterity: -1
Intelligence: 0
Constitution: +1
Luck: -3

Later in the game you can change your race, but not your class. It will not affect the bonuses you got after the character creation and registration

Step two

Click on ?Save Character? and you will get to step two of the registration progress.
Here you are asked to type in a name for your avatar, your email address (for completing the registration progress with a validation code) and a personal password.

Please read the Terms and Conditions afterwards, confirm that you agree with these and proceed to step three.

Step three

Now you can start playing. An email will be sent to the email address provided. This email contains two links:
1. Your personal recruiting link
2. Your personal validation link (to validate your email address and account)

Please note:
Without validating your account you will have some limitations in the game, such as not being able to donate gold to your guild.
Validating has other benefits: After completing the process you will receive 10 free mushrooms.


The Tavern is the first stop for adventurers and those who want to become one of them. Here you can meet persons that are willing to give you several tasks, allowing you to earn money and collect experience. By clicking on the person sitting on the table in front of you, you can review three quests and choose one of them.

Below you can see your ?Thirst for Adventure? bar. Each quest reduces your thirst.
The reduction is equal to the length of the quest (one minute = one adventure point). But you can refill it by clicking on the bartender and drinking one beer (one beer = 20 Adventure Points). This procedure can be repeated up to ten times per day.

In the back is a third person in the tavern, The Hustler.
Here you can play a little game of luck. You can wager money or mushrooms* and get the chance to double your pool ? if you pick the correct cone.
You can also set your gold bet by simple typing in ?/gold 😉 x? in the guild chat? and then go to The Hustler.
* only after buying additional mushrooms for the first time.

Hint: The ?Thirst for Adventure? refills automatically at midnight Server Time (the bar goes up to 100 again).

Hint: Unused ?Thirst for Adventure? points expire at midnight.

Hint: You can find mushrooms and items when you return from a successful quest. But always watch your backpack?s space. If there isn?t a free slot available then the gained item will be lost.

Hint: For every quest you complete successfully you will also receive 10 Honor Points.


An eye for an eye? welcome to the Arena!

Here you can compare your skills with all the other heroes and win (or lose) gold and honor.
The system automatically chooses an opponent that has about as much honor points as you. Alternatively, you can manually type in a name of another player and click on ?OK? to attack.

Your earnings by winning will be reduced if your opponent has less honor points than you

Hint: After every fight you have to wait 10 minutes. You want to get to the next fight faster? The arena leader will look the other way if you bribe him with a mushroom.

Hint: You can bypass the fighting animation by clicking ?skip?. You will instantly see the result of the fight.

City Guard

Everybody needs money, even a mighty hero such as yourself.
You can work as a city guard for up to ten hours straight. It?s not the most glamorous job in the world, but you get paid well.

Hint: If you cancel the job before the timer ends you won?t get a paycheck.

Hint: The higher your level, the better the payment.

Weapon Shop

Every hero knows that you are only as good as your equipment.
In the Weapon Shop you can buy a variety of useful items. Weapons, shoes, helmets, belts and other equipment will help increase your defense and other stats.
By moving the mouse cursor over an item you can check the bonuses and its price. Some items cost gold. Some are so special that the trader also wants mushrooms from you.

How to buy an item
If you have enough gold (and mushrooms, if required), simply click and drag the item into one of your backpack slots.
To equip, just drag it into an inventory slot.

Can I sell items?
Of course. Just click and drag the item that you want to sell into your backpack first, then drag it over the dealer?s inventory and release the mouse button. You will receive 25% of the gold price the item cost when you bought it.

Hint: The selection changes daily at Midnight Pacific Time. You can get a new random selection instantly by paying a mushroom.

Hint: The higher your level is, the better the offered items.

Magic Shop

No fantasy without magic.
The Magic Shop has the same functionality as the Weapon Shop. It offers magic necklaces, rings, accessories and potions.

Potions are more complicated than your average items:
? Potions are activated by dragging them to your character?s portrait picture.
? Up to three potions can be active at the same time.
? Potions boosting the same attribute will cancel the effect of the previous one, resetting the timer.
? Active potions will be shown on the character screen on the right side above the achievements.
? By double-clicking an active potion icon the effect will be canceled.


Don?t want to walk? ? Get yourself a mount!
You can rent a mount for 14 days at a time at the stable. It will reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a quest.

Hint: You can extend the rental period by booking the same mount again. The duration of the rental will be increased.

Hint: You can replace an existing mount with a faster model, but the old mount will be lost.

Hint: The mount selection varies for the two factions, but prices and stats are the same.

Hint: The ?environmental award? can only be collected once.


Mushrooms are an additional currency which can help you to speed up your progress in the game. You can purchase additional mushrooms from this menu.

Hint: Depending on the payment method, the duration between ordering and accrediting the mushrooms can differ from 30 seconds to one or two days (method ?transfer?).


Character overview

? Equipped items
? Backpack
? Character picture including name and guild name
? Current level including progress towards the next level
? Current attributes

Hint: If you move your mouse cursor over particular attributes, additional information is displayed.

Hint: Move your mouse cursor over the plus sign next to the attributes to see how much an increase will cost.

On the right side of the screen you can see, and change, your character description.
Below you can take a look at your mount (if you have one) and the remaining time on your mount rental agreement.
Further below you will see the total armor value based on your current equipment.

Active potions will be shown to the right of the armor value. Move the mouse cursor over a potion icon for additional details.

Last but not least you can see your eight achievement medals.
Each one will give you a small attribute bonus if you fulfill the requirements. Mouse over to get more information.


Someone wants to tell you something, someone attacked you, invited you in to his (or her) guild or you want to write someone?
This is the right place.
Correspond with other users, read your mail or check arena reports. Most of your community notices will reside here.

Hint: You can save up to 100 mails.

Hint: If there is new mail the ?mail? button will pop up.


Teamwork is important ? joining a guild has many benefits.
To create a guild you?ll need 10 gold and a guild name. Then you have access to the guild screen (see above).
On top is the name of your guild, in the upper left corner is your rank in the Guild Hall of Fame and your guild honor as earned from all guild wars.

On the left side you can see the progress level of three guild features.

Member limit for your guild. After creating a guild you start with 10 slots (you plus 9 other players).
You can expand this feature by clicking on the plus button. The price is displayed in the next line.
The maximum number of guild members is 50.

By expanding this feature you will get a percentage bonus on earned gold from quests and city guard work shifts.
There are 50 steps up to the maximum of 100%.

Similar to ?Treasure?, this feature increases the amount of experience earned from quests.
There are 50 steps up to the maximum of 100%.

In the middle of the screen you can see your guild description.

This description can only be changed by the guild leader (the player with the crown in front of his name).

Hint: Other players can view your guild by clicking it in the Guild Hall of Fame. They are also able to read the description. You can split the description by using /// in the text field. Everything written before /// can be read by guild members only; everything behind it can be read by all other players.

An example:
To guild: Important information on ?
Hello all, we are in need of a few good active heroes. Just mail me!

The first part is shown only to guild members, the second part also to other players visiting your guild overview!

Below the description you can see your guild account.

Every member can donate gold or mushrooms (gold after validating the account, mushrooms after buying additional mushrooms for the first time).

You can donate either by clicking the + button next to the gold or mushroom symbol or by entering a chat command:
/gold xxx ? you donate xxx gold
/mushroom xxx ? you donate xxx mushrooms

Hint: Donated gold or mushrooms cannot be retrieved ? so be careful when donating!

On the right side is the member list.

Members are displayed in the order in which they were invited.

Color codes for member names:
Gray: this player has been invited but is not an active member ? They have yet to accept the invitation.
Orange: active member but offline at the moment.
Yellow: active member and online at the moment.

Guild ranking symbols for member names:
Crown: the Guild Leader
Medal: an Officer
Smiley: common member

The rights of the Guild Leader:
? Can change the guild description
? Can invite and kick members
? Can promote officers
? Can buy guild feature expansions
? Can pass over his leader position to a different member

The rights of officers:
? Can invite members
? Can buy guild feature expansions

Hint: If a leader leaves his guild and has not determined a new leader before, the oldest officer is automatically promoted to guild leader.
If there is no officer, then the person on rank #2 in the member list will be picked as the new leader.

Below you can see 5 buttons.

1. Invite ? by clicking this button you can invite new players (if it is gray, you already have the actual maximum of members)
2. View Profile ? you can read the profile of the highlighted player in the member list.
3. Kick ? you kick the highlighted player in the member list from the guild.
4. Officer ? you grant (or revoke) officer rights to the highlighted player in the member list.
5. Leader ? you hand over your guild leader rights to the highlighted player in the member list (you will become an officer after that).

On the bottom of the screen you can see the guild chat.

Click in the chat line to type a message and hit the ?Return/Enter? key on your keyboard to send the message.
If you are not viewing the guild screen and a new message appears in guild chat, the guild button will pop up on the main menu.


On the left-hand side, there are two icons between the guild upgrades and the guild chat: a sword (attack another guild) and a shield (defend your guild against another attacking guild).
The Guild Leader or an Officer can click on the sword icon to initiate an attack at any time, whereas the other guild members can only click on it after their Guild Leader?s orders. The shield icon becomes clickable only if another guild is about to attack your guild.

The sword icon has two functions:

Guild Leader:
By clicking on the sword the Hall of Fame is displayed. There you can select an opponent and also see which guilds are currently under attack (orange) and therefore cannot be attacked by you. After visiting the guild page of your selected opponent, you have to click on the sword again in order to initiate the attack.

Other guild members:
The date and time of an attack is shown under your guild description. Ten hours pass between the declaration of war and the actual attack. You can go to war (and join your guild?s fellow heroes) by clicking on the sword. You take part in the battle only after clicking on the icon.

The shield icon:

If another guild is about to attack your guild, date and time of the attack are displayed under the guild description. In the course of ten hours, guild members can volunteer to defend their guild by clicking on the shield. All guild members take part and try to defend their guild: members that have clicked on the shield fight with 100% of their constitution, whereas members that have not clicked on the icon have only 50% in the upcoming battle.

Color chart of guild members:

Guild is not at war:

grey-transparent ? invited member
dark yellow ? active member, currently offline
gold ? active member, currently online

Guild is at war:

dark red-transparent ? invited member
dark red ? active member, currently offline and not ready for war
bright red ? active member, currently online and not ready for war
dark yellow ? active member, currently offline and ready for war
gold ? active member, currently online and ready for war

General information:

Both the attacking and defending guild can view the date and time of the attack. Moreover, you can also see which guild members are ready for war (as represented by colors; viewable via mouse-over).

In the course of preparation for war (ten hours), an attacking guild cannot declare war on another guild, whereas the defending guild cannot be attacked by another guild.
However, the attacking guild can be attacked by other guilds and the defending guild can declare war on another guild. In short: a guild can only attack and be attacked once at the same time.

Costs for Guild Wars:

War is never cheap. Every attack costs gold from the Guild Treasure. The actual costs depend on an attacked guild?s Fortress level. For more information, visit this link: .
The Guild Leader can see the actual costs in-game by moving the mouse cursor over the other guild?s sword icon.

Once the time of an attack has come (the ten hours have passed), the war is started. Two heroes (one of each guild) fight each round. The order of fighters is related to their current levels ? the higher a fighter?s level, the later his or her turn. The winner of each round faces the other guild?s next fighter with his or her remaining hit points. The battle ends once a guild runs out of fighters.

The actual battle animation can be cancelled by clicking on ?Skip?. The battle?s final screen will displayed next. Every guild member can view the battle only once (by clicking on ?Guild?), unless you are already on the guild screen at the beginning of a battle. In this case, the battle animation will start automatically.

Victory in a Guild War:

In case of victory, the attacker gains Honor (depending on the guilds? difference in Honor). The amount of experience depends on the other guild?s Honor. If the attacker loses the war, the guild loses Honor.

If an attack is warded off, the guild gains Honor (depending on the guilds? difference in Honor). If the defending guild loses the war, the guild loses Honor.

After a Guild War:

After a Guild War the guild has to rest for 90 minutes. Only after these 90 minutes can another guild be attacked.


If you are level 50+ and an officer, you can initiate a guild dungeon attack. The guild leader must be level 50+ too.

Mouse over the attack button to see the cost of the attack.

The guild?s progress (how many of the 50 dungeons have already been cleared) is displayed on the top left next to guild honor and the Hall of Fame rank.

All guild members that have clicked to join the attack and have been a member of the guild for 24 hours at least automatically participate in the guild dungeon attack regardless of their level.

How Guild Dungeons work:

The attack automatically starts at the given date. All participating guild members attack the dungeon monsters similar to a guild battle. If you succeed all participating characters are awarded an experience bonus in relation to their level. In addition, your guild features can be upgraded with each dungeon cleared. If you lose you can try again but all gold spent on an attempt to clear the dungeon is lost.

Hint: if you have cleared a dungeon with a guild you can enter the same dungeon with another guild again but you will not get more experience points. Each dungeon adds experience points to your character only once.

Hint: if you miss a guild dungeon attack because you have not clicked the button to join your fellow guild members you will not be awarded anything nor can the attack be repeated. However, you will benefit from the bonus of the guild upgrades.

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame ? everyone who plays on your server can be seen here.
There are in fact two Halls of Fame ? one for the players and one for the guilds.
You can switch between them by simple clicking on the appropriate tab on the top.

If you click on the name of a player, or guild, additional information is shown. Check out your rivals before fighting them!

Hint: You cannot attack guild members when choosing opponents from the Hall of Fame. To attack guild members, go to the arena and manually type in the name of the player.


Dungeons have been found under the city.
There are 10 dungeons overall, each one with 10 floors.
To explore them you have to find the keys that open their doors.
When (and how) will you find which key?

Key 1 from level 10 (quest)
Key 2 from level 20 (quest)
Key 3 from level 30 (quest)
Key 4 from level 40 (quest)
Key 5 from level 50 (quest)
Key 6 from level 70 (quest + shop)
Key 7 from level 80 (quest)
Key 8 from level 95 (quest)
Key 9 from level 110 (quest + shop)
Dungeon 10 will be opened after clearing all other 9 dungeons

Keys can be found by completing quests (similar to other items) and some keys can also be bought in the shops.

In dungeons you can win experience, gold and have a 50% chance of obtaining an item.

Hint: You can find powerful epic items in dungeons. The chance to find one of those is 25%. If you beat a final boss (floor 10 of every dungeon) you will always get an epic item.

Hint: Once cleared you cannot return to a dungeon or floor.


You can change many settings in the option menu.

? Alter your character?s appearance
? Change your email address (new validation will be required)
? Change your password
? Get a new validation mail (if you haven?t already received yours)
? Delete your account
? Set the volume of the sound effects.
? Deactivate some animations to improve game performance (especially on older PCs).

In the lower right corner the version number of the game is displayed. If you move your mouse cursor over it you can see additional information such as your account ID.

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