Silkroad Online Balanced Bow Build

Silkroad Online Balanced Bow Build by Jadekiss

Ok first of all going to tell you about this Build and how to make such a Build.
This Build is a 70:70 Balanced Bow which means you have a Balance of 70% Phy and 70% Mag.
On my opinion its a very good bow Build.

How to make it ?

Your aim is to get a 70:70 Balance.
Take all your clothes off after each LVL up and Press C.
See your balance and put your stats to get a 70:70 balance.
Its quite easy. If you start a new char you need to put the first 2 LVL up all into INT then you will have a 70:70 balance.
After that just have an eye on your balance and put the points to keep the balance.
SOMETIMES you can get only 70:69 or 69:70. I Suggest you to take 70:69 (70% Phy and 69% Mag)
Lets say you have 69:69 and have 1 POINT left?what to do ?
Put it to STR and you will have 70:69 !

You cant say it is a 2:1 or 1:2 Build.. Well its mixed up
Most of the time it is a 1:2 Build but sometimes u have to put 2:1 to keep your balance at 70:70 or 70:69

You should go Pacheon/Ice and Light or Fire
Fire as Imbue has the highest Damage output and Ice would give you the ability to freeze the enemy or slow them down (if they are not immune)

I prefer Pacheon/Light/Ice

What Gear ?

Recommend Garment Or Protector !
With lots of INT and STR also HP if possible.
Your AIM is to get a balance of 80:80 (or even higher) throught INT and STR on equipments !
Some People say go garment for Nukers.. but u dont have to.. if they KD you just switch to shield.. yeah shield :D to block and reduce their damage on you

Garment would be usefull to reduce the MP consuming etc.

I would prefer Protector over Garment =)

Why should you go Hybrid ?

Oh well i think Chinese should go hybrids because they have Mag and Phy attack power.
Only Euro are mean to be Pure Builds.
I dont really care about Hybrid haters just stay out of this Thread and dont say sth like: Hybrid sux go Pure? just because someone told you to go Pure you dont have to
Just because the majority go Pure u dont have to
Hybrids can be strong if you do it right !
Comments like hybrids depends on good gear isnt a good evidence that Hybrids sux.. also Full int Nukers need Good gears.


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