Silkroad Online Enhancement Alchemy Guide

Silkroad Online Enhancement Alchemy Guide by lenatweb

How to get the Element stones:

Monsters should drop you items(Every mob gives different items)in what description should be written things like this:

Earth Element ( 1rd lvl) XXX unit
Water Element ( 1rd lvl) XXX unit
Fire Element ( 1rd lvl) XXX unit
Wind Element ( 1rd lvl) XXX unit

Buy some Void Rondos from the Grocery NPC,once you have them open the alchemy window and click on the Material Processing thing.If you done that then drag the Void Rondo to the first box and then the item(s) to the other boxes,if you have done that then press Fuse or Fuse all and you inventory will start to fill up with elemental stones.

You can get element stones from destroying items too,for that you will need some Destroyer Rondos what you can also get from Grocery NPC,do all the same what you did with the Void Rondos,except this time put The destroyer rondo to the first box after what should open one box next to it,put the item there and press fuse,you will get some elemental stones again.
The Level of the element shows on what degree item you can use them,and the unit show how many elements u get from one item.

How to Create a Stone what you can add to your equipment piece:

You have to get 1 tablet what lvl is the same of the equipment piece.These drop from monsters and give a certain thing to your item(Mines is Attack Rating increase)If you have 1 tablet what you want to use then you have to look at its descripton,those Elements what are written there you will need to Create a Stone what you can add to your equipment piece

If you have gathered all those elementals what the tablet needs then open the alchemy window again,press the Material Processing and Drag the Tablet to the first box.After that there should be 4 open boxes,drag all those elementals there and click fuse.

You should find 1 Magic Stone in your inv,Then Open the alchemy window again,click on the Att.Grant and drag ur equipment piece to the first box,then drag the magic Stone too to the box what opened,and press fuse.

If it is a succes,you should see something like this

Weapon before:

And after

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