Silkroad Online Money Making Guide

Silkroad Online Money Making Guide by Mugen

I made this guide so ppl that dont bott can have sos grear too and good money stash so this way i could corect some wrongs in SRO(added this coment as promised)
Well this guide is for all people that are short on gold and need to make some fast( thats 75% of ppl under lvl 40 :wink: ) Enought whit chit chat this is the idea:
Table of contents:
2.Ingame experiment
3.Why would i tell so good and usefull stuf????
4.Why do we need wind lvl 2?(added)
5.What about 3rd degree and other degree?s?(added)
6.Some advices(added)
7. Euro items


blades lvl8 at NPC in jg cost 3,5k of gold and when they are destroyed whit destroyer rondo they have about 50% chance of giving 4 to 6 units of wind lvl2 which i hope cost?s 2k each on all servers(it does on Athens)..if it does not then u lucky Athen?s players listen up becouse u will find this very usefull :D.As i was saying lvl8 blade has 50% to give 4~6 wind lvl2, for example well take average of 5 so it gives ~10k of gold
in this exaple i will destroy 100 blades lvl 8 bought from npc :twisted: in theory: about 50 blades should give me 5 units each so thats
50?5=250 units of wind lvl2=500k?nice right :D
Now lets see how much we need to spend on this:
we need 100 blades lvl8 which cost 3,5k each and we need 100 units of destroyer rondo so that:
100?3,5k=350k(for blades) & 100?400=40k(for destroyer rondo)
350k+40k=390k?oh look we have 110k of profit from those 250 units of wind lvl 2 alone..u get other elements as well and they have some price for example wind lvl1 can be selled for 500 gold each easy
In theory works fine now let see how it works in game?
2.Ingame experiment
this is where u buy destroyer rondo

theres a 100 pices i take

there is 29 blades in my inventory

ok now we do some alchemy

and we get those nice elements that cost soo much :)

and oops now i have no more space in my inventory need 4 spots in order to work properly
do not make this kind of mistakes they can cost?start have 8 spots for elements and4 free spots so alchemy can work now if u were dumb enought to make this mistake sell it or put it in storage :P

ok now we finished first round let see results:
28 blades used, 75 units gained meaning 15 blades gave 5 pices each
15 blades are a bit over 50% of 28 that was totaly used so we scored good :P

round two lets go same thing whit one diference i use 25 blades in this round(nned those 4 spots for first blade :( )

and here are results of 2nd round:

we used 25 blades adn we gained 62 units of wind lvl2 :arrow: meaning 12~13 blades gave us wind which is exact 50%

3rd round (bored to death here :banghead: )

and results:
we used 25blades adn gained 63 ubits :arrow: same as round before this one 50%

4th and LAST round(thank god :banghead: )
we are useing only 22 blades this time as that how many has left until 100 that i told ill be destroying

and here are results of 4th round:
22 blades and 59 units gained meaning we got ourselfs anotehr 55% one

we used 390k in doing this and gained 259 units of wind lvl 2=518k of gold from wind 2 only let say u get 100k for ALL other elements( and u will get more)
u get 618k-390k=228k 8)
it took me 25 min to do this and let asume ill need 15 min to sell it that 40 min in total.
I would like to see some1 (whitout silks) and under lvl 30 to make 228k of gold for 40 min :P8)


3rd round (bored to death here :banghead: )


4th and LAST round(thank god :banghead: )

before the end u start doing this :arrow::banghead: a lot meaning its BOREING!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.Why would i tell so good and usefull stuf????

Im telling all this becouse i used as much as i wanted i managed to make 5mill from 500k of gold whit help of this in 4~5 days note: i did this whole day long (i know some lvl4x cant get that much) bought my sos bow pimped it to+4 and as u may noted most of my gear is sos so i realy cant ask for much more from this so i share it whit rest of smart (mostly smart and reasonable) persons that are comeing to this forum. High lvl u can use in order to save some money?.nah it takes to much time and its to boreing adn too little money to save :P right? i know i wont do it ill just buy 8) thats why this topic is not gonna couse crash of wind lvl 2 price and soo will help lot off ppl :love:

ADDED: 4.Why do we need wind lvl 2?
This was good question aked by Matrixman__, so it deserves good answer and whole section just for it.
Truth is wind lvl2 is used to make almost every lvl of Str Stone icluding str stone lvl8 (lucky for us all) so thats why its always wanted and needed :D .
If u want to see for which tablets you need wind lvl 2 go to this link
:arrow: (i picked this usefull link form Borat2 tnx man :) )

5.What about 3rd degree and other degree?s?(added)

I see this question drow lot of interests and confusion so i added this section to help them clear things up andswer is simple NO! i do not recomend destroying anything besides swords and blades lvl8 and most curtenly NOT destroying 3rd degree stuf and higher degree becouse there is no profit in it(those items just cost to much even if u would go from stall to stall looking for cheap stuf) if any1 finds out about any high degree item that does make profit (and biger profit then this) plz leave post here?other then that there is not much more to say about this subject ill repeat once again for those who read only bold text
IT IS NOT RECOMENDED to destroy 3rd or higher degree item becouse there is no profit in it?correct me if im wrong :wink:
ADDED:Also some readers gave me examples of tassets being good to destroy and they gave some prof as well so they are as well recomended to destroy from now on here is exaple comparation between blades lvl8 and tassets lvl12

twarg1 wrote:

Hi Folks! :)

Here?s some info from a rather small, but not insignificant sample size:

Bought 50 lvl8 blades and 50 lvl12 male tassets, + the 100 destroyer rondo

Destroyed the blades got:
Earth1(120) Fire1(60) Water1(96) Wind1(93)
Earth2(127) Fire2(137) Water2(113) Wind2(121)

Destroyed the tassets got:
Earth1(84) Fire1(71) Water1(89) Wind1(90)
Earth2(80) Fire2(109) Water2(115) Wind2(130)

Used the following prices (on Xian) for elements:
Earth1(175) Fire1(100) Water1(200) Wind1(250)
Earth2(300) Fire2(500) Water2(400) Wind2(1800)

Cost of 50 blades w/ rondo = $195000
Cost of 50 tassets w/ rondo = $170000

Return of blades: $439050
Return of tassets: $420600

Profit on blades = return ? cost = $244050
Profit on tassets = return ? cost = $250600

Based on these results only, tassets will work equally as well as blades.
twarg1 8)

tnx twarg1 for takeing time to do this for us all :love::love:

6.Some advices(added)

Here are some usefull tips:
1.Invest in this as much as u can becouse the more u invest the bigger is profit :D here is excelent first had example of this claim

kevv wrote:

Very easy, the wind2 covers what I paid for the blades/rondos and brings in about 600k+ profit, then fire2 sells for about 1k each.

I made 2000 wind2?s = 4m
It cost me about 3m to buy blades/rondos
And about 1800 fire 2?s = 1.8m

So the wind2?s gave me 1m profit + the 2.8 from fire 2 = 3m :D If you sell the other elements you also get a nice amount more but those are the main 2 that give me money.

tnx kevv for shareing this whit us :love:
2.When you are done whit makeing elements go in DW or Hotan adn spamfow few min whit msg like this?WTS ___UNITS OF WIND LVL2..2K EACH PM ME? and samewise for every element u wanna sell i can pretty much garantee that youll sell it in about 10 min max
3.I recomed at least 390k to start whit (notice that this is how much u need for test that i did) and most money i suggest?.infinity :D (interesting info Mugen=infinity in japanese 8) if im informed correctly :? )
4.This is recomended for ALL LVL PLAYERS IF they have to study or anything that will keep em ?afk? they can take 20~25min before they have to go afk and do this then go stalling and afk when they return meaby they wont get exp but they sure will get money that they would make on grind 8) (im studying for big tests so that how i originaly came to this idea needed way to make money and still be able to study)

robert_utk wrote:

I have never sold a Fire1 in any qantity whatsoever. I try to use those up in weapon or protector tabs lvl 2 or 3, especially 2D INT tabs use a lot of unneeded elements and sell ok. Just FWY, I view all the other elements as zero value.

didnt want to rewrite it but this is actually realy good advice if u realy cant sell other elements buy tabs which need em (int or str lvl 2~3 or some wep tabs) and try selling those i still didnt try it but it sounds as good idea to me
6.if you are CHINESE char builder this is something u might find usefull

Grandpa wrote:

Alchemy Material Drops that can be Void Rondo?d for 2nd Degree WIND:

      Lev 8 Broken Stone Ghost:

Blue Belt

Red Belt

Float Stone

Broken Arrow

Tiger Beard

Tiger Hair

Tiger Bone Piece

Tiger Dogtooth

FishboneOf course this might be better placed in a ?Hints for helping newbs under lev 19 to make money? guide, but I didn?t find one here. Thanks again! Also, making STR Stones from Jade Tablets of STR for D6, D7 and D8 all require W2. So it is the higher level characters who need the 2nd Degree Wind. They become our ?target audience?. Seems that selling in Hotan while on the Stall Network is the ?best?. I?m certain that somebody has already said this but it bears repeating IMO.

[EDIT] I?ve since submitted a [GUIDE] Newb: (and linked to yours here) that you?re welcome to view.


7.cant think of it right now :P (will update if something comes up)

7. Euro Items
Ok about Euros well they are pretty much same story i tryed dagers and they worked fine for me so im gonna recomend them

this is very good walktrough 4 people who are iterested in useing euro items to do this way of money makeing (and i thankWhyKillME 4 takeing time and shareing this whit all of SRO players)

WhyKillMe wrote:


Let me share my experience doing this.

U say u do 100 blades in 30 minutes, i do call you very very very slow.

But why?

Well that?s because i do 600-700 European level 8 Daggers in 30 Minutes.

Im currently level 31, and i have 40 million gold doing this, with only selling wind 2 elements
on Hercules server for 2750 each. I haven?t sold any of my other elements yet, i have got
about 50k of each in stock right now. I started Thursday, and then the sunday after i had 25
million already, this trick is just great!!!.

The normal price on my server for those elements is 3000 each, but for 2750 each they sell
withing 5 minutes so :).

my Experience:

You get about 250 Wind Element level 2 from 100 destroyed European Daggers Level 8.
30 Minutes = 600 Blades.
6?250=1500 Wind Elements Level 2
1500?2750=4125000 ( 4.1 Million )
Destroyer Rondo Costs: 600?400= 240000 (240k )
4125000-240000=3885000 ( 3.9 Million Left )
600?3750(daggers)=2250000 ( 2.25 Million )
3885000-2250000=1635000 ( 1.6 Million Left )

This means i made 1635000 Gold in just 30 minutes:) Thats great isn?t it :O

Not to forget, all other elements i still have left.


Do it after level 30, finish your 2nd inventory expension quest.

Then you will have exactly 12 slots in your second inventory, you can place all 8 diffrent
kind of elements you will get there, and the 4 free spots you will need.

Clean you first inventory by putting everything in your storage, this way you can keep
all daggers in the first page of your inventory.

Another one:

You don?t have to wait until the ?emote? for alchemy is gone ( the glow ). When you click the
?Fuse All? button you can already drag the new dagger to the alchemy window and press
?Fuse All? again, this speeds up the process a little.


p.s. i have destroyed around 10000 daggers so far :)🙂 Bought some nice items for the gold to:O

Hope this was usefull to u all?

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