Silkroad Online Pirate’s Guide to Building a Str/Glaive

Silkroad Online Pirate?s Guide to Building a Str/Glaive by Megaman


This is a thread that explains in detail all the skills and recommendations into build a str/glaive- a build that is efficient in pve (grinding) and excels in 1v1 pvp. A str/glaive is built to tank, and can sustain massive amounts of damage while it?s own damage output is enough to hold its own.

The Basics

This build is designed on the 150 level cap. Eventually, our silkroad will grow to the point that one is able to achieve level 150. Although joymax designed it so that one must max out 2 trees (1 weapon and 1 force, hence the 300 mastery limit) we can still effectively utilize three trees to full power. If another skilltree is added, we can not acheive the perfect 150-81-69 skill mastery levels.

Note: This glaive build uses only the Fire (for imbue and defence/attack buffs) Lightning (For speed buffs and supplementary defence buffs) and heuksal (duh) skilltrees.

There are three choices to choose from:

From left to right: Armour, Protector, Garment

There are numerous effects that are added on when you complete a full set of certain types of protection:

Garment: 20% increase to speed, 20% decrease to the consumption of MP (mana)

Protector: 10% increase to speed, 10% decrease to the consumption of MP (mana)

Armour, at this moment has no added bonuses.

Garment has the highest magical defence, lowest physical defence.
Protector has medium magical and physical defence
Armour has the highest physical defence, lowest magical defence.

Here are the numerous types of glaives you will use. 1st-9th degree glaives from left to right.

I would recommend garment, because you are pure strength, and have low MP or mana, and the consumption decrease of mana can save you on mp pots. Once you get to the caves, you might want to think of using protector, because they are mostly physical mobs, but the opening of taklamakan may sway that decision.

Here is our aim at our current level cap. (80)

And; here is our aim at the max level cap. (150)

The Skills:

Now that we?ve gone through the more basic notes, we can examine the more advanced options.

This is a compilation of all the skill trees that we need to max.


This is your main skilltree, and it will be used and abused. Below are the skills and reasons why you should use them.

Fanning Spear series:

This skill is great. The first and last books boost magical absorption and the second book boosts blocking ratio to magical attacks. You can max it if you have extra skillpoints, but I would recommend leaving it at level 1 since book3 maxed is much more effective.

Soul Spear series

The bread and butter of both pvp and pve. This skill induces a ?stun? effect in which the probability is recorded in it?s skill description. This skill is what you base your whole attack off. When fighting INT builds your level or slightly lower/higher, an early stun/crit with soulspear can very much win it for you in the end. A stun completely cancels an attack the enemy has in progress as well as keeping them completely immobile and unable to attack. A successful stun is signified by a tornado like icon or the target turning a slight shade of yellow.

Ghost Spear series

This skill goes extremely well after a soul-spear stun or crit. When fighting ints my level or slightly higher, a soul spear crit and ghost spear would kill them. In later levels, the skill has the ability to knock-back, a useful effect that cancels attacks and transfers the target a specific length backwards, again, the distance can be found in the skill book menu, with the knock-back percentage.

Chain Spear series

The usefulness of these skills in pvp are questionable. Most users tend to drop this skill after they gain the second book of soul spear and simply overlap the first and second books of it. In later levels, the chains can prove useful in pve, but chain spears shura and dragon expend your durability at a faster rate than other chains, and similarly, other skills. There are certain level restrictions that are in place concerning the chains.

maxing out ?Chain spear tiger? lets you gain access to the level 47 chains, ?Chain spear nachal? and ?Chain spear shura?. Maxing out ?Chain spear nachal? opens up ?chain spear pluto? at level 69 and maxing out ?Chain spear shura? opens up ?Chain spear dragon? at level 69.

Flying dragon series

This skill is very, very useful in pve, and, at some times, pvp too. This ranged attack is used mainly to draw a mob within melee range to you, so you can begin your melee attacks. This skill is very useful while mobbing, to begin attack on another mob, or finish off a mob with low HP that is behind you.

Cheolsam force

A passive skill that increases HP. Max this skill, it?s what sets glaive users apart from other builds: More maximum possible HP.


This is your secondary skilltree, and contains your imbue, magical defence buff, and physical defence buff and passive. This tree also contains the fire-shield skill, which when maxed, can greatly reduce the effect of abnormal statuses, such as freezing/frostbite.

Fire force (imbue)

This is your imbue, and it will be used and abused. Fighting without your imbue, no matter if you?re pure strength, will lower your damage. Make sure you keep this skill up-to-date, as it will be needed in both pvp and pve.

Fire shield series

This skill is greatly useful in pvp, and pve. The decription is mistaken. The points of abnormal status it says to reduce is actually the percentage of abnormal status it reduces. When maxed out, it gives 78% status reduce, which requires only 22% status reduce from jewelery of the various abnormal categories: freezing and frostbite, burn, shock, zombie and poison.

Flame body series

This skill increases you?re physical damage. As a strength glaiver, this skill is vital. Coupled with the passive, this makes the fire tree absolutely vital for any strength build.

Fire protection series

This skill dilutes any magical damage directed at you. If you wear garment, your magical defence is greatly increased. Particularly useful for fighting nukers in pvp, and fighting magical based mobs in pve.

Flame devil series (passive)

This passive, combined with the flame body series increases your physical damage aspect. A must.


This skill tree is mainly used for the grasswalk (speed) buff, and the parry ratio and magical attack buffs and passive are icing on the cake.

Piercing force series

This buff increases your magical damage. Most people would probrbaly think ?It?s magical attack, I?m pure strength. Useless.? That is where they are wrong. This buff increases your imbue power, although the damage increase is low, it adds 100-200 damage at level 40. Max this buff.

Wind-walk series

The first book of this skill is very useful at lower levels, and coupled with garment, greatly increases your running speed. The second book teleports your character short distances via the direction of your mouse pointer. The third book works much in the same way as the first, but the speed increase is gratly increased.

Concentration series

This skill increases your parry ratio. Parry ration makes the damage directed at you hit more to its lower points. Effectively, this buff reduces damage onto you.

Heaven?s force series

This passive skill works much in the same way as the concentration buff. Parry ratio is added at cumulative levels, and adds nicely onto your characters stats.

Well, that does it for this guide. I am completely open to any criticism (nice criticism :D ) because this guide took a whole chunk out of my time to write and I dont want it to suck. Eventually, in the future, I will add more additions to the guide, and over time I will fix those dam typos :banghead:

Thanks 8)

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