Silkroad Online Warlock and Cleric Guide

Silkroad Online Warlock and Cleric Guide by strangelove

In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about creating and using a Warlock with a Cleric sub-mastery.

?But a Warlock can already heal itself. Why do I need Cleric skills??

Even though Warlocks do have the ability to leech HP from other opponents, the HP gained is sometimes not enough to survive. Also, there are a variety of other Cleric skills that will play a very important role in both PvE and PvP.

?Warlocks hardly do any damage, except for that silly baby nuke!?

It?s true, Warlocks do not have many skills that cause a lot of damage. This is where ?curses? and ?de-buffers?come into play. These suckers can hurt- a lot!


??????????? I will teach you how and when to use these skills and how to survive in PvP- in most instances at least! (Hey, you?re not immortal!)


The Skills


Only the skilled required for this build will be listed.

Total SP Required: ~434,521

Mind Control Series? Passive

These passives highly increase damage done by curses, or the Dark Mentalist Series.

? Dark Seed😕 Increases Mag damage of Dark Mentalist attacks.

? Strap: Increases amount of time curses stay on enemy.

Dark Mentalist Series? Active

A Warlock?s bread n? butter- curses! These skills cause ?Damage Over Time? (or DoT), meaning that as long as these curses stay on your enemy, their HP will be reduces in small amounts over time until the curse leaves the victim. (Only 2 direct curses per enemy are allowed.)

? Blaze: DoT + burn.

? Toxin: DoT + Poisoned status.

? Decayed: DoT + Bleed status.

? Curse Breath: DoT + Dull Status.

? Dark Blaze: DoT + Burn Status up to 3 targets simultaneously.

? Toxin Invasion: DoT + Poison Status up to 3 targets simultaneously.

? Dark Decayed: Gives damage + Bleed status to 3 targets simultaneously.

? Dark Breath: Gives damage + Dull status to 3 targets simultaneously.

Raze Series? Active

De-buffers! Makes your life a little easier by weakening your opponent?s attacks and decreasing your opponent?s defense. Very important to have.

? Physical Raze: Gives Decayed status. Reduces physical defense.

? Magical Raze: Gives Weaken status. Reduces magical defense.

? Combat Raze: Gives Impotent status. Reduces damage made by enemy.

? Courage Raze: Gives Division status. Increases physical and magical damage done to opponent.

? Physical Ravage: Gives Decayed status to 3 targets simultaneously. Decreases physical defense.

? Magical Ravage: Gives Weaken status to 3 targets simultaneously. Decreases magical defense.

Bloody Swarm Series? Passive

Increases damage done by the Blood Series.

? Red Flower: Increases magical damage done by Blood Series attacks.

? Trap Booster: Increases damage done by traps in the Blood Series.

Blood Series? Active

These are your ?baby nukes? and traps. Deals the most damage out of all your skills and should not be used carelessly.

? Blood Flower: First nuke. Damages a single target.

? Bloody Trap: Gives Hidden Status- a skull which explodes at a random time. (Between 3-20 seconds.) *Absolute Damage*

? Death Flower: Second nuke. Damages up to 3 targets simultaneously.

Soul Pressure Series? Active

This series contains your most important skill yet- stun! And more stun! Plus other skills too =)

? Daze: Stun! Cast this on enemies for 80% probability of stun. (It might as well be 95% because it hardly fails ;D )

? Illusion: Makes everyone have a different image of you, so you don?t look the same to anyone.

? Wrath Daze: More stun! Stuns 3 targets simultaneously.

? Shade Illusion: Same as Illusion, but allows higher level transformations.

Evil Swell? Passive

Increase attack damage for Cruel Spells Series.

? Bloody Aim: Increases amount of HP drained from opponent and damage caused when leeching HP.

Cruel Spell Series? Active

This series contains two very important Warlock skills : HP leeching and Warlock buffs.

? Vampire Touch: Leeches HP from a single target. Gives target Disease status.

? Shadow Armor: Creates a small floating dot around you that causes absolute damage to 3 targets around you simultaneously. *Absolute Damage*

? Scream Mask: Gives target a buff that will give Stun status (35% prob.) to anything that hits the target. (Cannot be used on self.)

? Reflect: Warlock Buff. Reflects certain amount of damage back to opponent. (35% probability)

? Vampire Kiss: Leeches HP from up to 5 surrounding targets. Gives Disease Status.

? Dusk Armor: Advanced version of Shadow Armor. Causes more absolute damage. *Absolute Damage*

? Advanced Reflect: Warlock Buff. Reflects back 90% of damage back to opponent. (35% probability)

Dim Haze Series? Active

Contains skills useful for disrupting an opponent?s attacks or reducing their healing capabilities.

? Slumber: Puts an opponent to sleep. Gives Sleep status to one target.

? Wheel Bind: Gives target an HP potion delay. Causes 5 second HP potion delay.

? Mirage: Reduces your aggro from up to 4 monsters around you. (Does not require a weapon)

? Deep Slumber: Puts 3 targets to sleep simultaneously.


Cleric Skills


??????????? Since we won?t be making Cleric our main build, we will not level many skills that a Cleric normally would (attacks, buffs, all passives, etc..). The only buffs that would stay on other players upon switching to Warlock Rod are physical and magical defense buffs. STR and INT buffs disappear as soon as a Cleric Rod is unequipped. Because of this, it?s best to save time and not get the extra SP. I like to call this, ?The Selfish Cleric?. ;D

Divine Creed? Passive

Increases magical damage done by attacks in the Cardinal Praise Series and the Sacrifice Series. We will need this to boost damage on our Offering skill.

? Heavenly Rage: Increases damage done by attacks in the Cardinal Praise Series and the Sacrifice Series.

Mental Culture? Passive

Required passive for useful skills.

? Faith: increases amount of HP healed through healing spells.

Mortal Recovery? Active

Absolute Damage attacks that will aid in killing a target with high defense.

? Over Healing: Hits one target with an Absolute Damage attack. *Absolute Damage*

? Glut Healing: Hits up to 3 targets with an Absolute Damage attack. *Absolute Damage*

Recovery Series? Active

Thes skills will help in both PvP and PvE combat by restoring your HP.

? Healing Cycle: Heals certain amount of HP every second for 16 seconds.

? Healing Orbit: Heals greater amount of HP every second for 16 seconds.

Blessed Recovery Series? Active

VERY important set of skills for this build. Will help protect and replenish health when in battle.

? Bless Spell: Gives you and your party a huge increase in physical and magical defense.

? Recovery: Heals large amount of HP. Can be used on self and other targets.

? Recovery Division: Auto-pot in disguise! This skill will replenish your HP at random intervals.

? Group Recovery: Heals large amount of HP to you and your party.

? Holy Recovery: Heals great amount of HP. Can be used on self and other targets.

Glory Series? Passive

This series is not very important for this build, but it would be if you were making a Cleric. We will only max one passive in order to unlock other skills.

? Charity: A Cleric passive that increases stats when using stat increase buffs, and while using Light Armor + Cleric Rod. Useless for us.

Sacrifice Series? Active

Woohoo! The big daddy attacks. USE WITH CAUTION!

? Offering: HUGE damage , at the expense of 95% of your HP. Cannot be used if HP is lower than 95%. (1 minute cooldown)

? Pure Offering: Makes an even bigger mess while using the same 95% of your HP.? (1 minute cooldown)

Saint Prayer Series? Active

VERY important cleric buffs. Can help in obtaining status immunity.

*If kept updated, you will be immune to all status effects around your level without the need of status reduce in jewelry. =)

? Holy Word: Helps build immunity by reducing status effect of various statuses. (Including freezing, burn, shock, etc.)

? Holy Spell: Reduces status effects at greater values at a time. Everyone in your party also receives this buff.


Equipment and Stat Distribution



??????????? Well, why not Light Armor, you ask? Simply put, nukes will damage you more than physical attacks will, and by increasing your magical defense through robes, you will last more in combat when fighting a nuker. Remember, you have a 15 second potion use delay, so you?re trying to get hit as least you can and as low as possible. Warlock skills are also a huge MP drain, and wearing robes will aid you by not consuming as much MP while using your skills.

??????????? Remember, Euro defense is very different than Chinese. A Chinese nuker is able to wear Light Armor (or Protector) because they do not have a pot delay, so while nukes may hit them hard their fast potting will replenish their health in about 1-3 seconds. A Euro Int, however, does have a pot delay and even though an Int character already has magical defense (because of INT stat distribution) a nuke will damage you slightly more in Light Armor making it difficult to regain full HP after getting nuked, while with Robes you will get hit for slightly less therefore be able to get full health faster from a single HP potion.


??????????? Warlock Rod and Cleric Rod. Pretty self- explanatory. =) Shield can be used with both, so it gives you extra protection.

Make sure both Warlock Rod and Cleric Rod have a high magical attack percent, preferable one above 50%. A higher percent means more damage and more HP healed with Cleric healing spells which heal extra amounts of HP depending on the magical % of the Cleric Rod.

Stat Distribution:

??????????? The recommended stat point distribution for this build is being PURE INT. While a hybrid build may have more survivability, it sacrifices the extra power that could be used for faster killing.

This is definitely not a STR build, unless Warlock or Cleric are used as sub-masteries for a STR-based build. (To avoid any confusion) =)


How to use Curses, De-Buffers, and Cleric Skills


??????????? In this part of the guide, you will learn basic basic techniques for de-buffing and attacking opponents. You will learn how to make those small baby nukes hit harder and weaken your enemy to make your DoTs much stronger. You will also learn how and when to use your Cleric skills and how to use Cleric attacks effectively.




??????????? There are currently four types of status effects Warlock curses can give. These are Burn, Poison, Bleed, and Dull. Some status effects are more easily removed than others, which is why it?s important to know when to use which curse skills. By understanding these status effects, we will be able to use them more effectively towards our enemies.

First, we?ll begin by getting to know our status effects:

? Burn Status😕 Reduces HP in small amounts until status is removed or leaves the target.

Warlock skills that cause this: Blaze, Dark Blaze

Methods of removal: Universal Pill, Innocent (Cleric), Integrity (Cleric)

? Poisoned Status: Reduces HP until the status is removed or leaves the target.

Warlock skills that cause this: Toxin, Toxin Invasion

Methods of removal: Universal Pill, Innocent (Cleric), Integrity (Cleric)

? Bleed Status: Reduces HP in small amounts until status is removed or leaves the target. Reduces magical and physical defense while on the target.

Warlock skills that cause this: Decayed, Dark Decayed

Methods of removal: Special Universal Pill, Innocent (Cleric), Integrity (Cleric)

? Dull Status: Slows down the target?s actions until status is removed or leaves the target.

Warlock skills that cause this: Curse Breath, Dark Breath

Methods of removal: Special Universal Pill, Innocent (Cleric), Intergrity (Cleric)




??????????? Warlock curses, often called DoT (Damage over Time) attacks, are attacks that will inflict damage upon a target for a set amount of time. While damaging the target, there is a probability that a status effect will be given to the target depending on the type of curse that was used.

??????????? There are 2 types of curses currently available- single target curses and AoE Curses. Although both of these ultimately do the same thing (hurt the enemy) you have to know when to use them. Single target curses will only inflict damage upon a single opponent and they casting time is almost immediate. These are best used in 1 v 1 combat because of their fast casting and cooldowns. AoE curses are best used in situations where you are confronting more than one enemy, such as in a guild war or Fortress War where there are multiple targets a majority of the time. It should also be noted that there is a noticeable delay in casting time for AoE curses, therefore, using them in 1 v 1 combat would not be a good idea. As a warlock you must attack quickly and not waste time.

??????????? There is a limit on the number of direct curses a target may receive. After you have casted 2 curses upon a target, you will not be able to cast a third curse.? In order to cast more curses upon a target, you must find a second target around your original target. If you cast an AoE curse on the second target, the original target will also be affected by the curse and should now have 3 curses inflicting damage upon them.

??????????? ???????????

??????????? When fighting monsters: Any curse is useful. They will all inflict damage upon the target, and since they?re unable to heal themselves, it doesn?t matter which curses you cast on them. Be careful when using AoE curses though because the splash damage can affect other mobs which can result in multiple monsters attacking you at the same time.

??????????? In PvP: It is best to use curses which give Bleed Status or Dull Status. Reason being, these status cannot be removed easily by a Universal Pill? or through jewelry immunity so the effect of these statuses will be very helpful to beating your opponent. They can be removed by Abnormal Status Universal Pills, but these have a 15 second delay for usage which isn?t very convenient, and they?re not exactly cheap either. While Burn and Poison can also inflict damage upon an opponent, it?s status? effect is easily removed by the common Universal Pill.




??????????????????????? De-Buffers are the skills that set Warlocks apart from other classes; the thing that makes us unique. A de-buff is a skill that is used to weaken your enemy?s defenses, or even weaken their offensive skills.


??????????? Like curses and their status effects, we must become familiarized with de-buffer skills so that we?ll know when to use them and what other skills to use them with.

? Weaken Status: Lowers the target?s magical defense.?

? Division Status: Amplifies damage caused by physical or magical attacks made to the target.

? Impotent Status: Weakens the target?s physical and magical damage.

? Decay Status: Lowers the target?s physical defense.

? Disease Status: Raises probability of a de-buffer or other status effect skill to work on the target.

??????????? As each de-buffer level gets higher, it raises the probability of working on higher level players, which is why it is important to keep these skills (and all skills) updated, especially when PvPing.

??????????? When fighting monsters: Since you are an INT-based character, you will not need to cast the Decay de-buffer on anything or anyone because you have no physical attacks. The only de-buffers that you should worry about (when fighting monsters alone) is Medical Raze, Combat Raze, and Courage Raze.

??????????? In PvP: It is extremely important to cast de-buffs on an opponent before beginning to use curses or nukes.This saves time spent fighting and minimizes your chances of dying in battle. Start a fight by casting Vampire Touch or Vampire Kiss and hope your opponent receives Disease Status. After that, you can begin casting your other de-buffers on them. After they are fully de-buffed, begin casting curses and nukes. Stun them if necessary to interrupt their attack skills.




??????????? There are other Warlock skills that function much different than the rest so many people have trouble understanding when to use them. These skills are Wheel Bind, Slumber (or Deep Slumber), and Bloody Trap. They are all very useful skills, but require one to know when its okay to use them most effectively.

? Wheel Bind: This skill is best used in PvP. If successful, it will give Chinese characters a 5 second HP potion delay. It makes European characters heal less HP. Holy Word and Holy Spell do not grant immunity towards this skill which is why it is very useful in PvP.

? Slumber (and Deep Slumber): This skill is basically a way to interrupt your opponent, but can also be used to kill your opponent completely. If casted alone, the next hit by a player or a monster will cause the skill to cancel out. however, one way to take advantage of this skill is by casting curses on the opponent followed by a Bloody Trap and finally Slumber. Bloody Trap prevents Slumber from cancelling while being hit by curses, so if done right, the opponent will remain standing there until Bloody Trap explodes. They will probably be dead by then. =)

? Bloody Trap: While you may initially see Bloody Trap as just another absolute damage skill, there are other things it can do. When using Bloody Trap before slumber, it will make your enemy unable to wake from Sleep Status even when being attacked until the trap explodes. One way to use this skill effectively in PvP is by first debuffing then casting 2 curses on the opponent followed by Bloody Trap and finally Slumber. While your opponent is unable to move, you can use your Warlock nukes for extra damage. The nukes will not wake the opponent until the Bloody Trap has exploded.




??????????????????????? There is a bug in the Fire Wall and Ice Wall skills that prevent any de-buffs from going through and affecting the opponent. It isn?t a very high danger but it can annoying at times when the opponent is aware of the bug.

To destroy:

? Fire Wall: Simply use your Warlock nukes and curses to destroy the wall. It is used to absorb magical damage so you will not encounter any troubles destroying it.

? Ice Wall: Since you have no physical attacks, it will be close to impossible to try destroy it- so don?t. If the opponent with Ice Wall has ranged attacks, simply leave their range so that they are forced to destroy the Ice Wall themselves in order to hit you. Your curses and nukes are still 100% fully functional but you will not be able to de-buff the opponent.




??????????? Having a Cleric sub-mastery is good for any build, but because both Warlocks and Clerics are able to equip a shield, it makes weapon switching a whole lot faster, while still keeping that extra defense the shield gives you.

??????????? There are many buffs that you?ll need to use on a regular basis, whether it be for killing monsters or PvPing. You must learn when use these skills so that you can take full advantage of them.

??????????? Althought you will use healing skills often, there are some skills you will be using on a regular basis. These are Holy Word (or Holy Spell), Healing Cycle (or Healing Orbit), Bless Spell, and Recovery Division.

Here is a small list of Cleric skills and common ways of using them:

? Holy Word/ Holy Spell: These skills will make you immune to almost all status effects in game. Highly recommended to keep this skill maxed to your level for best results.

??????????? When fighting monsters: Use if the mob is able to give status effects. (i.e freeze, poison, etc..)

??????????? PvP: Always have this buff enabled! You will be immune to all Chinese status effects which will help very much when PvPing one.

? Healing Cycle/ Healing Orbit: Choose your target and activate the skill. It will give a specified amount of HP every second for 16 seconds to the target. Very helpful for both PvE and PvP.

??????????? When fighting monsters: Use if you?re having a hard time killing a monster and last longer while grinding.

??????????? PvP: If you?re getting hit for too much damage, cast this skill on yourself and switch back to Warlock Rod to continue fighting your opponent.

? Bless Spell: A very good defense skill. Grants you and your party high defense for 45 seconds.

??????????? When fighting monsters: Should be used when a monster is giving you more damage than you can handle. Activate the skill and finish them off.

??????????? PvP: Use only when extremely necessary.? You never know when you?re going to need it later on, and if you use it too early you have to wait 2 minutes before you can use it again.

? Recovery Division: This skill allows for constant HP recovery every 3-5 seconds for as long as the buff is active.

??????????? When fighting monsters: It?s best not to use this skill when fighting monsters because it creates a lot of aggro for you, which would make monsters around you more likely to attack you instead of someone else.

??????????? PvP: Use at all times. It will help heal your HP quickly and your party?s as well.


Cleric Attacks


??????????? Although this guide is mainly aimed for Warlock skills, there are a few Cleric skills that will be very useful in PvP, but will mostly shine in job situations. Even though Warlocks already have skills that deliver absolute damage, it never hurts to have a wider variety from which to choose.

??????????? When jobbing or PvPing, there are sometimes Euros that will ?super buff? someone in their party with so much defense that it would be impossible to fight 1 v 1 even with Berzerk Mode. For these situation, we use ?Absolute Damage?.

??????????? Absolute Damage skills are attacks that will disregard any defense whatsoever the target may have and hit the target as if he had no defense at all. For example, lets say an absolute damage skill hits a level 23 player for 4,579 (made up number). That same skill will hit a level 80 player with Seal of Sun gear for 4,579 damage (or around that number).

These are the Cleric?s absolute damage skills:

? Over Healing😕 Hits one target with absolute damage.

? Glut Healing: Hits up to 3 targets with absolute damage.

??????????? The other Cleric attack that will be useful for fighting a strong opponent is Offering. The Offering skill should really be used as a last resort attack because it?s very risky to use. For one, it consumes 95% of your HP, so if anyone even taps you directly after an Offering attack, you will most likely die.


Scenarios and Strategies


??????????????????????? There are many different techniques and combinations you can use to fight other players. Below is a list of a few useful techniques when fighting other Euro players.

??????????? Rogue:

??????????? A rogue stealths and you are alone standing. If it?s a dagger rogue, there is a 99% chance that he/she will attack first with Prick. The skill is so slow that you have time to stun them in the middle of the animation. If you don?t kill them before stun wears off, you probably won?t win. If the rogue is using crossbow, just hope that they are dumb enough to appear close enough to you so you can stun them during their strongest attack. Luckily, most rogues are cocky so they will most likely be in range for a stun.

??????????? Wizard:

??????????? Against a wizard who is invisible, the strategy is pretty much the same. Wait until they appear and stun them. 2 DoTs and a nuke should bring them down. The only way you can lose is if you get affected by fear. Luckily, most wizards only care about big damage numbers and won?t bother to level up fear much. Holy Ward will resist and you will win.

??????????? Warriors:

??????????? Against warriors, there is a 99% chance they will cast their buffs and rush you with Sprint Assault. While they are buffing, that is your chance to activate Reflect. If Sprint Assault stuns you, there is a 90% chance they will use their attack that consumes their HP(They will use regardless if stuns you or not). There isn?t much you can do besides hope you block the hit(s) and survive. Hopefully you managed to inflict some damage unto them with Reflect. If Sprint Assault didn?t stun you, stun them. Debuff them, cast 2 DoTs, and nuke. Be sure to use Vampire Touch during the fight in anticipation of a critical.

??????????? Bards:???????????

??????????? Against bards, stun and kill them.


??????????? Warlocks:

??????????? Against other warlocks, play smart and fast. Be sure to stun them first or you may never have the chance to attack again..


??????????? Clerics:

??????????? Against clerics, they will most likely have Holy Word/Holy Spell maxed at their level so debuffs will be useless. Stun them and cast your DoTs so they will never be able to cast Offering. Nuke them until they are dead.

??????????? Euros with Cleric sub/ Chinese with Holy Word/Spell:

??????????? Even though they will most likely be immune to your de-buffs, they can still be cursed and nuked. Wheel Bind is still functional and will make your opponent die quicker. Use your stuns carefully because they?ll be your only method of interrupting attacks.

??????????? Against Chinese characters:

??????????? Strategies to fight Chinese characters is all the same- stun, debuff, curse, nuke, repeat. Interrupt their attacks with your stuns and sleep.

Credit to Da_Realest for letting me use his information. =)


Buffs that Stay After a Weapon Switch


??????????? Not all buffs stay activated and some cancel out when a different weapon is used. Here is a list of all the skiils that stay after a weapon switch from the Cleric and Warlock skill trees recepctively.


? Healing Cycle and Healing Orbit

? Bless Spell

? Recovery Division

? Holy Word and Holy Spell


? Advanced Reflect


This wull be the last version of the guide I make until I have tested a Warlock/Cleric at level 90. I will add more information after I have played around with the updated skills. 🙂

??????????? Thanks everyone for reading my guide and for all the positive input on its content.


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