Silkroad Online Wizard and Cleric Guide

Tired of people asking ?What skills to take with Wiz/Cleric?? so I made this guide so they don?t have to ask it?Wizard/Cleric ? I?m very unsatisfied with the current in progress Wizard/Cleric guide. It isn?t updated often and it isn?t that great all together.
Weapons ? And?

Armor ?
Stats ? If you are going for this character you might as well make it even more suicidal by going Full Int because Hybrid isn?t really going to help you, that?s why you are taking Cleric for survivability.
Skills ? Don?t argue with me unless it?s for Lightning. This is the bare minimum for a Wizard everything else is excessive and will rarely help you. This Wizard has the ability to fully work as a Cleric too. SP ? 287,292 With no Optionals.

Earth Mentalist ? Required.
Ice Mentalist ? Required.
Fire Mentalist ? Required.
Lightning Mentalist ? Required, Level 7 only, you can Max for some extra utility for your character.

Intelligence ? Required.
Life Control ? Optional, see Life Turnover.
Magic Bound ? Required.
Life Turnover ? Required, does not require Life Control to level.

Ground Charge ? Do not take.
Root ? Do not take.
Earth Shock ? Required.
Earth Barrier ? Required.
Ground Rave ? Do not take.
Mesh Root ? Do not take.
Earth Quake ? Required.
Earth Fence ? Required.

Ice Bolt ? Required.
Mana Drain ? Do not take.
Snow Wind ? Required.
Invisible ? Required, can de-level and only use Crystal Invisible exclusively.
Frozen Spear ? Required.
Mana Drought ? Do not take.
Blizzard ? Required.
Crystal Invisible ? Optional, you can use Invisible exclusively.

Fire Bolt ? Required.
Fire Trap ? Optional, Useful but I personally wouldn?t waste the SP.
Fire Blow ? Required.
Detect ? Optional, Only detects Wizards and you will probably still die.
Meteor ? Required.
Lava Trap ? Optional, See Fire Trap.
Salamander Blow ? Required.
Sprawl Detect ? Optional, See Detect.

Lightning Bolt ? Do not take.
Lightning Shock ? Optional, Only take if you Max Lightning but it?s unnecessary.
Charged Wind ? Required, Level 1 only, Max if you decide to max Lightning.
Teleport ? Required, Level 1 only, Max if you decide to max Lightning.
Chain Lightning ? Do not take.
Lightning Impact ? Optional, Only take if you max Lightning but it?s unnecessary.
Charged Squal ? Required, Only take if you max Lightning.
Aerial Teleport ? Required, Only take if you max Lightning.

Faith ? Required.

Group Healing ? Optional, Unneeded after Healing Orbit.
Healing Division ? Optional, Unneeded but good for using Cleric Full Time.
Healing Cycle ? Required, can be de-leveled when you get Healing Orbit.
Group Healing Breath ? Optional, See Group Healing.
Healing Favor ? Optional, See Healing Division.
Healing Orbit ? Required.

Bless Spell ? Required!
Recovery ? Do not take.
Recovery Division ? Required.
Group Recovery ? Do not take.
Holy Recovery ? Do not take.

Group Reverse ? Do not take.
Reverse Oblation ? Required.

Charity ? Required.
Glory Armor ? Do not take.
Favor Armor ? Do not take.

Holy Word ? Optional, See Holy Spell.
Heaven Flash ? Do not take.
Holy Spell ? Required, does not require Holy Word to level.
Heaven Glare ? Do not take.

Blessings ? All required for playing Cleric!
Strategy PvP ? Put up your Cleric Buffs, including Bless Spell, and then go out and kill people. When your Bless Spell runs out you need to get to town or you will die unless everyone is dead or you have other Clerics or Warriors in your party. If their is no one around you can use Invisible and wait until people come. Fighting people 1v1 does not require Bless Spell. Using Earth Fence/Barrier, you can survive a little longer after Bless Spell is down. Most PvP will not require Life Turnover/Control but it can be used when you feel it is needed.

Strategy PvE ? If you solo, simply keep your Cleric buffs up and, when you find a Giant use Bless Spell and kill it. In emergencies you can use Healing Cycle and Blessings to help you survive.

*If you use groups, While using your ability to Wizard you put up Life Turnover/Control, or don?t which some prefer to do, and use mostly AoE on the mobs and Singles in between the AoE spells, remember to use Earth Barrier/Fence when their is a lot of mobs on the tanks or a lot just spawned from a Unique.
*While using your ability to Cleric you put up your Blessings on everyone and concentrate your heals on your tanks and use Healing Favor and Healing Orbit when Party heal is needed, Mostly use Healing Cycle on your tanks, and if a lot of mobs on the tanks or a lot just spawned from a Unique use Bless Spell. Healing Favor is also a good heal for when Healing Cycle isn?t enough on the tanks.(This strategy is the same for PvPing as a Cleric)

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