Skyforge Alchemist Guide


Skyforge Alchemist Guide?by Ire Piku

There is only 2 support class in Skyforge, Lightbinder and Alchemist. Currently, most people prefer Lightbinder because Lightbinder has more shields than alchemist. However, Alchemists can greatly increase the team?s damage, reflect enormous amount of damage and protect party members as well.


Energy Shower and its talent

The whole team will do 30% more damage and easier to doge attacks. Warlocks and Cryomancer loves it.

Protective Shell is a decent shield, you can use it on anyone who needs it.


Increase attack, HP and it gives allies a shield to take all income damages.
Some additional weapons can reduce its cool down.

Healing essence will make party members fall in love with you. It can also protect you for the next 12 seconds. The only flaw is the long CD.

Biotrap is an awesome debuff, if you are lucky.

The first bottle attracts enemies while second and third bottle have 50% chance to do damage or gives enemies a debuff which will increase you and your allies? damage by 45% (each bottle).

There is 25% chance both bottle do damage and no debuff;

50% chance one bottle will do damage and the other one will add debuff;

25% chance both bottle will add debuff. (THE BEST)

I hope deves can change it, so we can manually choose it.

If only one debuff is added, it will last 12 seconds (NOT 10s) with 45% damage increase and if you are lucky enough and both bottles add debuff. It will last for 12 seconds with 90% damage increase and after that, the debuff becomes 45% increase and will last another 12 seconds.

Biotrap increases reflection damage.

Massive transformation is very fun to play with, but the CD is just too long. 80% damage reduction is great but I personally prefers Biotrap over massive transformation.

You can use injection on one of your ally and some main weapon allows you to use it on yourself but duration and effectiveness is greatly weakened.

Here?s a 4k prestige slayer stats, left side is before injection, right side is after.

This is probably the strongest damage buff in Skyforge. You can use it on your allies twice and it?s not 80%+80%=160% increase. In fact it?s actually 180% x 180% = 324%. Which means if one of your skill deals 1000 damage, after injection, you will do 3240.

With both injection, energy shower and Biotrap (180% X 180% X 130% X 190%) ?you can increase your ally?s damage by 800%. Some classes has really high burst, such as Kinetics, 25~30k burst, and now they can do 200~240K!


Alchemists need to use left click to stuck up debuff 8 times and then use right click to detonate it (single target).

Or, right click 5 times and use left click to detonate (AOE).

Both left and right click recovers Catalyst (MP).

For single target, I suggest left click X8 + right click to recover catalyst and when it?s full, use blobs 7 times. You can summon 14 blobs in total. Each can do about 500~1000 damage.

Creeping horror is mainly for pvp, it deals more damage and stuns for 3 seconds, but catalyst consumption increases 2 times.

In PVP they just keep chasing enemy until they hit him/her.

Toxic emissions are pretty good when facing more enemies.

If Toxic emissions with catalyst cost is A and Toxic emission with no cost is B.

There is a 50% change you can use B after A, and 0 % change of B after B.

And finally, Membrane, the skill with the highest ?damage? in current Skyforge.

It can reflect 180% damage.

You just have to find the right time and right way to use it.

For example, in MSM, the final boss summons those water columns, if you and other dps stand together, you can reflect more than one water column and reflect massive damage.






Matter transformation is a must have, gives you 1000 more catalyst and auto regen every 2 seconds.

Loading dose, a must have.

Reflect 180% damage, a must have.

Defences algorithm, a must have.

Basic attacks restores more catalyst. Strongly recommend.

Reduce reflection cool down. Strongly recommend.

Secondary emission. Strongly recommend.

Terminal. Strongly recommend.

Thank you for reading my guide. Have ?a wonderful day :^)

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