Skyforge Alchemist Support and Hybrid Guide

Skyforge Alchemist Support and Hybrid Support/DPS Guide?by Gashslapper

Guide Overview:

It?s important to note that the Alchemist works support in the opposite manner as a Lightbinder. While a Lightbinder is all about mitigating damage on the tank and party, the Alchemist is about increasing the health and DPS of all party members, crowd control and burst DPS to overcome mobs before they can kill the party.

This guide will focus on a support role for 5 man instances on Hard or Impossible settings and call out the options that are for Hybrid Support/DPS for 3 Man and PVP instances.

Playstyle Focus

The following focuses on the Alchemist as a full Support role in 5 Man Instances and assumes the Alchemist has most if not all abilities and talents unlocked.

Typical Tactics

There is no specific rotation currently other than during DPS, where you will use Acidic Solution to 8 followed by Combustible solution for single target DPS or the reverse, Combustible Solution to 5 and then Acidic Solution for AOE damage.

You will use situational abilities such as Janus Essence when dealing with Swarm mobs, Creeping Horror when dealing with single targets, shielding only when you don?t have a LB or you are not taking agro (note: you will take agro as a Alchemist) and healing your party during ?oh crap? moments, etc.


It?s important to note that currently the Alchemist generates a lot of agro from all buffs and abilities and as a result the tank may need to actively keep an eye on pulling agro off you from time to time.

Passive Ability

Alchemic Boost ? This is why Alchemists are great, they show up and everyone gets a party favor if they are close to you. A passive 20% DPS increase and 15% Health increase to those in your group.

Default Abilities

Acidic Solution ? Fast attack that stacks up to 8 times and explodes when hit with Combustible Solution (Single Target DPS)

Combustible Solution ? Slow attack that stacks up to 5 times and explodes when hit with Acidic Solution (AOE DPS)

Energy Shower ? Increases damage of group by 30% for 9 seconds

Healing Essence ? Ultimate ability (Default R) AOE heal

Stimulant Injection ? Increases ally damage by 80% for 8 seconds

Alchemic Terminal ? Terminals to transport players and buff them with immunity for 4 seconds

Skill Options ? Skills in Bold are for PVE Support/DPS

Predatory Ectoplasm vs Creeping Horror ? these options are spelled out specifically, Creeping Horror does twice as much damage for twice the cost and has added PVP ONLY stun features, while Predatory Ectoplasm is your primary single target bust DPS.

Disintegrate vs Toxic Emission ? Both are AOE, however Disintegrate has a knockback effect, but costs twice as much. Personally I find knockbacks useful in PVP, but for PVE the reduced cost of Toxic Emission works better, especially if the tank already has agro or you are shielding yourself.

Paralyzing Gas vs Janus Essence vs Protective membrane vs Skipjack ? If the paralyzing gas was immediate I?d say maybe, but it?s not and I find Janus Essence to be my go-to ability because with Intense Reaction talent it makes my group member?s crits turn into AOE damage and makes me skip faster. Protective Membrane sounds cool, and is good in PVP, but I never use it for blocking damage on myself in PVE, also since it?s not a group shield it doesn?t help anyone else either. Skipjack, I find this least favorable since I don?t need to skip more than once, if I did something else is probably wrong and I?m going to die anyway.

Biotrap vs Transformation vs Massive Transformation ? Biotrap and Massive transformation are really a toss-up depending on your play style. I personally lean towards Massive transformation in PVE since this allows my entire group to have increased damage resistance and DPS by 50%, however Biotrap is totally great for solo, 3-Man and PVP instances. Transformation you earn early on, is great for blocking some damage, but as a melee DPS you will always suck and I feel this should be replaced with one or the other abilities when you get them.

Talents ? 8 Items in bold are suggested for PVE, with the two remaining talents for your play style/abilities. The ones marked PVP Only should be used if your focus is in PVP and other talents swapped out as desired.

Improved Formula ? Protective Membrane duration boost

Accelerated Synthesis ? Basic attacks restore more catalyst

Doping ? Energy shower buff with immunity and speed

Toxic Slime ? Increases Predatory Ectoplasm damage

Secret Concoction ? Increases Creeping Horror damage to players (PVP Only)

Loading Dose ? Stimulator Inject can be used twice

Series of Experiments ? Finishing move allows chance for next ability to cost no catalyst

Reflection Procedure ? Protective Membrane damage buff

Emergency Evacuation ? Loss of health allows free skipping

Defense Algorithm ? Protective membrane buff

Side Effect ? Buffs Transformation and MassiveTransformation damage reduction

Intense Reaction ? Allows group?s crits in Janus Essence to cause AOE damage

Corrosive Substance ? Biotrap damage to players buff (PVP Only)

Matter Transformation ? Character passively generates Catalyst (essential)

Steadying Effect ? Additional immunities for players who use Terminal, may be good for end game raids

Enhanced Solution ? Skipjack immobilizes enemies

Acid Splash ? Toxic Emissions damages to shields

Secondary Emission ? 50% chance Toxic Emissions cost can be free

Stable Mutation ? Extends Monster Form when enemies killed

Steroids ? Healing Essence buff (essential)

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