Skyforge Completing Anomalies Quickly Guide

Skyforge Completing Anomalies Quickly Guide?by Wyck

At this point some of the players developed not so warm feelings toward the anomalies, for various reasons.

This guide will tell you how to deal with one of those reasons ? with time required to complete weekly quest.

How much time do you spend there? Three , four hours? You can do it a way more faster.

The group setup that helps to do it fast are usually consist of : Tank, 2 Supports , 2 DD.

Why 2 Supports? You want to complete it fast, don?t you? 2 DD classes wit their personal Supports and under group buffs that Supports use in turns for each pull ? is your way to complete quests in fast paced manner. In such fast way, that you have to wait for pack to respawn at some points 🙂

There are number of ?tools? that can help you to it faster. I will mention few really good ones:


Not so great at shielding the Tank, but you will not need to do it almost at all. If monsters will die fast ? they will not damage your tank (too much).

-While under his Stimulant Injection AoE skills of DD classes are capable of killing (or at least almost killing) whole packs of monsters.

? Biotrap and Energy Shower are used for extra large packs of monsters (when you want to complete a single quest in one pull, or when you pull more monsters than you expected, or to kill extra powerful x$ elites faster. Having 2 Alchemists will allow you more freedom of usage for group buffs.

-Skipjack allows Alchemist to pull all the packs he wants to pull (with Slime Horde) and then get back to the ?Tree? in a few seconds.

? Paralyzing gas. Monsters can?t do damage while CCed. Also (closer to end-game, or earlier for PVP players) if your DD in the group have symbols ?Ruthlessness? on , then it?s extra damage for them. it?s like a light version of Biotrap 🙂

? Terminal ? Invulnerability and CC breaker on demand. You it wisely for tight situation.


You heard me right, in world dominated by Berserkers and Kinetics, he is one of best choices to complete Anomalies fast.

? Whiteout skill (with a talent for extended duration) under Stimulant Injection from the Alchemist tears a huge packs of monsters (even x4 elites) into shreds? like he have a small diamonds instead of ice in his Whiteout. When you get your hands on epic off-hand for Whiteout them monsters will consider to die by themselves when they see you in action 🙂 And don?t forget to utilize benefits of ?Icy Blade? talent at every opportunity.

? Cryotrap to CC and pull pack of monsters into a close formation for more comfortable AoE.


He is not only more popular choice as tank (for various reason, but remember that Paladin can handle it too), but he also quite good at pulling packs and running fast back to the ?Tree? even from the long distance.

? Daring Youth talent and 2 Extra Dash symbols will help you with running.

? Remember that Resolute Rebuff main purpose is NOT to deal damage, or NOT to taunt, but to keep you alive for few seconds while your buffed DD obliterates those 5 packs you pulled while your Invulnerability lasts.


You already know how good he can be even in bad hands. His best contribution to the fast runs of Anomalies are:

? Firestorm (under?Thirst for Battle and??Stimulant Injection) that not only pulls all the monsters close for comfortable AoE, but also deals a LOT of damage.

? Gladiator stance?(under Thirst for Battle and Stimulant Injection) is you way to pop non-elites mobs ?that survived initial AoE really fast.


No specific comment on him required just a reminder:

? ?Sledgehammer?(with mandatory Stimulant Injection)?for Elites.

? ?Seismic?Explosion (with mandatory Stimulant Injection) is you pack killer skill. But without epic off-hand you can forget about using it often.

? Chain Gravity?(with mandatory Stimulant Injection) is your contribution for killing packs, while Seismic Explosion is no CD.


1) Avoid using skills that forces monsters to spread and skills that throws monsters away. You need to keep them as close as possible for each other for effective usage of AoE.

2) If you die ? do not press ?Space? to respawn. Wait until one of the group members resurrects you. It?s saves s lot of time.

3) When you are just about to start doing the quest ?? you should move together without spreading, so if you get accidental aggro from pack of the way to Ether Resonator ? you can deal with them easily as a group.

4) Don?t be shy to use healing and Resurrection consumables. Spend some credits to save your time.

5) For a while forget about playing your favorite class for a sake of effectiveness and for a sake of time saving. Anomalies are not about fun anyway 🙂

I hope that this information will help you a bit to deal with Anomalies 🙂

P.S. you should aim for a 90 minutes per full 1818 run 🙂

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