Skyforge Cryomancer Guide


Skyforge Cryomancer Leveling Guide?by InquiringTruth

As a preface, all of these choices depend on having the legendary weapon and epic offhand from the founder?s or collector?s edition. It is NOT intended to be the correct build for endgame raids and incursions.

Class Summary

Cryomancer is a unique class the revolves around kiting, CC, and ranged combat with a mix of damage over time and direct damage abilities. Most of the abilities are at range, while most of the CC abilities are in close quarters. The Cryomancer exceeds at clearing solo dungeons quickly, and this guide is specifically built around that.


Skill Choices

  • Icy Comet vs Snowball
    • Although it does not stun, Icy Comet?s damage is far superior to Snowball (1.83x vs. 1.03x) with the 25% increased talent it becomes 2.2875x base damage for only 10 more mana cost than snowball. This ability does more than double the damage of Snowball with ? of the CD. This makes Icy Comet the clear choice.
  • Ice Statue vs Crystal Shield
    • This is probably the most controversial choice, but I am in love with Ice Statue. With the Talents, it is a 70% (of your health) object that taunts all enemies within a small radius lasting for 14 seconds. When triggered, it deals 1.03x base damage and freezes everything within the radius around it for 2.5 seconds. This gives you about 16 seconds to kill whatever you?re fighting. However bosses, and several mobs are immune to the taunt (most mobs are not immune to the freeze while bosses are always immune to the freeze).
    • Crystal Shield is very useful against bosses when soloing, and avoiding damage when in groups/dungeons. With talents, it is an 80% damage reduction for 6 seconds every 19 seconds that reduces movement speed and can immobilize targets (not freeze) within 5 yards. This is fantastic to reduce hits, but in the end Ice Statue will allow you to clear adventures much faster. The secondary effect also is only useful if you?re in melee range with creatures. Ideally you?re far away from taking damage as Cryomancers are very squishy (even with this talent activated).
  • Cryobeam vs Cryotrap
    • Cryotrap brings quite a bit CC to the table, but it cannot compete with the sheer amount of damage of Cryobeam. Cryobeam with talents cause 3.45x base damage every 15 seconds. If we add the founder?s weapon, we are looking at a whopping 5.313x Damage! Use this on Cooldown, always!
  • Stasis vs Jagged Ice ***Revised***
    • Jagged Ice is a channeled ability that does around 7x damage over 6 seconds. While casting Jagged ice, the cryoenergy does not increase. If you decide to utilize several Jagged Ice Amulets, the ability becomes more than worth the investment though even below 50%. On the other hand, Stasis has a few niche uses for additional CC and is not generally recommended unless you?re needing the additional CC.
  • Whiteout vs Snowstorm 168%
    • Whiteout?s massive damage with the epic offhand makes this a hands down winner. Whiteout does .55 every second for 14 seconds (with talents). This equals out to be 7.7x damage over 14 seconds. If you add in the founder?s offhand it is 20.636x damage over 14 seconds!! This is the bread and butter of Cryomancer.

Talent Choices

Always use

  • Cryocharge ? Makes Cryobeam one of your hardest hitting abilities for both AoE and Single Target
  • Slide ? Movement is the key to staying alive as a Cryomancer
  • Frostbite ? Essentially free 2.2x base damage over 4 seconds every 45 seconds. (5.896x base damage with founder?s weapon).
  • Exhaustion ? Helpful for picking off those low hp enemies. This is also highly useful to help burn down bosses faster.


  • Avalanche
  • Blizzard
  • Ice Mantle
  • Heart of Ice

Bosses/Single Target

  • Icy Blade
  • Shivers
  • Cold Veil
  • **Change out based on boss fight**


With 13 classes you should have 29 symbols (2 per class + starting 3) when you have maxed all of the classes. So, essentially any symbol that grants damage will be highly desirable, but I think these 5 are probably the strongest for raids and adventures.

  • Paladin Symbol
  • Witch Symbol
  • Grievous Wounds
  • Ultimate Strength
  • Maximum Recoil


Single Target Priority

Above 50%

Whiteout > Icy Dart (keep DoT 100% with impulse) > Cryobeam > Jagged Ice > Icy Thorn (resource dump) > Shatterd Storm (filler)

**Below 50%**

Whiteout > Icy Dart (keep DoT 100% with impulse) > Cryobeam > Icy Thorn (resource dump) > Shatterd Storm (filler)

Your goal is to maintain your energy so that you can use Whiteout/Icy Dart (with impulse)/Cyrobeam on CD. Make sure to ability cancel whiteout (use left click right after you cast it to interrupt the animation and continue DPS).

**note** if you can get around 25% of your base damage through amulets for Jagged Ice, use the above 50% rotation at all times.

AoE Priority

Whiteout > Cryobeam (if lined properly) > Icy Gale (with impulse) > Icy Comet > Icy Gale (without impulse ? filler)

With a lot of adventures, you can conservatively dash up to the first boss and then AoE everything down while your ice statue stands tall. This makes a lot of adventures go from 15 minute runs to 5-10 minutes once you have the timing and kiting down.

Also, don?t forget about CC! Watch the tank?s health and try and use Ice Statue/Icy Fang/etc when needed, it is not just the Support?s job to make sure the tank lives!


  1. Strength
  2. Luck
  3. Increased Crit Chance
  4. Accuracy
  5. Discharge Recovery

Chapel Selections (From our Silent Eclipse Friends)

  1. Accuracy
  2. Accuracy
  3. Crushing Blow
  4. Discharge Recovery
  5. Accuracy
  6. Crit Chance
  7. Crit Chance
  8. Solidarity

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