Skyforge Gunner Guide


Skyforge Gunner Guide?by PkLink

This is a quick guide on how to maintain a high and steady damage with the Gunner class through a very simple rotation. Keep in mind that my objective with this guide is to show you what I think to be the best way to deal the highest amount of damage with the class. As the NA/EU servers are at a point that we can call early/mid game, all this guide will focus on how to best arrange your stats, rings, amulets, skills, symbols, chapels and talents with the tools you have at hand.


The Gunner is a ranged DPS class capable of dealing a great amount of damage with good mobility and survivability compared to other RDPS classes. With three different use for his weapon, the Gunner can offer both AoE and single Target damage in a very unique and efficient way.


2.1. STATS
To achieve that so called high and steady damage, you will need to focus on two stats: SPIRIT and LUCK. If you have less than 25 percent of critical chance, you should use STRENGHT instead of LUCK to have better results. The motive to use spirit as your main stat is because it will grant you a very high initial burst damage with your Full Auto skill.

As this is a quick guide, only the descriptions of the most important skills (the ones present in the rotation) will be provided. If you want to know more about the other skills, just access this link and enjoy:!?version=0.1&classId=2097667150.

Skills in each gun stance that you will need for completing the rotation:

As you guys know, we still don?t have access to all 10 talent slots just yet. With that in mind I will present to you 8 talents of which 5 are sorely needed and 3 are only recommended.

2.3.1. MUST HAVE



It is kind of hard to talk about symbols, especially because the amount of slots available to you will depend on how many classes you have mastered so far. But what I can do is show what symbols you must have on the Gunner to achieve a very good DPS and maintain a feel cards under your sleeve to survive.

Also, you must get the symbols of the Archer, Kinetic, Paladin and Slayer as soon as possible.

The bonuses from the chapels must be taken according to what you need at the moment. But some of them are extremely beneficial to the Gunner. What I did was try to get as fast as I could to 25% of critical chance, and in the meantime I got the Discharge Recovery Bonus. And in the chapels that had neither, I got Temper and Ranged Damage.


Finally after setting the build now you will now see how to do that high damage that it was mentioned through a very simple rotation. Now, keep in mind that this is a PVE rotation. In PVP you will probably not be able to sit still and kill everybody.

This video can illustrate the rotation for your guys. As I was having some problems in recording in my PC, a friend did it for me. There is a little mistake in the rotation but I?m sure you guys will understand.

In PVP, you can stick to that rotation only if you can stay behind the front line and free hit the enemies like in a 10v10 for example. If you?re in a duel or in a 3v3 you have to use well your defensive skills, and I suggest switching the Fire Blast of Fire Sector and using the talent Residual Charge, this way you will not have anything like a rotation to follow but with a little practice and getting to know your cooldowns you will get there.

See you around.

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