Skyforge Kinetic Class Guide


Skyforge Kinetic Class Guide?by Starosta

The purpose of this guide is to give a general understanding of Kinetic class, how to play, and what can you expect.


?Nothing can stop gravity, not even the gods. It is a force of great power, and those Immortals among us who are able to harness its power and put it to noble use are capable of changing the world for the better. More than anyone, these celestial beings understand that at some point as they face their enemies head-on, there may be nothing left but the laws of the physical world and desperate courage.?Asterius?s Encyclopedia.

Kinetic is one of four classes you can open within 3 weekly limits, relatively easy to play and able to deal huge damage. This is one of the most ?damaging? classes in the Game. In most PvE situations, your enemies will be dead before they can reach you (or immediately after). If something went wrong ? you Kinetic can break distance with enemies and use defense abilities. It makes Kinetic one of the best choices in PvE, and very suitable for PvP. I think, Kinetic is one of the best classes for open locations and solo adventures.

This guide will give the answer to the question: how to get to the first line?

So, what is special about Kinetic? Most of Kinetic?s abilities (except one) are ranged. HP modifier is one of smallest among all classes (the same as for Cryo, Necromancer and Warlock). Low HP is compensated with extremely high damage, moderate defense, and control abilities. Kinetic?s line of behavior is very straightforward: kill enemies faster, than they can reach you. Kinetic does not run away from mobs, he simply kills.
In my opinion, Kinetic is the ultimate class. Kind of activity does not matter: solo, group, open regions, PVP. It can clean dungeons extremely fast. Two Kinetics, two Alchemists and Lightbinder clean Daren Facility in 10 minutes or less, if no one is slacking :).
Similar to all other classes, Kinetic has its class-specific resource: Energy. The amount of Energy is displayed as purple bar below your heath-bar, maximum amount ? 300.

Energy is used for powerful attacks, and normally regenerated with the speed of 10 units/sec. It takes 30 sec for full regeneration. If I?m not mistaken, it is the slowest regeneration speed in the Game.

Abilities and Talents.

Kinetic has 18 attack and defense abilities, and 20 talents. Any given moment of time, up to 12 abilities can be used and up to 8 talents can be active. Below is detailed description of all skills, if you know everything ? you can skip this part.

  1. Kinetic Pulse ? Left Click (LC), has three charge levels.
    1. Demolition Charge. Instant. Tap the key to foe a charge at the enemy that increases damage dealt to them by fully charged Stone Projectile by 18%. Inflicts 0.075x base damage. Activates Impulse Charge.
    2. Explosive Bond. All enemies hit along the way take 18% more damage from Stone Projectile. Inflicts 0.2x base damage. IMHO: useless skill.
    3. Explosive Bond. Cast time 2 sec. Hold down the key to fire three charges at all affected enemies (54% bonus damage from Stone Projectile). Inflicts 0.2x base damage.
  2. Stone Projectile ? Right Click (RC), has two charge levels. Stone Projectile consumes 6 charges of Kinetic Pulse and gains a 18% bonus to damage for each removed effect.
    1. Single Stone. Instant. Inflicts 0.5x base damage to the selected enemy. Consumes 6 charges of Kinetic Pulse and gains a 18% bonus to damage for each removed effect.
    2. Stone Blast. Cast time 3 sec. Consumes 50 Energy. Inflicts 2.5x base damage to the target. Consumes 6 charges of Kinetic Pulse and gains a 18% bonus to damage for each removed effect.
    3. IMHO: Single Stone is useless. Always use Stone Blast.
  3. Energy Wave ? ?1?, has three charge levels.
    1. Energy Wave. Instant. Inflicts 0.2x base damage to the selected enemy in front of the character and knocks the enemy 15 yards back once in 10 sec.
    2. Enhanced Pulse. Cast time 1 sec. Inflicts 0.35x base damage to all enemies in a cone-shaped area in front of the character. Knocks the enemies 15 yards back in front of the Kinetic once in 10 sec.
    3. Energy Wave. Cast time 2 sec. Inflicts 0.75x base damage to all enemies in 16 yards area around the Kinetic. Knocks them 15 yards away once in 20 sec.
  4. Gravity Anomaly ? ?2?. Instant, 16 sec cooldown. Slows enemies down and increases the movement speed of the Kinetic and their allies. Increases Kinetic?s damage by 40% for 8 seconds. Gravity Anomaly cannot be used against the same enemy more than once every 15 seconds, and damage bonus is applied to all characters of the Kinetic class.
  5. Luminous Burst ? ?3?. Instant, 15 sec cooldown. C Kinetic is protected by a shield that moves with the Kinetic and inflicts 1.92x base damage at the end of the run. All enemies in the way get knocked back
  6. Sledgehammer ? ?4?. Instant, 30 sec cooldown, duration 8 sec. Replaces Stone Projectile. Each hit consumes 20 Energy. Kinetic engages in close combat, inflicting 1.5x base damage to the enemy (can make up to 4 attacks for the duration of the effect). Usual damage received by the Kinetic is reduced by 25?C and traumatic damage is reduced by 62.5% while the ability is active.
  7. Stone Spear. Instant. Every other fully charged (3 sec) Stone Projectile deals 2.58x base damage.
  8. Demolition ? ?4?. Instant, 25 sec cooldown. The energy cluster fired by a fully-charged Kinetic Pulse can be detonated to inflict 4.0x base damage to the selected enemy.
  9. Gravity Trap ? ?Z?. Instant, 30 sec cooldown, consumes 75 Energy. The enemy is hanging in midair for 5 seconds. All the Kinetic?s attacks inflict critical damage. If the monster cannot be lifted in the air, its damage to the Kinetic is reduced by 50% for 10 seconds.
  10. Tramping ? ?Z?. Instant, 18 sec cooldown, consumes 75 Energy. Inflicts 4.0x base damage to the enemies. Lifts enemies in a 5 yard radius up in the air for 3 seconds and then smashes them against the ground. If the monster cannot be lifted in the air, its damage to the Kinetic will be reduced by 50% for 6 seconds.
  11. Chain Gravitation ? ?X?. Instant, consumes 75 Energy. An energy charge strikes the target enemy, dealing 1.47x base damage, then bounces to another enemy in a 5 yard radius if there is any (up to 7 bounces). Activates Impulse Charge.
  12. Rockfall ? ?X?. Instant. 2 sec cooldown. Uses all accumulated energy to inflict up to 4.93x base damage to the target and all enemies in no 8 yard radius of it. Activates Impulse Charge.
  13. Protective Shield ? ?C?. Instant, 25 sec cooldown, consumes 95 Energy. Creates a field that absorbs 75% of incoming damage and protects from finishing strikes. The borders of Protective Shield have two energy centers. Destroying them will disable the field.
  14. Stone Wall ? ?C?. Instant, 15 sec cooldown, long press. Consumes 20 Energy. Creates a shield that completely absorbs all incoming damage and makes you immune to finishing blows. The energy cost increases by 16% every second for as long as Stone Wall is active.
  15. Neutron Blast ? ?V?. Instant. Consumes 35 Energy. An explosion will occur in the selected area in 2 seconds, dealing 1.84x base damage. After 4 seconds of charging, Neutron Blast will inflict damage and stun the enemy who activated it for 4 seconds the same enemy can be stunned no more than once every 24 seconds).
    1. It is a landmine, you can setup maximum 3.
  16. Quantum Collapse ? ?V?. Instant. Consumes 35 Energy. After 2 seconds, an explosion occurs in the selected area, dealing 2.3x base damage.
    1. It is a landmine, you can setup maximum 3.
  17. Seismic Explosion ? ?R?. Ultimate class ability, 8:00 minutes cooldown. Kinetic flings themselves in the air, inflicting 8.5x base damage to enemies in no 10 yard radius and additional 2.5 damage after landing.
  18. Annihilation ? ?E?. Fatality, Instant (should be), 20 sec cooldown. Can be used if target has little health left. Kills target and regenerates 75 Energy.

Now, 20 talents :).

  1. Quiescence. Increases damage dealt by 35% for 6 seconds after inflicting impulse damage.
  2. Planar Shift. If the Kinetic is affected by control abilities three times (with no more than 10 seconds in between), they become invulnerable to similar effects for 10 seconds.
  3. Energy Overflow. Demolition inflicts additional impulse damage but does not activate Impulse Charge. The cooldown of the ability is increased by 70%.
  4. Isolation. Protective Shield costs 80% less energy to activate.
  5. Steamroller. Luminous Burst recharges 30% faster and knocks enemies down for 1 second on impact.
  6. Centrifuge. Quantum Collapse and Neutron Blast recharge 20% faster and deal 22?C more damage.
  7. Increased Gravity. Enemies in the Gravitation Anomaly area deal 24% less damage in PvP. This effect can be removed by Leaving the area or using a purification ability.
  8. Sliding Vector. In the Gravitation Anomaly area, the Kinetic and his allies can use Dash for free.
  9. Principle of Inertia. Chain Gravitation spreads to 8 other targets (can hit the same target twice if there are fewer than 8 targets). Rockfall has a 40% chance to not consume 300 points of energy.
  10. Painful Charge. Damage from Kinetic Pulse is increased by 155% and up to 0.19x base damage.
  11. Bouncer. For the duration of Sledgehammer, the Kinetic can deal six more strikes. Each attack inflicts 30?C more damage.
  12. Ripple Effect. Fully charged Energy Wave bounces off the enemies struck by it and inflicts additional 0.22x base damage in a 6 yard radius of each affected enemy.
  13. Zero Gravity. Energy Wave no longer knocks enemies back but lifts them in the air and stuns them for 1.5 seconds.
  14. Quantum Collapse. Using Rockfall or Chain Gravitation deals fatal damage to enemies with low enough health for Annihilation to become available.
    1. There is also ability with the same name.
  15. Critical Mass. For 8 seconds, Chain Gravitation and Rockfall are 12% more likely to deal critical damage in PvP.
  16. Loudmouth. The control effect from Tramping lasts 1.15 seconds longer.
  17. Abrasive. Stonewall consumes 50% less Kinetic Energy.
  18. Railotron. Fully charged Stone Spear applies an effect to the enemy that deals 0.61x base damage every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds.
  19. Overload. Increases damage in PvP.
    1. Attacks under the effect of Sledgehammer apply an effect to enemy players that increase the damage taken by them by 27% for 10 seconds.
    2. Demolition and Stone Spear apply an effect to enemy players that increase the damage taken by them by 9% for 10 seconds.
  20. Protective Circuit. Protective Shield protects against finishing strikes, as well as reduces damage to the Kinetic by 75% and consumes the next two portions of damage directed at allies (while also protecting them against finishing strikes).
  21. Gravitational Perturbation ? This is not Talent, it is Kinetic?s symbol. Impulse Charge increases the character?s damage by 12% for 6 seconds.

Choice of required Abilities and Talents.

Before discussion the choice of Talents, I would like express my IMHO.

  1. Autoattack (Kinetic Pulse) inflicts the smallest damage among all classes. Killing serious enemy with autoattack is virtually impossible.
  2. Kinetic Pulse charge level 2 (Explosive Bond) is useless.

Energy Wave has little use. You don?t need to knock the enemies. You need to kill them. Possible use: to knock enemies that started to apply their special abilities (if those enemies are controllable).
Luminous Burst is nice skill; use it to engage enemy or escape.

We need to choose 5 Abilities from 10.

  1. Gravity Trap vs. Tramping. For Gravity Trap, even if the monster cannot be lifted in the air, all will be critical; it also reduces damage from enemy. Tramping can be a PvP choice. My choice:Gravity Trap.
  2. Chain Gravitation vs. Rockfall. These are anti-pack skills. Rockfall uses all energy, which is not good idea. Moreover, Kinetic uses Strength-Luck or Valor-Luck statbuild, while Rockfall deals impulse damage ? Spirit-based. Therefore my choice for PvE and PvP: Chain Gravitation.
  3. Protective Shield vs. Stone Wall. When Stone Wall is active, you can?t do anything but move. So, the choice is clear: Protective Shield.
  4. Neutron Blast vs. Quantum Collapse. Choice for PvE is clear ? Quantum Collapse. For PvP, taking into account long charge time, Quantum Collapse can be more useful even for PvP. My Choice: Quantum Collapse.

Kinetic has 3 ways of dealing most of his damage:

  1. Demolition.
  2. Stone Spear.
  3. Sledgehammer.

Demolition-way I will not consider at all, because of the lowest damage among all. Therefore, only 2 ways left: Stone Spear and Sledgehammer. Stone Spear deals smaller damage, but it is completely ranged way of playing and less stressful. Sledgehammer deals huge damage, but requires more attention. In solo game, this difference can be neglected. But in group or raid activities, you will be asked to switch to Sledgehammer. You should also keep in mind that mobs/bosses are willing to come closer to you, and if Sledgehammer is active, you receive less damage. The screenshot at the 1st page was made for kinetic with Sledgehammer. Also, Sledgehammer perfectly combines with the Element of Surprise, it gives huge advantage in first few second of any battle.

I would recommend Stone Spear for beginners, so that you can gain Kinetic-related experience. After that, you can switch to Sledgehammer. My choice: Sledgehammer. But I will give required Talents for both ways.

Finally, my Ability Panel looks in the following way:

As you can imagine, the Abilities defines Talents. There is a difference for PvP or PvE.
Nevertheless, there are several ?must have? Talents.

  1. Quiescence ? damage.
  2. Isolation and Protective Circuit ? two Shield-related survival Talents.
  3. Principle of Inertia and Quantum Collapse ? two Chain Gravitation-related Talents, what greatly increases AOE damage and help to eliminate packs.
  4. Bouncer ? if your chose Sledgehammer.
  5. Railotron ? if your chose Stone Spear.

The rest is up to you.

We have some free slots for Talents. First of all, Painful Charge is practically useless; the damage of Kinetic?s autoattack is too low. But you can take if you want. I usually take Centrifuge and Overload. I think, it is the universal choice for any PvE activity.
Choice of Talents and Abilities for PvP will be a bit different.

  1. I would recommend replacing Gravity Trap with Tramping, there are Amulets that increases damage from Tramping. You also have a chance to hit several enemies. Actually, Gravity Trapcan be a choice. If you see that someone is being focused, Gravity Trap will virtually increase damage to that person 1.5-2 times during that 5 seconds.
  2. Sledgehammer is better choice for PvP than Stone Spear. You can deal burst damage, it also reduces incoming damage.

Kinetic has several PvP-related Talent.

  1. Planar Shift. It gives you some anticontrol ability after 10 sec of control. But, if you were in control for 10 second, you are almost certainly dead. Do you need this Talent?
  2. Steamroller. Can be useful, but there are several more interesting Talents.
  3. Increased Gravity. Useful, especially against melee-characters that can?t leave area of anomaly.
  4. Sliding Vector. Paired Talent for Increased Gravity, bit number of slots is limited.
  5. Ripple Effect + Zero Gravity. It makes sense to use this combination, if there are a lot of enemies around you, and you are close to them. But most likely, you will dead in a second or two.
  6. Critical Mass. For 8 seconds, Chain Gravitation and Rockfall are 12% more likely to deal critical damage in PvP.
  7. Loudmouth. Definitely yes, if you took Tramping.
  8. Overload. Must have for PvP.

Therefore, one of possible choices in addition to ?must have? set will be:

  1. Increased Gravity.
  2. Loudmouth.
  3. Overload.
  4. Quantum Collapse was sacrificed.
  5. Critical Mass is very sweet, but in this case we will need to sacrifice Principle of Inertia.

This is one of possible builds.

Class development: what?s first in the Atlas.

Now we should take a look as the Kinetics?s Atlas and optimize out path. First of all, we need abovementioned PvE Abilities and Talents, if you want to progress fast through the storyline. Kinetic?s Atlas has one junction in the first part, before Path of the Kinetic and several junctions after it.

Therefore, after passing Gravity Trap, we are taking the lower path for Stone Spear and Railotron, as shown above. After Path of the Kinetic, you need to take one step down for Principle of Inertia (red arrow with ?1? on the picture below).

After that, follow the upper road: Quantum Collapse (talent, not ability) ? Protective Shield.?Protective Shield is a crossroad. Take one step up for Protective Circuit, then step down for Isolation?and Seismic Explosion ? our ultimate ability. On that way, you can skip taking Overload and Critical Mass; they are not needed for PvE. After these steps, you can continue the main route from Protective Shield to the right: Quantum Collapse (ability, we already took a talent with the same name) ? Zero Gravity ? Quiescence ? Sliding Vector ? Bouncer ? Sledgehammer. After you unlocked all abovementioned abilities, you can continue in any direction.
To fully open class atlas after Path of the Kinetic you will need 8500 Sparks of Gravity/Evolution. You can save approximately 1150 Sparks if you will open only Ability/Talent nodes (~7350 Sparks needed), and skip stat-nodes. After opening all Ability/Talent nodes, you will open Kinetic?s symbol ? Gravitational Perturbation, receive 2 slots for symbols, and class costume.

Skills rotation in attack.

Our choice of Abilities and situation defines rotation of skills. I suppose that certain symbols are activated. At least ?Gravitational Perturbation?, which gives +12% damage after Impulse charge.

AoE rotation.

Kinetic has very nice and simple AoE rotation for any packs with 2+ mobs/players:

  • Dome (Gravity Anomaly) ? Chain Gravitation for N times.

4-5 Chain Gravitations is enough to eliminate 95% of all packs, even pack with 3-4 fat mobs, examples are: triple/quad packs in Tais Temple or Ardos monastery, all bear packs in Icy Winds Canyon or Thorneus?s Camp. There is a big chance, that pack with 2 champions (x4 lifebar, like the 1st pack after 2nd boss at Alakur) will require a little of attention after Gravity Anomaly + Chain Gravitation.

Single target/fat mobs.

Single targets are bosses and minibosses. There are two separate tactics for Stone Spear and Sledgehammer.

Rotation for Stone Spear-based tactics.

If you are using Stone Spear, it would be nice to have it always charged before any heavy battle. Charge it using any small enemy. The difference in damage between Stone Blast and Stone Spear?seems to be small ? 2.5x and 2.58x, but with Railotron you will have 0.61?8=4.88x additional damage as DoT. Therefore, total damage of Stone Spear is nearly 3 times higher than the damage of Stone Blast.

Start of the battle for Stone Spear as a main attack skill:

  1. Stand 25-30 yards from the boss and shoot 2-3 times Level-3 Kinetic Pulse (Explosive Bond-2). It flies relatively slow, which gives us a chance to use the Element of Surprise, Quiescence and Gravitational Perturbation to greatly increase damage of the first Stone Blast/Stone Spear.
  2. It the enemy will try to approach ? be the first to approach, so that enemy will not leave Gravity Anomaly after it will be used.
  3. Gravity Trap: All damage becomes critical for 10 sec. It starts battle.
  4. Use Gravity Anomaly: +40% damage for 8 sec.
  5. Shoot single Kinetic Pulse. It activates Impulse charge and two buffs ? Quiescence: +35% damage and Gravitational Perturbation: +10% damage for 6 sec.
  6. Stone Spear + Stone Blast (two times) ? both should be critical.

Main rotation in the battle:

  1. Stack Kinetic Pulses, wait for Gravity Anomaly.
  2. Wait for Impulse charge to be ready and activate it with Kinetic Pulses.
  3. Gravity Trap, if ready.
  4. Gravity Anomaly + Stone Spear + Stone Blast (pair).

In general, Gravity Anomaly gives enough time (8 sec) to cast a pair Stone Spear + Stone Blast. Always cast Stone Spear first, while you have Quiescence and Gravitational Perturbation (+45% damage) active.

You will have excess of energy, use it for Quantum Collapse. Use Protective Shield when needed.

Rotation for Sledgehammer-based tactics.

If you are using Sledgehammer, then within first 10 seconds of battle, you have a chance to decrease HP of any boss in solo adventure by 40-60%. If you are working in pair with Alchemist/Lightbinder, most likely the boss will be dead.

1. Approach the boss, he will not attack you immediately.

2. Activate Sledgehammer (?4?). 3. Use Gravity Anomaly: +40% damage for 8 sec. It starts the battle.

4. Shoot single Kinetic Pulse. It activates Impulse charge and two buffs: Quiescence: +35% damage and Gravitational Perturbation: +10% damage for 6 sec.

5. Gravity Trap: All damage becomes critical for 10 sec.

6. Use Sledgehammer ? Right Click. You can have up to 8-9 hits.

Many champions (x4 lifebar) will be dead. While Sledgehammer and Gravity Trap are recharging, use?Gravity Anomaly + Quantum Collapse, Kinetic Pulse + Stone Blast. By the time of Sledgehammer?recharge you should have 130-150 energy ? enough for Gravity Trap + Sledgehammer + Protective Shield (if needed).

Use of Quantum Collapse can be difficult; some bosses want to stay to close to you. To kill adds, you can use Chain Gravitation.

There are several rules which will increase your damage:

  1. Use Sledgehammer only after Impulse discharge and with Gravity Anomaly. If possible ? with?Gravity Trap. All these skills have nearly common time multiplier ? 30, 16 and 30 sec.
  2. You can use Dash-related symbols: Inertia, Rapid Attack, Clever Maneuver. It will increase your damage, but also complicates your life.

I?m sure that you want to see difference between Stone Spear and Sledgehammer builds. I took boss with 1.5M XP as a target, the same set of symbols and Chapels, different build and appropriate primary weapon. In case of Stone Spear, it took 60 seconds to kill the Boss. The picture below shows damage from all used skills.

In case of Sledgehammer, it took just 20 seconds:

I think, difference is clear. Nevertheless, Stone Spear build is completely playable. You will have no problems in cleaning solo adventures.


There are numbers of possibilities and your behavior depends on the environment. For several close targets you can use:

  1. Gravity Anomaly + Chain Gravitation/Quantum Collapse.

Single remote target:

  1. Kinetic Pulse: Quiescence + Gravitational Perturbation.
  2. Tramping: try to stun.
  3. Luminous Burst: roll to target.
  4. Gravity Anomaly + Protective Shield + Sledgehammer. Alternatively, Kinetic Pulse:Quiescence + Gravitational Perturbation can be after?Luminous Burst.

If someone (Paladin, Slayer, Berserker, etc) attacks you in melee zone, and started his combo or tried to use class ultimate attack:

  1. Protective Shield + activate Sledgehammer to reduce incoming damage.
  2. Gravity Anomaly: slow the enemy + increase own damage. Roll/Dash to target.
  3. Tramping: try to stun.
  4. Attack with Sledgehammer + ultimate ability (Seismic Explosion).

In any case, your actions in PvP depend on type of activity, who are your allies and enemies, where they are, do you have support or not, etc. You will need to practice and gain experience.


I mean main (Strength, Valor, Luck and Spirit) and secondary (Accuracy, Temper, Critical Chance?) stats.

IMHO, PvE choice is either Strength-Luck, or Valor-Luck ? similar to most other classes. In case of Strength-Luck, you need rings with Accuracy and Critical Chance, in case of Valor-Luck ? Temper + Critical Chance. Spirit-related statbuild is not good, your main damage is not Impulse-related.

Choice of symbols and Chapels will depend on:

  1. Chosen stat-build. If case of Valor-Luck, you don?t need Accuracy Chapels, you need ?Mobilization? symbol, and ?Ultimate Strength? can be sacrificed easily.
  2. Required balance between attack and defense.

Selection of Chapels and Symbols for maximum damage.
There are several possible selections. Everything below is for Strength-Luck statbuild.

  1. Dawn Plateau: Critical chance/Accuracy.
  2. Kesalia: Accuracy.
  3. Symerlis: Crushing blow.
  4. Ithanos Archipelago: Discharge Recovery/Shield Power/ Range Damage/Defense penetration.
  5. Hallaghi Valley: Accuracy.
  6. Fjord Kangher: Critical chance/Solidity.
  7. Thyrthon Plain: Crushing blow.
  8. Damon Wasteland: Solidity/Adaptatio.

Actual choice depends on what is required more at the moment or gives higher yield. Bold shows my current selection. It also can vary for PvP, for example you can take additional Shield Power in Kesalia or Symerlis.

There are too many nice symbols. For attack (PvE) I would take:

  1. Maximum Recoil.
  2. Ultimate Strength.
  3. Element of Surprise.
  4. Lacerated Wound.
  5. Gravitational Perturbation (Kinetic?s symbol).
  6. Cold Calculation (Archer?s symbol).
  7. Strength Serum (Alchemist?s symbol).
  8. Frenzy (Berserker?s symbol).
  9. Mark of Death.
  10. Under Cover of Darkness (Slayer?s symbol).
  11. Warriors Creed.

In some situations, you will need to sacrifice attack symbols in favor of defense.

Jinx ? Warlock?s symbol looks nice, it is DoT, but the damage is not high, 0.25x base damage every second for 6 seconds. Painful Spasm you can also skip, as well as Impulse Intensity. Shock and?Wave paired symbols (2xShock and 2xWave), and Stolen Initiative are nice to have for PvP. Inertia-symbols also can give a profit, you can use Sledgehammer, Seismic Explosion or Quantum Collapse?after Dash. Impact is ?must have? for PvP.

In any case, PvP is always a balance between your own damage, ability to survive, ability to control other players and to resist control from their side. You will need to find your own balance.

If you will take a careful look at symbol?s list, you can see four symbols that increase efficiency of each of 4 primary stats: Impulse Intensity ? Spirit, Maximum Recoil ? Luck, Ultimate Strength ?Strength, and Mobilization ? Valor. But, there are only two stat-related DoT symbols: Lacerated Wound ? Luck and Painful Spasm ? Spirit. Two symbols are ?missing?. If they will appear in future, than Strength related DoT in must have for Strength-Luck statbuild, and Valor-related for Valor-Luck statbuild.

Defense symbols:

  1. Divine Intervention (Paladin?s symbol). This symbol is ?must have?. It will save your life countless times.
  2. Shroud of Light (Lightbinder?s symbol).
  3. Cleaver Maneuver.
  4. Impulse Barrier.
  5. Protector?s Creed.


Primary weapon.

Kinetic?s main weapon is the Reactor Core. There are 3 types, and you choice depends on your build:

  1. Increased damage of Sledgehammer?s critical hits: +13/26/40%. Use it for Sledgehammer build.
  2. Increased damage of Stone Projectile and Stone Spear: +10/20/30%. Use it for Stone Spear build.
  3. Increased damage of Demolition.

Secondary weapon/offhand.

Kinetic?s secondary weapon (offhand) is Kinetic Gloves. There are 3 types.

  1. Energy Wave deals 83/166/xx% more damage.
  2. After use of Protective Shield, its energy centers attract attention of mobs for 2/3/4 seconds.
  3. Seismic Explosion (ultimate ability) cooldown time is reduced by 2:23/4:29/7:10 minutes. Therefore Seismic Explosion cooldown time will be 5:37/3:31/0:50 minutes.

The last two are the most useful. Protective Shield offhand for PvE, and Seismic Explosion for PvE/PvP.


Choice of rings is determined by your statbuild.


Amulets are increasing damage of certain skills and always increase your Stamina. ?Green? increase damage of one ability, ?blue? and ?purple? amulets ? of two different abilities. There are 4 types of amulets for Kinetic.

  1. Kinetic Pulse.
  2. Energy Wave.
  3. Quantum Collapse and Neutron Blast.
  4. Tramping.

Kinetic Pulse amulets are completely useless. Kinetic Pulse has too low damage itself. It is not our primary, or even tertiary damage. Therefore even +20% to its damage is also useless. Energy Wave?amulets have the same order of usability. Quantum Collapse and Neutron Blast amulets add a bit of damage to the skills that are usually used, a bit more useful than two previous. Tramping amulets are much better. They can double your Tramping damage, the only problem ? this skill is used mainly in PvP.

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