Skyforge Kinetic PvP Beginner’s Guide

Skyforge Kinetic PvP Beginner?s Guide?by Stannis Baratheon


The Kinetic is a high dps mage that manipulates gravity to deal high burst to their enemies while providing unique benefits to their allies by manipulating space. The Kinetic has a fair number of cc abilities and escapes but goes down quickly if focused.


When deciding how to build your character, you must choose between two paths; sustainable damage or high burst damage. On your rings, stack strength and luck for sustainable damage, or?luck and spirit for burst damage. Secondary stats on your rings should contain critical chance, discharge recovery (if building spirit/luck rings), health bonus. Strength scales very well with might to increase your damage overall substantially, but abilities that activate impulse damage such as Kinetic Pulse and Rockfall take a hit on their damage potential. If you choose the latter route, discharge recovery helps to get back your impulse charge as soon as possible. Although Kinetics have a lot of cc, and has Luminous Burst to escape from bad situations, they are fairly squishy and easy to take down at lower prestiges. That?s why it is important to rush to complete your Kinetic tree and stack health bonus early on. Upgrading your temples helps with that but it?s also important to have health bonus on your rings as well. Don?t always choose gear based upon the prestige it gives you; rather choose items that have good bonuses to them such as blue rings that still give high primary stats, close to the best gear you can obtain. Choose chapels that give critical hit chance, discharge recovery, and regeneration.

Abilities & Skill Rotations

In PvP arenas, begin by laying down your 6 Neutron Blasts around the map. Wait for either your team or their team to engage. Open up with Gravity Anomaly to slow your enemies movement while also increasing your damage to them. Focus classes that are more squishy and have less sustain. Lift them using Gravity Trap and then put Stone Spear on them. Stack Kinetic Pulse to give Stone Spear additional damage. If an enemy is slow enough, and there is little threat of death by being in close proximity of your target, use Luminous Burst to finish them off!

Energy Wave: Use against enemies that get to close. Changing this abilities allows you to push more enemies away from all around you but you risk taking the time to charge it up.

Gravity Anomaly: This ability is a good opener to slow approaching enemies and increase your initial poke. Take care, however, since the Kinetic only has a 30m attack range.

Luminous Burst: Can be used both offensively @ defensively. Great for escapes while also helpful in applying additional needed damage on enemies.

Stone Spear: This is your charged right click ability that activates every other charge. It applies a dot and does additional damage. Be cautious about positioning and timing on this ability since it is easily interrupted.

Gravity Trap: Single target cc ability used to temporarily take a player out of a fight or inhibit their ability to fight back while damaging them.

Rockfall: Primary damage dealing ability that activates impulse damage. Great for chunking enemy?s health bars, especially when it crits. Despite dealing very high damage, the downside is that it drains your resource bar.

Protective Shield: Choose this ability over Stone Wall, despite only absorbing 75% of incoming damage as opposed to 100% from Stone Wall. Protective Shield still allows you to cast abilities while inside the field, and also allows allies to receive the damage reduction as well. Protective Shield can help save your allies from finishing blows as well.

Neutron Blast: Use these stun bombs to create a mine field for your enemies to have to go through to get to your team. Strategic spots include areas that confine your enemies, areas around teleporters, and along paths on which you can retreat if need be.

Seismic Explosion: Although this ability has high AOE damage and with the cooldown reduction from your off hand weapon can be used fairly often, you can still take damage while casting this ability.


Symbols can be obtained either by unlocking them in your Ascension Atlas or by fully unlocking a class. You also gain an additional 2 symbol slots after fully unlocking a class; starting out with 3 open symbol slots.

Impulse Intensity: Impulse damage is increased by 10% for each level of this symbol.

Maximum Recoil: Critical damage is increased by 10% for each level of this symbol.

Double Discharge: When Impulse Charge is restored, there is a chance that it can be activated two times in a row. The chance is increased by 12% for every level of this symbol.

Element of Surprise: For the first 8 seconds of the fight, damage delt is increased by 12% for every level of this symbol.

Painful Spasms: Impulse damage applies an effect to the enemy that inflicts damage over time. Total damage is equal to the character?s Spirit.

Lacerated Wound: Critical damage applies an effect to the enemy that inflicts damage over time. Total damage is equal to the character?s Luck.

Divine Intervention: Incoming damage is completely absorbed if it is no more than 10% of the maximum health. The character becomes immune to all damage and negative effects for 4 seconds. The effect is activated no more than once every 70 seconds.

Gravitational Perturbation: Using Impulse Charge increases the character?s damage by 12% for 6 seconds.


Choose talents that benefit those specific abilities you decided to go with. Energy Overflow is also a very good talent to pick up since it gives a 40% chance of having Rock Fall to not consume all of your resource. Early on, you can only unlock 8 talent slots, but can eventually obtain a total of 10 talents.

Isolation: Protective Shield costs 80% less energy to activate.

Steamroller: Luminous Burst recharges 30% faster and knocks enemies down for 1 second on impact.

Increased Gravity: Enemies in the Gravitation Anomaly area deal 24% less damage in PvP. This effect can be removed by leaving the area or using a purification ability.

Sliding Vector: In the Gravitation Anomaly area, the Kinetic and his allies can use Dah for free.

Painful Charge: Damage from Kinetic Pulse is increased by 155% and up to 45-65 damage.

Quantum Collapse: Using Rockfall or Chain Gravitation deals fatal damage to enemies with low enough health for Annihilation to become available.

Critical Mass: For 8 seconds, Chain Gravitation and Rockfall are 12% more likely to deal critical damage in PvP.

Railotron: Fully charged Stone Spear applies an effect to the enemy that deals 144-205 damage every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds.

Overload: Increases damage in PvP. Demolition and Stone Spear apply an effect to enemy players that increase the damage taken by them by 9% for 10 seconds.

Protective Circuit: Protective Shield protects against finishing strikes, as well as reduces damage to the Kinetic by 75% and consumes the next two portions of damage directed at allies (while also protecting them against finishing strikes).

Kinetic is a lot of fun to play and I highly encourage those interested in this class to give it a chance! You can play as a dps mage while also having a large arsenal of support abilities for your team. PvP is the inevitable end game content and I think it?s important for people to start thinking about PvP oriented builds! Everyone is going to have different way of playing their class and this is just a first look into Kinetic PvP!

Stannis Baratheon

AKA Anemone

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