Skyforge Lightbinder Basics Guide


Skyforge Lightbinder Basics Guide?by DualSpiral

As some of you know I play a damage Lightbinder for PvP and PvE, I will make this guide with multiple sections so you can be the best support possible!

Support Lightbinder (Team Player)


Lightbinder is the best/most needed support in the game. It has an unlimited supply of shields and buffs. It can even give all of its stats to its allies. Take note that the Lightbinder passively shares its core stats with its allies, so if they build STR/LCK then all the people who use those will have extra damage. This is very important for raids later on to increase the speed of the run.


  • Radiance ? Key skill for PvE, this will give everyone armor penetration, its one of 2 ways to get it so its really important to give this out when you can! Wanderer?s Relic doesn?t benefit everyone it can only benefit one person so its not that good.
  • Blessing of the Sun ? Use this when your damage dealers are ready to burst down the enemy, try to use with Radiance.Starstorm will only hit one target, while blessing of the sun buffs everyone.
  • Unstable shield ? make sure this is always on whoever is taking damage at the time! Remember its 2x stronger on other players than yourself.
  • Blessing of Tenacity ? This ability is a good pick up to help your allies stay out of trouble weather pvp or pve its sure to help a lot in tough situations! This should be used whenever someone is CC?d. The reason I chose this over the other 2, it acts as a shield making it better than starfury, and you can just revive players with the item and it wont hurt energy regeneration.
  • Sacred Barrier ? Invulnerability is key to preventing that heavy burst your enemy is trying to hit you with. The knockback on the other ability isn?t as good as a invulnerability, because its only close range.
  • Flood of Light ? This ability will give all of your stats to an ally, so if you have the same build as your friend who is playing Berserker you can make him do double damage! Support Lightbinder shouldn?t play with?lasers!
  • Quasar ? This is the best off the balls to throw out for team play because its instant CC, and it can also group or pull enemies in a direction, this can be key to saving someone or setting up a wombo combo. Pulsar doesnt always have instant effect that benefits you, it cant instantly disrupt like quasar can.
  • Incarnation of Light ? Your ultimate when you are supporting should always be used with radiance to get extra damage! Make sure to sit in it for most of the duration before you exit it for the shield.


For support Lightbinder its best to have stats that will benefit your team the most.

  • Strength ? This stat will boost everyone?s base damage, this is always a good stat!
  • Luck ? Everyone can crit! I day luck is always a good pickup because no matter what everyone else has built they can still get some extra damage off through crits.
  • This may be a little biased because I love to buff Berserkers but it will definitely help most of the time if you build these stats.

How to support?

Supporting is easy in skyforge anyone can do it. You don?t have to be perfect. Just find yourself an easy rotation and make sure to keep the shields up on the tank. Shielding is different from healing because you are allowed to throw shields on in advance. Make sure to fit your buffs in your rotation. Remember Lightbinder is a buff class so you don?t have to do any direct damage.

Make sure you are behind everyone in your group because some buffs hit people in front of you only.


These are chosen because they go best with the skill set that I have chosen above.

  • Bright Flares ? Increases your Light energy when using pulsating flare on allies (your auto attack.)
  • Solar Breeze ? Increases Light Energy regeneration
  • Guardian?s Gift ? Sacred barrier has shorter cooldown, and lasts longer
  • Rain of Fire ? Unstable shield gets 2 charges instead of the normal cooldown (most important talent)
  • Strength of Spirit ? Decreases cooldown on Blessing of Tenacity, and reduces the cost by 200
  • Captivating Light ? Gives everyone an absorb when you activate blessing of tenacity, lasts 4 seconds and diminishes over time.
  • Spirit of light ? Second life (similar to Incarnation of Light)
  • Piety ? Increases everyone?s movespeed by 30% (not necessary, can be replaced by whatever you want)

Damage Lightbinder (solo-style)


The Lightbinder is a support class, it has many abilities that effect its whole team. You don?t have to be a team player to get the job done. Sparks of anger is one of the hardest hitting spells in the game. This build should be pretty easy to use and I would deffinetly recommend it for beginners!


  1. Sparks of Anger ? This ability will hit 1 target and proc Impulse Damage. Weapons can increase the Impulse Damage by up to 100% Bonus. ALWAYS USE WITH IMPULSE!
  2. Blessing of the Sun ? This should be used whenever you want to increase you (and your teams) damage, good for beginning of the fight or to finish them off.
  3. Starfury ? This skill is great for when someone turns to attack you, if used without a shield it will knockdown the enemy and apply a 20% damage bonus.
  4. Unstable Shield ? Proper use of this ability is key to surviving longer fights. Do not use if Starfury is up, unless enemy has invulnerability. Starfury is always before this because it applies CC. You will always want to use this while your impulse recharges, feel free to get some Pulsating flares off.
  5. Sacred Barrier ? This is your heavy damage mitigation, if you know your about to take a lot of damage then feel free to use it. This is the strongest invulnerability, It?s duration can be increased by 3-6 seconds with a good secondary weapon. Do be cautious to use this because it has a long cooldown.
  6. Partical of Light ? Really good for clearing groups of mobs in PvE
  7. Incarnation of Light ? Your ultimate is one of the strongest in the game, it will revive you if you die while its active. While it is active it will boost damage for you and your team. It will also act as a damage mitigation for your team. When your Ultimate is about to end make sure to deactivate it for a nice large shield!
  8. Pulsar ? I like this ability because its a nasty slow followed by a knockdown. Pretty strong against immobile classes. (necro,archer,)


  • Spirit ? The key stat in your build this is a must have on all of your rings!
  • Luck ? The backbone of the build, this will still do damage while your spirit is recharging. With lacerated wounds this is so good!
  • Critical Chance ? A must grab to increase your damage!
  • Discharge Recovery ? This will allow you to get more impulses off in a fight. This doesn?t make or break the spirit build until later in the game.
  • Grab all the symbols you can for Spirit, and then Luck. Later grab the symbols for DoT on your impulses and crits.
  • You can honestly swap out luck and crit chance for something else if you would like, but Spirit is a must because the lightbinder gets refreshes on impulses fairly easy!


These talents are superior to the other ones in pvp, they will have the most effectiveness.?

  • Sparks Power ? Double damage when targets are below half
  • Summit ? Offhand allows free impulse charge every 7 seconds so making particle of light cheaper is awesome
  • Bright Flares ? chance for free impulse charge
  • Solar Breeze ? Increased Light Energy regeneration
  • Guardian?s Gift ? Decreases cooldown on Sacred barrier and makes it last longer
  • Starpower ? Causes Starfury to give a damage buff onto the knocked down target
  • Rain of Fire ? More shields
  • Spirit of light ? Extra lives wins every time!


As a damage Lightbinder you are the counter to any damage dealer, you have CC, Shields, and Burst to destroy them.

You will want to focus damage dealers first in most cases unless they are being shielded by a lightbinder, in this scenario its best to kill the enemy lightbinder. You will want to send most of your attacks at them when their shield is down because other classes are much better at breaking shields.

When you see a Knight or Paladin your best off getting away with Wanderer?s Relic, you wont be able to kill them fast so leave them to a damage class.

Tips & Tricks

  • Always run with the Spirit of Light talent in PvP it will make you unstoppable. 2 extra lives if used right.
  • Get the symbol Lacerated Wounds so that you can do more constant damage.

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