Skyforge Paladin Guide


Skyforge Paladin Guide?by Ikarasu

The Hook

Paladin is ? tanking classes in the game. The second one is the Knight which is a story for another time. Paladin focuses on using a combination of shields, cc and damage in order to dominate the battlefield. I?ll be focusing on mainly PvE (dungeon and solo builds) but I?ll lightly touch PvP with the Paladin.


Basic Attacks (L Click)

You have 4 basic attacks. Like other classes, basic attacking (left clicking) and then right clicking to use a ?mouse activated ability? is how you use combos. Paladin basic attacks gradually increment, dealing the most damage at your 4th attack. Your 4th attack also restores 70 points of righteous anger. (which I?ll refer to as mana) This means you have to find a consistent balance between basic attacking and using abilities so you can replenish your mana.

Mouse Activated Abilities (R Click)

Waves of Wrath

This ability is activated by right clicking alone. It?s an AOE ability that knocks down targets. The lower HP your target is at, the lower it stays down. Costs 120 mana. Ability is useful for CC in PvP or generating aggro.

Seal of Light

1st combo ability. It sends a projectile several meters in a straight line, dealing damage to every enemy that touches it. Costs 80 mana. Useful for taking out ?swarm enemies?. Activates impulse charge.

Punishing Bolt

2nd combo ability. It deals a decent amount of damage to enemies and is useful for any mode. Please note that it?s single target. Costs 130 mana. Activates impulse charge.

Divine Scourge

Last combo ability. It?s an AOE attack that inflicts damage to an enemy. If you have Celestial Shield up (ability I?ll get into later) it forces the shield to explode knocking down enemies. Great ability if you could use it correctly, horrible if you can?t. Costs 180 mana. Activates impulse charge.

Keyboard Activated Abilities


Single target ability. You charge towards the target and knock him/her down. Consumes 50 mana. If you upgrade the ability it pulls enemies towards you thus generating aggro. Very useful.

Celestial Shield

Create a shield that absorbs 12% of your HP. Lasts 5 seconds. If it?s destroyed, it will explode and knockdown enemies. The upgraded version explodes within 10 seconds even if it isn?t destroyed. Comes with a 12 second cooldown, arguably your most used ability.

Aegis of Light

Blocks insane amounts of damage for 4 seconds and gives you immunity to CC. The upgraded version extends help to your ally with the lowest HP. Upgraded version is pretty useless to me but regardless it?s 1 of your most used abilities. Costs 100 mana and comes with a 26 second cooldown.

Righteous Verdict

Ranged single target ability, inflicts a huge amount of damage for no mana. Comes with a 20 second cooldown. ? options for your 4th ability and my personal favorite. Activates impulse charge. Jack of all trades ability.

Massive Verdict

Ranged AOE ability. Inflicts a decent amount of damage for no mana. Comes with a 18 second cooldown. ? options for your 4th ability. Activates impulse charge. Useful for 5 man groups.

Harsh Verdict

Ranged single target ability. Knocks down the target and inflicts a decent amount of damage for 60 mana. Comes with a 16 second cooldown. Activates impulse charge. Useful for PvP.


Removes all negative effects from your character or ally. Makes either of them immune to CC for 2 seconds. To get this ability, you have to replace Divine Scourge or live without it which is what I?m doing myself. Great for group play if you have a beginner support.

Waves of Holiness

Deals damage to enemies around you and forces them to attack you for 6 seconds. Only useful for PvE and activates impulse charge. ? options for your Z ability.

Waves of Anger

Deals a massive amount of damage to enemies around you. Has a 1 minute and 30 second cooldown. My personal favorite, works for both PvE and PvP content.

Radiant Aspect

Your ultimate ability. Removes all negative effects and teleports yourself to the target. Afterwards, you deal decent AOE damage and knock down your enemies. Makes you immune to CC, increases your damage and decreases incoming damage for 15 seconds. Creates an area of holy ground under your feet. 11 minute and 40 second cooldown.

Holy Ground

You create an effect area. Your abilities do not consume mana whilst inside the aforementioned area. The upgraded version of this ability removes the Holy Ground boundary. 1 minute cooldown.


As a Paladin you have a variety of talents. However, I?m not going to explain all of them since some of them are better than others. (until this guide is updated with the pictures I can?t find online <3)

The core of your talents should be the following:

  • Blame generates 400% more threat and your shields absorb 60% more damage.
    • Surge restores 40% of your health if it drops below 20%
  • Luminance lowers the cooldown of Aegis of Light by 10 seconds
  • Justice execution restores 200 points of mana

Talents are pretty much mix and match with your playstyle so other than this core I?m not going to tell you much except for my suggested talents depending on your preferred gamemode.

5 Man Groups:

  • Unwavering Faith reduces Celestial Shield cooldown by 40% if it?s destroyed
  • Heaven?s Palm if Celestial Shield II isn?t destroyed within 5 seconds, an ally within 20 yards of your radius is given a shield that absorbs up to 17% of your HP
  • Devotion (Purification builds) makes Purification last 4 seconds longer
  • Awe (Onslaught II builds) makes Onslaught II immobilize enemies for 2 seconds


  • Detachment makes Punishing Bolt consume 30 less mana
  • Rage of Light makes Seal of Light deal an additional 115% damage to enemies with more than 80% HP
  • Conviction makes all aspects of verdict do 50% more damage
  • Determination makes Justice Blade inflict 300% more damage to enemies with less than 40% HP


  • Unshakable Faith restores 5 more mana every second (100 out of combat)
  • Frenzy makes Onslaught range increase by 20% and deal 120% more damage for every 0.5 seconds spent charging towards enemy (capped at 600%)
  • Zeal makes basic attacks deal 120% damage and applies a stacking effect that makes movement speed increase by 3%
  • Shrine Protector makes you deal 20% more damage and recieve 20% less damage for the first 12 seconds of the fight


Symbols contain many useful abilities that can help your Paladin.

Your core symbols should be the following:

  • Divine Intervention absorbs damage equivalent to 10% of your HP or less. You then become immune to all damage and CC for 4 seconds. Ability activates every 70 seconds and is arguably the best ability in the game.
  • Clever Maneuver creates a shield that absorbs damage up to 5% of your HP for 3 seconds after dash is used
  • Inertia reduces incoming damage by 12% for 3 seconds after dash is used
  • Impulse Barrier creates a shield after impulse charge is activated

The other useful symbols are mainly used for dishing out insane amounts of damage:

  • Painful Spasms makes impulse damage apply an additional DoT that deals damage equal to your spirit
  • Cold Calculation makes damage dealt to enemies with more than 50% HP increase by 15%
  • Mark of Death leaves a mark on your opponent that deals an additional 20-30% of the damage dealt to them while they had the mark
  • Gravitational Pertubation increases your damage by 12% for 6 seconds after impulse charge is used
  • Lucky Shot increases your character?s crit chance by 1% every 2 seconds. It resets after you perform a critical hit.

My Rotations

My general PvE (single target) rotation for engaging is:

Righteous Verdict > Onslaught II > Celestial Shield II > Punishing Bolt > Holy Ground > Aegis of Light
When it?s a group I?m facing, I exchange the aforementioned Punishing Bolt with Divine Scourge or Seal of Light depending on the situation.

After that I use Celestial Shield and spam the needed ability since Holy Ground makes your abilities cost no mana. Whenever Celestial Shield runs out, wait a few seconds and then use Aegis of Light. Assuming you have Clever Maneuver, dash every time a new charge is given if Celestial Shield or Aegis of Light didn?t reset yet.

Once Holy Ground runs out I use the following (single target):

Celestial Shield II > Punishing Bolt > Aegis of Light > Justice Blade > Repeat

You should always use Justice Blade as a filler to regain mana if you don?t have holy ground up.

For groups, I use the same setup except you exchange Punishing Bolt with Divine Scourge or Seal of Light.

During PvP you have to focus on hitting your knockdowns.

My general rotation is the following:

Onslaught > Celestial Shield > Divine Scourge (1 second before shield explodes) > Holy Ground > Aegis of Light > Waves of Wrath > Repeat

If you have Waves of Anger equipped, you could use it as a filler in both PvP and PvE if you don?t have Holy Ground up. Waves of Holiness works if you?re doing PvE but you?ll do less damage than a Justice Blade and hence its useless in PvP since enemies aren?t forced to attack you.


Forgive me if this guide is a bit messy. I?m horrible with writing stuff like this. I?ll be continuously updating this guide every update. Feel free to share it with your friends or online, as long as you credit me. (this doesn?t mean you can make money off it) If you feel something is wrong with the guide, just contact me on the forums. ?Ikarasu? is my handle, without the brackets.

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