Skyforge Squad Adventures Guide


Skyforge Squad Adventures Guide?by Acid Sloth

Before you continue reading, please keep in mind that this guide is aimed at beginners. Most of the information contained within will be obvious to more seasoned players. It?s also written from the perspective of someone who primarily plays solo, so some special party-only mechanics may be omitted simply because I am not aware of them. Please feel free to point out anything I?ve missed. Contributions will be added to the guide with proper credit given.

The point of this guide is not to cover every enemy or mechanic you will face in solo adventures, but rather explain important boss mechanics, notable non-boss mechanics, and provide pointers on how to beat said mechanics quickly and smoothly. Due to the scope of this guide, I?ve tried to do this concisely without going into unnecessary detail.


Enemy Classes

Crushers: Also commonly called tanks, their icon is a shield

Thugs: Sword icon enemies

Enchanters: Eye of Providence icon enemies

Minions: Also known as swarms, their icon is three rhombi

Summoned Enemies: These types of enemies have skull icons, like bosses, but can typically be classified as one of the four types above

Elite: Enemies with 5 HP bars whose icons are based on the Crusher/Thug/Enchanter system

Boss: Enemies with 5 to 60 HP bars who have skull icons

Enemy Types: This refers to which army enemies belong to. This is important for trophies, but not every enemy type has an associated trophy

Enrage: Some enemies enrage, turning red and attacking at increased speed and damage

Boss Ring: The marked area in which you are locked during boss fights

AoE: Area of Effect. Refers to attacks capable of hitting multiple enemies

Kiting: The act of keeping an enemy at a safe range away from you, often done while simultaneously hitting them with ranged attacks

Note: I currently have access to 23 out of 30 squad adventures, so not all of them are covered here. More will be added as I unlock them.

1. Factory 501

Enemy Type: Mechanoids

[Boss] Scissor Sentry Cerberus, Mechanoid Unit Inspector: This is basically a tutorial fight meant to introduce players to telegraphed attacks. Just avoid the big beam.

[Boss] Laorus, Shadow Reaper: The main danger in this fight are the Oculat Observers spawned by Laorus whenever he says something; Be ready to kill them. Once you?ve disabled the shield, he?ll be at low HP so just burn him down quickly.

2. Port Naori

Enemy Type: Army of the Seas

Before getting to Happo, you will face a few groups of Khelps. You can pull them to the boss ring by hiding behind a container, and then quickly AoE them down.

After Happo, you have to destroy 5 groups of eggs before fighting Llurus and Aegira. You can speed this process up by destroying the eggs and letting yourself die, which will let you respawn next to Llurus.

[Boss] Ferocious Happo, Khelp Troop Leader: You may want to kite this Khelp during his enrage if playing on Very Hard/Impossible, but otherwise he?s fairly harmless.

[Boss] Llurus the Storm Claw and Aegira, Nemida?s Personal Guard: Nemida will come out of the container whenever Llurus loses one HP bar, giving him a damage reduction buff. She will hide again whenever she loses one HP bar. Save powerful AoEs for when both bosses are in the fight, avoid the Naiad?s bubbles and the Khelp?s charged attack. Sometimes you may be able to kill the Naiad first, but this is not recommended as it will make the Khelp?s shield permanent.

[Boss] Nemida, Naiad Troop Leader: About 10-15 seconds from when combat starts, this boss will put up a damage shield and spawn some adds. Killing the adds will remove the shield, but you can break it through damage.

Tip: If you leave one or more adds alive, Naiad will not put up another shield. She?ll still spawn some weak adds when she?s low, but this will make the fight notably quicker.

3. Okki Island

Enemy Type: Reapers of Death

[Boss] Gruhn the Flaming Axe, Vird Berserker: Gruhn will switch between dealing a powerful avoidable cone attack, and creating damaging fields of fire wherever he stands. Simply avoid the big attack and stay away (or use defensive skills) from the fire.

[Boss] Zuurkh the Flayer, Fierce Carrion: Zuurkh will, about 10-15 seconds from when the fight starts and occasionally afterwards, create a hole on the ground in which he will attempt to hide and then summon Vird adds. Destroying the hole will cause him to enrange instead.

Tip: You can interrupt Zuurkh?s enrange with stuns. He?ll continue attempting to enrange again, which you can continue to interrupt.

[Boss]?Ancient Ashy Varax: This Varax is an optional boss, located on the beach before Adeor. Watch out for when it stands on its hind legs, as it?s preparing to perform a powerful but avoidable cone attack. Once its HP is low enough, it will spawn adds.

[Boss] Adeor, Death Ravager: During this fight you?re supposed to lead the purple damaging hands into the boss while taking the yellow healing hands. If in melee range, the Death Ravager will constantly perform an avoidable melee attack. If at range, the Reaper of Death will throw unavoidable scythes at you. In parties, an additional melee knockdown is performed.

Tip: If solo, the easiest way to not take damage during this fight is to simply circlce around the boss at melee range. None of its attacks will hit you, so you will only have to worry about the hands, which should kill Aedor fairly quickly.

4. Saiban Archipelago

Enemy Type: Mechanoids

[Boss] Heavy Secutor Thunder, Mechanoid Unit Gunner: This Secutor will fire a ground-targeted attack at you, and spawn mines that will close in on your location when it drops down to the ground.

Tip: The easiest way to avoid taking mine damage is to simply stop attacking when the Secutor drops down and once they spawn, walk away through whichever path is open.

[Boss] Heavy Secutor Prism, Mechanoid Unit Interceptor: This Secutor will fire a constant beam at you, and spawn oculats when it drops down to the ground. Save AoEs for the oculats, as they can do a lot of damage.

Tip: If you have a teleport/charge/long dash of some kind, get away from the Secutor when it fires its beam, then quickly move to the opposite direction. This will buy you some time where you can attack the boss without the beam catching up to you.

[Boss] Special Secutor Talisman, Mechanoid Unit Coordinator: This Secutor has the same ground-targeted attack as Thunder, but will also split into a number of images that deal unavoidable ranged damage after some time.

Tip: You can track the Secutor when it splits into images. Follow the right one to speed up the fight significantly.

5. Kyris

Enemy Type: Mantides

[Boss] Deathpoisoner, Ferocious Wing Poisoner: The pools of acid dropped by this boss will cause constant damage. It will occasionally attempt to heal itself through the barrels scattered around the ring; Destroy them to stop this, and if the Deathpoisoner is close enough, significantly damage it.

Tip: Use reflect effects while standing on the pools of acid

[Boss] Romur, Aswang Commander: This boss has a typical telegraphed attack, but will occaisonally go invulnerable and start summoning adds

Tip: Damage over time effects will continue to damage this boss while it?s invulnerable

[Boss] Ferocious Illira, Clan Leader: This boss will deal unavoidable ranged damage, while summoning adds and occasionally creating a damage absorption shield that will, after some time, blow up and deal damage based on how much damage was absorbed. Stay outside the marked area and use ranged attacks to damage it, if possible.

6. Ardos Monastery

Enemy Type: Army of the Seas

Like other Army of Seas adventures, you want to kill the Naiad Enchanters first, while interrupting or avoiding the bubbles from Naiad and Khelp crushers.

[Boss] Stormbringer Daire, Naiad Assaulter: Daire will create geysers on the ground which will deal significant damage if you don?t move away in time.?When Daire screams, she?s about to send out an avoidable wave that deals damage in front of her.

[Boss] Khelp Elder, High Shaman: This boss will occasionally spawn tornadoes that chase you, dealing damage. He?ll also disorient enemies in a telegraphed cone, circle around him to avoid it.

[Boss] Urbus, Eggs Warden: Urbus has the typical AoE channeled attack of any Ong, which you just away away from, but will also occasionally spawn adds or drop damaging fields on the ground. Save AoE for the adds. He?ll also charge up a somewhat powerful but avoidable attack when he appears to back away from you for a few seconds.

7. Darnic Village

Enemy Type: Reapers of Death

If your AoE is good, it?s fairly easy to kill all three of the reapers groups before Vaal simultaneously. Sneak past group 1 and 2, killing patrols and ambushes. Pull group 1, pull group 3, then pull group 2. They will reach you at roughly the same time.

You can do the same with groups 2 and 3 after Vaal.

[Boss] Vaal, Harbinger of Doom: Vaal will go invulnerable and spawn an enraged Carrion that will explode after some time, dealing significant damage. After the Carrion dies, he?ll become vulnerable again.

Tip: You can kill the summoned Carrion before Vaal blows it up

Tip: DoTs will continue dealing damage to Vaal after he goes invulnerable

[Boss] Chichir Haulstomp, Vird Pack Leader: Chichir?s most dangerous move is his enrage. Kite him or use defensive skills when it?s active. The adds will scatter as soon as the fight starts, so try to get them in your initial attack, otherwise they may become troublesome later.

Tip: When Chichir starts stomping the ground, you can avoid the attack by dashing away from him and standing at a diagonal position relative to where he is looking.

8. Lanber Catacombs

Enemy Type: Mantides

This adventure has some tricky trash pulls with the Mantides. Always kill the enchanters first, stay away from the thugs (or kill them quickly) when they put up their damage bubble, and save dash charges or movement skills for the bubbles the crushers throw at you.

[Boss] Hespar, : Hesper has one telegraphed cone attack, and one ring-wide AoE attack that will drain players of most of their health regardless of any invulnerability effects, at which point each player will drop enough health orbs to restore their health. Occasionally you and Hespar will be launched away from the center of the room, and a collectable buff will show up. It?s important to not let him get the yellow one, as that will keep healing him for a while.

Tip: When going for the buff, time it so you get past the first sets of orbs by running then dash past the last ones. Also, to get a second or third shot at the buff, make sure the pillars are directly behind you.

[Boss] Merciless Astara, Clan Leader: Astara will cause telegraphed rocks to fall out of the ceiling and charge up a ring-wide AoE attack; hide behind the rocks. She?ll also do a telegraphed cone attack, and will tag eggs to be hatched for adds; destroy the eggs she tags.

9. Thais Temple

Enemy Type: Army of the Seas

[Boss] Horrus, Sea Horror: This is a simple Kraken fight. Dash or use a movement skill when prompted to remove the constant damage of the flying eels, and destroy the eggs if you don?t want to deal with adds.

[Boss] Hesione, High Naiad: Hesione will switch between spawning powerful whirlpools on the ground and dealing unavoidable ranged damage. Avoid the pools and if possible, use defensive skills the moment she stops spawning them.

Tip: She?ll spawn at most two whirlpools directly under your feet, the others are semi-random. After the second pool spawns, you?re okay to pick a safe spot and continue attacking her.

[Boss] Protheus, Sea Lord: Initially Protheus will summon a few waves of minions you have to kill before fighting him. During the fight he?ll shield up and summon adds, doing powerful telegraphed attacks while you fight them. Once the minions are dead, he?ll become vulnerable to summon more. When he hits five bars of health, he?ll change his attack and start summoning Naiads.

Tip: Avoid the Naiads? slowing waves by kiting them until they disappear. Alternatively, save dash charges for when you do get slowed.

10. Facility 902

Enemy Type: Mechanoids

[Boss] Armored Scissor Bastion: This is a simple boss fight where the Bastion will become invulnerable, and you have to step on two pads to remove the effect. Avoid the telegraphed laser beam

Tip: If you don?t destroy the adds, the Scissor Bastion will not go invulnerable

[Boss] Reinforced Secutor Hornet: This Secutor Hornet will charge up beams that are fired twice, once in front and behind it, and once to its left and right; Stay at a diagonal position to avoid the damage. Once he drops down to the ground, he?ll small moving fields that deal damage to anyone inside. One will chase a person in the party, the others will move in a circle

Tip: Save defensive skills for when the fields spawn, so you can continue dealing damage rather than running away.

[Elite] Secutor Sentry Gatekeeper: Destroy the menders and disable their repairing fields before you move on to the Gatekeeper.

[Boss] Special Rethiarius Chaos: Fight this Rethiarius by using the gun to the left. Always use the right click first if it?s off cooldown. Leave the gun once he starts firing his beam, and kill the suicide bombing oculats with the gun whenever appropriate.

Note: Transformations like the Necromancer?s Lich form and the Slayer?s Cloaking will stop you from leaving or entering the gun until they are over.

11. Thetin Rift

Enemy Type: Mantides

This adventure has only one boss, and on the path to it you will face a number of Mantides and Wingers. I recommend killing the Mantide groups and then heading for the Winger Queens, if you happen to die after the queen is dead you will spawn at the next section.

Mid-way through Thetin Rift you will find a fairly difficult Mantide group. Kill the enchanter first, and focus on not being caught in the thugs? AoE bubbles. If you?re in a party, focus targets.

[Elite] Bonecracker Kurukh, Reapers of Death Minion: This is a Carrion elite with no added mechanics.

Kurukh is a bit hidden, here?s an image representating his location:

examine the dead body to fight him

[Boss] Fathomless Gorge, Insatiable Cryptide: When this boss starts weaving silk in a line, circle around it to avoid being eaten and turned into a cocoon. Save some AoE damage for when it spawns adds.

12. Cronnel Platforms

Enemy Type: Wardens of Fire

In this adventure you must destroy Ignis, but to fight it you must first enable 3 altars of water which will give you a stacking buff, preventing instant death inside the boss ring.

Note that once you disable the second and third altar, new enemies will spawn.

[Boss] Nimbus, Great Warden of Water: Nimbus is an optional boss; It is found east of Igni. Nimbus? main attack is a flying bubble that will slowly follow you, showering you with constant damage. Keep moving or use defensive skills.

[Boss] Ignis, Great Warden of Fire: Ignis has three mechanics to watch out for. It?ll throw fire on the ground, creating patches that deal constant damage and will explode, dealing significant damage. When it drops down to the ground, it will create a powerful explosion around it. And occasionally it will summon Bombs, adds that will attempt to explode next to you; You must either destroy or kite them.

Tip: Uncapped reflect effects are particularly powerful against Ignis. Reflecting the explosion from the burning ground will deal massive damage.

13. Ignum Monastery

Enemy Type: Templars

[Boss] Reinforced Titan Atlas, Mechanical Guard: This Titan will occasionally disarm you, forcing you to find and pickup your weapon. Its main source of damage is a ground stomp, which it repeats twice dealing damage and pulling you in; Dash away once you see it jump, which will hopefully let you avoid the last two stomps.

Tip: Classes with CC breaks (e.g. Berserker?s Wild Leap) can use them to get their weapon back immediately

[Boss] Siege Tank Tornado, Lanber Legion Combat Vehicle: The Tornado?s main sources of damage are a powerful series of avoidable artillery strikes and the Lanber Legion Punisher it occasionally spawns. Keep moving (or use a defensive skill) while being shelled by artillery strike and kill the add if you?re taking too much damage

[Elite] Lanber Legion Guard: This Elite can be quite annoying for ranged classes. He?ll constantly charge you, dealing unavoidable damage. I recommend saving cooldowns to make sure you can kill him fast enough.

[Boss] Tradius, Lanber Legion Commander: When this boss shields up, lead him towards the beam of light. When Tradius turns blue, he?ll be slowed but deal double damage, save defensive skills and/or get ready to kite at this point.

14. Syblian Heights

Enemy Type: Wardens of Fire and Wardens of Water

There are several skippable patrols and mob groups in this adventure. Skipping them can significantly speed up this adventure. After the first two altars, I recommend sticking to the right on the path to the Altar of Water, then jumping down on the Altar of Fire. Afterwards, head for the Altar of Fire and then the Altar of Water.

The enchanters here will summon mobs, so focus on killing them first whenever possible. Disables will delay or interrupt the summoning process.

[Elite] Warden of Rain: This elite will charge up a powerful wave attack. When it is charging, you will hear some water sound effects and see some water effects around the warden

[Elite] Warden of Magma: Stay away from this warden whenever it drops down to the ground

[Boss] Kinius: This boss will mark areas on the ground where meteorites will fall, you have about a second to avoid the incoming damage. When Kinius drops to the ground, it will do three AoE attacks around the entire boss ring. A moving dome will spawn, stand inside it to avoid the damage.

Tip: Use defensive skills when Kinius drops to the ground. Sometimes you will not have enough time to get to the dome, and this may additionally let you continue dealing damage to the boss rather than running for safety.

[Boss] Amnis: This warden has a powerful attack where he will throw a bubble at you, dealing significant damage. To avoid it simply watch for the arrow on the ground and move. It?ll repeat this several times or until it succeeds. Amnis will also occasionally put you inside a CC bubble that you have to break out of.

Tip: If you?re playing a bursty class, save your cooldowns for after you break free from the bubble.

15. Tau Experimental Station

Enemy Type: Wardens of Death, Guardians of Darkness

[Boss] Messenger of Death: Like other Wardens of Death, this boss will drop down to the ground and deal damage around it after a few seconds. It will also spawn minions which, if they?re alive as the aforementioned attack goes off, will heal the boss; Kill them quickly. At 2 bars of health, this boss will split into 4 Wardens.

Tip: When the boss splits, if you kill all four wardens at the same time, all four will drop boss loot. Use this at your own risk, as it may be considered an exploit.

[Boss] Face of Death: This is a simple Warden of Death fight, with the added danger of the damaging fields.

Tip: If you need to heal up after activating the terminals, simply run down the ramp. This will cause the boss to reset and take you out of combat.

Tip: If you reset the boss, be it by dying or by running down the ramp, it will no longer attempt to leave the area of its cage, allowing you to kill it with ranged attacks with at no danger of being attacked.

16. Alakur Island

Enemy Type: Phytonides

[Elite] Entid Sower: This elite will spawn plants which function as mines and may occasionally attempt to eat you, stunning for a few seconds. Avoid the mines and worry about other enemies, if applicable.

[Elite] Poisonous Triffid: This is a more dangerous elite that will deal constant ranged damage. Watch out for when it starts spewing a green substance, it will slowly move to a different position then do a cone attack at your direction.

[Boss] Deathflower Hyperica: Like the Entid Sower, this boss will spawn plant mines; Avoid them, as they are the Deathflower Hyperica?s main source of damage. Otherwise it does some (mostly) unavoidable melee attacks.

[Boss] Wedgeleafed Orgilium: This boss will start spewing glowing particles and shortly after perform a big AoE attack around it. Once it gets low enough, this telegraph will instead signify that it will spawn weak (but high damage) adds, and then perform the AoE attack. The Wedgeleafed Orgilium will also perform the same special attack as Poisonous Triffids.

[Boss] Branchy Eneskid: This Eneskid will drop pools of acid around the boss ring, which deal significant constant damage. Eventually it?ll spawn adds which you should kill quickly. In parties, the Branchy Eneskid will occasionally eat a party member and spit them out inside a cocoon, lasting 20 seconds. Other party members must break this person free, otherwise they will likely die.

Tip: In parties, to avoid being thrown on top of a pool after being eaten, make sure there are no pools directly behind you. The Branchy Eneskid will not have a pool to throw you to, and will instead attempt to throw a pool at you after some time. This gives enough time for your party members to free you before you take damage.

17. Thandi Drilling Station

Enemy Type: Gorgonides and Wardens of Fire

At the beginning of this adventure, if you quickly move forward after being knocked down, you can skip the first group of mobs.

At the end you will have to turn on three generators, each spawning a number of snakes and then the boss. You may want to prepare between generators, as these snakes can do a lot of damage if you don?t AoE them down quickly.

[Boss] Flame Herald: Immediately when this fight starts you will want to pull this boss from the burning ground it?s standing on, which heals the Flame Herald. This boss will create fire fields that deal a lot of damage quickly, so stay away when they appear. It will also spawn adds which should be killed quickly

[Boss] Pit Viper: Focus on quickly killing the adds, as they deal more damage than the Pit Viper. Stay away from the damaging fields of poison and whenever the Viper burrows underground, circle around it to avoid a powerful incoming attack.

18. Aristel?s Farm

Enemy Type: Reapers of Death

This is a wave defense adventure with no bosses, you get a bag and some gear upon completion.

To make sure the farmers don?t die, hit every enemy at least once. Alternatively, if you have powerful AoE, wait until they start attacking the farmers and kill them. This bunches them up neatly for you.

19. Icy Winds Canyon

Enemy Type: Ornis, Ursuns, Renegade Cryomancer?s Pets

[Boss] Ice Fang: When this Ursun stands on its hind legs, stay away. He?ll attempt to hit you and if successful, a powerful bleed will be applied.

[Boss] Nest Warden: The Nest Warden will spawn low HP adds which you should kill quickly, as they do a lot of damage.

[Elite] Deafening Roar & Stone Tusk: Kill Roar first, watch out for Tusk?s charge.

[Boss] Renegade Cryomancer: Whe prompted to jump, you will eventually freeze and take significant damage if you don?t; You have plenty of time though. When the Cryomancer says ?I will turn you into ice statues!?, you can avoid his attacks by continually moving.

20. Taron Power Station

Enemy Type: Gorgonides

Another wave defense mission, but with a boss at the end. This time you?re defending 3 power cores from increasingly more powerful waves of Gorgonides. Be careful about letting enemies hit the core as it gets destroyed very quickly, and the core will act as an obstacle for your attacks.

[Boss] Adamantite Hydra: There?s really nothing special about this boss; It?s a Hydra with some more mechanics, but none of them are particularly dangerous.

21. Avesten Tower

Enemy Type: Mantides

This adventure has a LOT of enemies. Most Aswang groups will aggro another group when fight them, so watch out.

You have two objectives before you can face the boss ? find a key on one of the dead bodies, and destroy 3 eggs inside the town. The eggs are marked by a gold icon, and can be seen through walls at a certain range.

Numerous enemies can be avoided unless they?re stand between you and your objectives.

[Elite] Overseer: This elite will continually spawn wingers, and deal constant melee damage. If possible, kill the adds quickly as they will do more damage than the Overseer.

[Elite] Poisoner: This elite is fairly harmless, but it will explode dealing significant AoE damage when it dies, so watch out.

[Boss] Queen: This boss will create pools of acid while attempting to hatch eggs (similar to Lanber Catacombs? Merciless Astara) which spawn adds that deal a lot of damage. I recommend trying to burn the boss down quickly, as the amount of eggs being hatched can be overwhelming.

22. Port Usuni

Enemy Type: Demons

This adventure is pretty interesting. You take constant damage while standing on the demon goo/rocks, demonstrated by the Spark of Destruction icon. If you?re safe, a Spark of Creation icon will appear instead.

The Elite Demon Warriors can be fought away from other groups of mobs. All the Imps deal significant ranged damage, but the Imp Scouts in particular will also teleport away from you, possibly ruining your AoE damage; AoE CC is valuable here.

[Boss] Demon Commander: When purple streams start coming out of the Commander?s armor, he?s about to jump where he is looking, dealing massive damage; Circle around him to avoid it. Occasionally he?ll summon a number of Imp Lookouts, get ready to take them out.

[Boss] Chaos Fury: When Chaos Fury appears to create a shield around her, she?ll slow you and charge up a powerful beam that will strike in a telegraphed line. Eventually she?ll create copies of herself that perform weaker versions of the same attacks, minus the slow. You may want to burn her down quickly.

[Boss] Octhulhu of Madness: This boss has 20 bars of HP. The trick here is that it?ll summon adds, and when you kill them, you will get a damage buff that will massively increase your damage against the boss. Time your burst around this. Beyond this it?ll fire a beam at you, which gives you plenty of time to avoid it before you take significant damage.

Tip: The buff lasts 20 seconds and stacks up to 3 times, but 4 enemies are summoned. You can keep one alive to refresh the buff as it?s about to end.

23. Thorneus? Camp

Enemy Type: Army of the Seas

In this adventure, while not close to a heat source you will eventually start taking constant damage from the freezing temperature.

[Boss] Ancient Khelp: This is a simple fight similar to Happo from Port Naori.

[Boss] Siren: This fight is similar to Hesione from Thais Temple. When the Siren starts to thaw out a Khelp, attack it immediately as you will deal significant bonus damage while it?s still frozen

[Boss] Ancient Kraken: This Kraken has a lot of health, but will take massive bonus damage as long as it is frozen from the nitrogen containers.

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