Skyforge Stats Optimization Guide


Skyforge Stats Optimization Guide?by DualSpiral

I noticed a lot of players don?t know what stats to go for, or they don?t think stats matter. I made this guide for them so they can succeed in skyforge!


In skyforge there is not a common stat system, in fact it is the most complex system I have ever used. Every player can find their own way to build. The problem with this system is that players who don?t know what they want will just grab random things, I think that will hurt their experience.

Each section will be linked to a system in skyforge; the Ascension atlas, the order, and your equipment. They are all essential to understand so that you can maximize your damage and utility.


This is the most important thing, also the easiest to understand. In skyforge you have rings, amulets, a main-hand, and an offhand weapon. Another type of equipment is trophies but they are like a bonus item, unique to different enemies.


Main Stat = Might

The key to all good builds is a weapon that increases the damage of the skill that does the most damage or is used very often. Picking out the right weapon can be hard at times but usually one is far superior to the others.

All weapons green or higher will increase damage of an ability. How good the bonus is depends on the quality.

This is why Founders Weapons are good for an endless amount of time, until you get another legendary.

Modifier for bonus

Whatever the green bonus is you can multiply it to see what it would be like at a higher quality. These will also work the same on Additional weapons.

Green = 1

Blue = 2

Purple = 3

Yellow = 4

In addition to the extra damage, legendary or yellow weapons can have an additional damage increase to other skills. This bonus is unlike the other one and is based on the items proficiency.

Additional Weapon

Main Stat = Stamina

Your addition weapon can do a lot of different things, it will always give stamina.

The buffs on your additional weapon can buff a lot of different skills, most of the time it won?t be a damage buff, but for Berserker it is sometimes.

Things to look out for are ability cooldowns, those are usually really good. Also look for things that extend the duration of abilities.


Main Stats = Strength, Valor, Luck, Spirit

Rings are the basic building blocks of good stat optimization. I strongly suggest you have the same to stats on every ring, this will allow your Ritual Ornament to boost your main stats.

If you decide you don?t want two stats, then the Ritual Ornament will boost all the stats on your rings. For this reason I suggest upgrading your ritual ornament over the other two because it will increase your damage more, if you?re a tank you might want more stamina though.

The quality of the ring reflects how many bonus effects it has. Ring bonuses can be: Critical Chance, Discharge Recovery, Accuracy, Temper, Health Bonus, and Dash Activation.

White ? no bonus stats

Green ? 1

Blue ? 2

Purple ? 2 (sometimes has stronger bonus stats)

Purple rings drop only from raid bosses, you are guaranteed 1-2 purple rings per raid boss. (The first raid is about 36k prestige)


Main Stats = stamina & skill bonus

Amulets are the final piece of a good build, you start collecting them at about 3k prestige. Amulet bonuses are familiar to weapon bonuses because they always increase damage, but they are a flat increase.

When it comes to amulets you should take the ones that benefit your hardest hitting skill, or your most used skill. By doing this you raise your overall dps significantly.

EX: my Archer has 4 amulets all boosting single shot?s damage. This skill is almost required to build concentration so its a good pick.

All amulets boost skills, including white ones. Higher quality amulets will have a stronger boost, and boost more skills.

Amulet scaling

Amulets with 2 bonuses have 2 numbers for strength of the bonuses. For this reason you only need green amulets or better.

White = 1

Green = 2

Blue = 1+2

Purple = 2+2

Purple amulets will come from 5 man dungeons!


Main Stat = bonus damage vs specific enemies

Trophies are an extra piece of equipment you start getting at about 8k prestige. There are 7 different types of trophies.

Mantide ? wingers, mantides

Demon ? usually blue glowing creatures

Reaper of death ? reapers, virds, worgen

Sea- khelp, ong, naiads

Mechanoid ? self explanatory

Phytonide ? plants

Gorganide ? snakes, templars, and archers

Trophy quality

To increase the trophy quality you must collect 100 pieces, then make the trophy, you can then disassemble your trophy for the next qualities pieces.

Trophies have 4 different qualities, each comes with an extra bonus as well as a bonus to damage vs the entire army.

Bonus modifiers

White ? 3%damage + random bonus

Green ? 6%damage + random bonus

Blue ? 9%damage + random bonus

Purple -12&damage bonus + random bonus

Atlas Development

The atlas will one day be filled but it will take a long time before that is done. For the mean time it is recommended to plan a route to symbols and classes that you need.

I will make a symbol priority list later on that will go with this guide. Symbol priority will depend on your main objective. (tanking/damaging/supporting)

Most symbols will be for damage, there is no support symbols (to keep the game balanced) I recommend that everyone should use the defensive symbols in the end-game. You won?t need all of the damage symbols, only those that go with your class/build.

The beginning

I understand some people may already have passed this point, but it?s still good to know. When starting out you have to start from the starter classes, you don?t have to play them but you have to start from them in the atlas.

After you unlock the Ascension Atlas I suggest going for at least one good symbol, may it be double discharge, lacerating wounds, or even impulse barrier.

After you get your first major symbol and the class you want to play the most, you will want to grab all the greatness nodes you may have passed. When going for greatness you should grab it around the starting classes as it?s really cheap about 150 sparks for 200 greatness, you will eventually have to venture out for more.

After you have obtained all the cheap greatness you should expand your search for more symbols that benefit your main role or playstyle.

Good Symbols to go for could be mark of death or maybe just ones to boost damage for your main stats.

The Main Objective

The ascension atlas is there to perfect your build and increase your damage.

Symbols you will need





You will need to choose what you want your main stats to be, and then hunt down the 2 corresponding symbols. You can stack these a lot so happy hunting!

Let me Explain what each stat does.

Spirit ? If you ever heard the term Impulse damage, this is where it all comes from. Some skills proc impulse (that bar above your dash). I dont recommend this stat on every class, but some do get bonuses for it, Lightbinder, Knight, and some others. Spirit is recommended if the class has low base damage, so its also good on paladin.

Luck -This stat of course works on every class, but some classes may find more value in Valor than this. Luck benefits you most when you have low damage scaling (Lightbinder, Paladin, Knight) or if you have tons of damage ticks. (Archer, Berserker, Kinetic, alchemist) To get the best results stack critical chance every time you can.

Strength ? Base damage ? Everything you do can scale on strength, but like i said tanks, and supports scale pretty bad with the exception of the Alchemist. It increases your maximum base damage. (I know it says Minimum) More strength allows you to pull off some powerful hits, and if you throw in some crushing blow, and accuracy you will love the numbers you can proc!

Valor ? Bonus damage ? Only works with skills (not auto attacks.) The only stat with a helpful tooltip. With Temper you will be able to do maximum bonus damage, at any time, otherwise the damage gets worse as the targets health goes down. This should not scare you away from the stat, this is the strength, it allows you to burst your targets down in the beginning of fights. This stat is amazing on Archers, Witches, Cryomancers, and Slayers.

So get out there and stack those bad boys up, and make sure your rings go with them! These will put you at the top of the DPS charts every time!


When choosing what classes you play, you should always remember it is best to maximize the class before moving onto the next (get every ability and talent.) You do not need every node in the tree. You must make sure to do this because each class you have maxed will unlock two symbol slots, this is the only way to unlock them after you get your first 3 from the ascension atlas. Symbols are the endgame so make sure to open up plenty of slots! Paladin is a good class to max out once you have all the classes you want because its symbol gives invulnerability.

When a class has a star next to it, it means you have unlocked every talent and ability.

Keep this in mind if you forget what you already have.

Some classes will give really good symbols Like the archer, alchemist, and kinetic. You will want to get these for the damage bonus they provide.

These Symbols are all really good for any dps to pick up!

The Order

The final piece to a strong build and good stat optimization. You order is going to increase your max HP a lot, but it will also allow you to stack things like Critical Chance, Crushing Blow, and Defense Penetration.

I want to warn you of some things, you can go overboard on your order, if your order is giving you more than ? of your prestige it is going to hurt you. It will be harder to run adventures alone, and not many players will be able to do the same content as you. So I suggest remembering that Temple ranks should not be too high.


These bad boys can pump out loads of might and stamina, as well as bonus hp.

They currently have 4 qualities:

White is useless, you get this by default, but you can upgrade it to a green!

Green Temples means Green Chapels can be built! They can also be upgraded to blue!

Blue Chapels can be built, must be green to become blue!

Purple is the current end-game for temples and chapels, its effects are triple that of a green chapel.


Chapels can have many different benefits, but they will always be bonus stats, a key part to keeping your damage through the roof, or making you survive the nastiest of fights!

keep in mind you must upgrade chapels in order!

Green > Blue > Purple

Critical Chance ? Boosts your chance to do critical damage

Accuracy ? Increases base damage

Temper ? Increases the chance of doing maximum Bonus(Valor) damage

Endurance ? Reduces the damage taken by large hits

Dash Activation ? Decreases recharge time on dashes

Block ? Decreases damage based on stamina

Discharge Recovery ? Decreases recharge of impulse charges

Shield power ? Increases the amount of hp that your shields provide

Violence ? When you?re below 50% hp you will do this much bonus damage

Ranged Damage ? Increases damage dealt to targets farther than 20m

Crushing blow ? Chance to double your base damage

Vigor ? increases damage when you are chasing

Defense Penetration ? PvE Stat Only! This is how much of your damage ignores the enemy?s defense, only good in pve.

Adaptation ? Incoming damage is reduced by this %, stacks up to 4 times, really strong defensive stat.

Regeneration ? Recover a percentage of hp for damage you just took, really bad stat, needs reworked.

Solidity ? Increases damage based on stamina

Try to choose a stat or two to focus on grabbing, if you don?t know what to take on a temple, don?t be scared to pick up Adaptation or Accuracy!

I would like to thank skyforge for making this guide possible! I really hope this can help everyone if even only a little bit. This is the most work I have ever put into a single guide.

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