SkyRama Planes and Helicopters List

SkyRama Planes and Helicopters List by creed Planes Here you will find all current aircraft models from the game with this all important data, sorted on...

SkyRama Collections Guide

SkyRama Collections Guide by WitchWay You will see a Postage Stamp ? name collections. If you click on the Postage Stamp, a screen will pop up...

SkyRama Adding Buddies Guide

SkyRama Adding Buddies Guide by DanzFarm3 Hello, I have noticed ALOT of ppl have been having problem?s adding buddies to their buddies bar. I wanted...

SkyRama Duty Free FAQ

SkyRama Duty Free Frequently Asked Questions by creed 1. What is Duty Free?Duty free goods are to give you a little extra money.2. What do...

SkyRama Buildings Guide

SkyRama Buildings Guide by CorvuS3 Terminal BuildingsSmall Terminal This is a Small Terminal. It?s used a decorative building to generate passengers. Currently, it can generate...

SkyRama Story Goals List

SkyRama Story Goals List by CorvuS3 Say it with flowers?Buy 1 flower box-Buy 1 flower box-Collect 2 flowers+6 AirCoins+6 Exp C02 compensation-Place 3 trees-Collect 2 newspapers-Place...

SkyRama Main Goals Guide

SkyRama Main Goals Guide by CorvuS3 This is a listing of the Main Goals in the game. As the game is still in Beta these...

SkyRama Moving, Storing and Rotating Items Guide

SkyRama Moving, Storing and Rotating Items Guide by creed On your screen you will see a Bulldozer Named Storage. If you click on the Bulldozer you...

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