Smite complete guide to penta farming


Hi, I’ve posted on r/smite before about me reaching 1k penta kills and I got downvoted into oblivion because people simply didn’t believe it, so I figured it’s time to make a complete guide on what my strategy is and what you should be doing if you want to get pentas.

Some stuff I would like to mention before starting: my IGN is mandax. I have around 1.1k pentas and about 25k worshippers on Thanatos (I will add clips to give you some ideas what I do when hunting for pentas).

Thanatos in arena is just the way to go. I’ll add for the newer players that Thana gains hp on every god kill and reduces all of his cd’s by 5 seconds. His scythe is also a self heal.

First of all, when the game starts, you want to wait in base for Ninja tabi. Sure you give up some pressure on mid wave, but you have way more kill potential with full boots and red buff. Attack speed boots is better in all ways. It gives you more secure vs your teammates, more attack speed that is also great with the crits later and it also allows you to fountain dive more often. You get blink, but if you think you need it, go beads first.

After Ninja tabi, you want to go straight into Bloodforge. Not only does Bloodforge go so well with Thana his kit and playstyle meaning that once you get 1 kill you can keep going because of the added Bloodforge passive. Bloodforge also gives the power spike that you need since you got Ninja tabi. As for the playstyle. I highly recommend dying for kills because the build is not cheap and you want to have a small lead/ finish the build earlier in the match.

It is also around here that you want to keep an eye on the timer because at around 4 minutes red buff spawns which helps.

Then, after Bloodforge, you go straight into Hydra’s. Thana might not have the best AA cancels but he makes great use out of Hydras with his kit. To continue, you go for Malice, Wind Demon, Deathbringer, which ties in perfectly with Hydras. Here is a clip that shows it perfectly:

Here are some clips to give you an idea: -I would say this is a close as you can get to actual 0 second cd’s. The malice + thana passive +40% cd really is something. This clip is also great because it shows how strong hydras can be. -Of course this wouldn’t have been possible without Aphrodite, but it is still fountain diving and you can also dive without Aphro and get 1 or 2 pentas and (maybe) walk out alive. -The way I try to go for Agni is something you should be looking out for as well. You are likely going to die, but I could have killed the Agni right there and gotten the penta if I didn’t screw up.

As for the leveling order, you want to level your 1 / 2 and level your ult when possible. The 3 is for silence

Season 8 has introduced brawling and because of that I notice that people are building less anti-heal which is nice. I recommend that if you are playing with a friend to ask him build rod of Asclepius or Caduceus shield as it boosts all of your healing.

Considering teammates, you would of course want an Aphro, Geb, and Discordia, but that only happens if you are playing with friends. Aphro and Geb for obvious reasons, but Discordia is nice not only for her passive but because if she is able to land those AoE hits. You are able to follow up more easy since your Aphro is focusing on supporting you and Geb is passive.

I do NOT support smurfing in any way and I’m aware that the penta kills on my account are not real pentas as real penta kills are in conquest. I am also aware that good teams will not allow some of the shit i am able to do in more casual matches. This is not your usual playstyle and it definitely does not work every match. Dying for kills is up to you but it is the way to go.

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