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SMITE Guardian Support Key Concepts Guide


SMITE Guardian Support Key Concepts Guide?by Dat_Spoon

Common Starting Builds:?WG- gives gp5 and allows your hunter to last hit without denying gold from you HoG- for securing minions Wards- for vision Watchers Gift(800gold) HoG(300 gold)1-2wards (50-100 gold) X amount of?Multi potions?(50 gold times X).

Watchers Gift(800gold), RoG(600 gold), 1 ward(50 gold) 1 potion of your choice(50 gold)

Note: You should always counter-build, essp as support, it is essential to tanking through team fights.

Core Items:?Midas/CdR Boots (preference) Midas boots give extra gold per minute, and CdR boots give reduction in your cooldown timers.

Sovereignty- Should be rushed almost always after your boots, gives tankiness to your team and yourself, but very expensive.

Magis Blessing- Allows you to tank through objectives without being peeled off

Tips for various things throughout a game:

Warding- Using Sentry Wards or Vision Wards to locate enemies in the jungle

You should be warding the most out of your team, and placing them in various check points (around the gold fury and fire giant) and in other situational places, for example, if your team is behind place defensive wards in your jungle in order to protect against invasions. Also, note that you shouldn?t suffocate yourself with wards, if you have at least one ward covering an aggressive position at the gold fury and fire giant (towards their base, on the border of their jungle) in this situation you should only buy 1 vision ward (50 gold) and 1 sentry ward (135 gold) use the sentry ward on certain objectives depending on the situation (will go into later) to counter enemies wards.

Peeling-Using Crowd Control to keep enemies off of your carries

As a support you have a large amount of crowd control usually. When your hunter/other carries are being attacked by the enemy use your Crowd Control to keep them off of the enemy. Make them chose to sacrifice them self for a potential kill on your carry or to just ran away.

Securing Objectives-Using Wrath of the Gods to kill Gold Fury or Fire Giant

You should always buy Wrath of the Gods (900 gold) to be able to execute the gold fury and fire giant when they are at 25% health. Note: you should buy WotG before 10 minutes if you are able to, but usually finish after your boots. It is your job as a support to steal objectives when enemies are attempting to secure them.

This is a short guide on to key concepts of being a support- guardian, I am not the best at this stuff so please give me feedback. If you enjoyed, please tell me if you want me to do a support-warrior concept next! <3 GL;HF


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