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SMITE guide on how to survive Smite as a solo player! By: ekkosz


So you have chosen Smite as a solo player? Well, tough luck.
Lets start with my personal experience: I have an average of 4.01 KDA over 451 games and around a 10KDA on my main Gods. My winrate is 56%, while my percentile of every relevant stat is in the top ~5%. Meanwhile I get players in my team that have much worse stats with the most infamous one having a 0.72KDA and 41% winrate with every stat in the bottom 10%.
So a player with top 5% stats has a 56% winrate solo while a player with bottom 10% of stats has a 41% winrate. That seems a bit weird, doesn’t it? Meanwhile there are players with roughly similar stats as me that have near 80% winrate. The difference? Teaming!

This whole experience annoyed me to no end in the beginning. Losing games where you are top God damage, top minion damage, top kills (some even like 14/0/21) and losing is extremely frustrating. What’s more frustrating is knowing you made a mistake saving 1, 2 or even 3 teammates while sacrificing yourself. So I thought about how to make this game fun solo and came to the following conclusions:

1: Screw your winrate. Winrate is mainly decided by teammates if you’re playing solo. If the other team has a (better) teamed group, you will probably lose as a solo player. I found it fun to focus on my stats. I might lose, but I will not go a negative KD or a low KDA.

2: Never sacrifice yourself as a solo unless you know those teammates are decent. An overextended teammate you can save but you have a high chance of dying? Don’t do it. Overexension is a sign of a player that needs to learn the basics. It’s better to just let him/her die and focus on your own game. I lost many games by sacrificing myself to save multiple overextended teammates only for them to do the same thing over and over again.

3: Your team locks in 3 assassins and a hunter instantly? Just exit the game and take the cooldown. If you’re worried about a multiple hour ban, take a safe God. Your team might lose with 3 kills to 40, however you will have made those kills. Extra points if you don’t die yourself.

4: If you’re feeling generous, give a tip to the teammates that mess up. My experience is that most of them don’t listen. For example a Kukulkan in arena using his whirlwind to try and poke instead of minions (Kukulkan, please focus on minions. The other team loses points if we kill them) only to be met with “Shut up noob”. Or a Cthulhu inititiating on the other team when multiple teammates are low on health or even in base (Cthulhu, thanks for the initiation but two were back in base. We can’t win 3v5, please look at your team before initiating). “Be quiet!” is a typical response.

5: Screw all the former points. Want to feel like you’re good? Just team up. You can’t lose if there is no room for shitty randoms in your team.


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