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SMITE Item Build and Counter Building Guide

SMITE Item Build and Counter Building Guide?by Izcanbeguscott


This is a match I played recently. The Tyr hadn?t played for over a year so I am not mad at him, but his build is shall you say, not that great. So how do we fix this?

Here are a couple things that you should know when comes to items.

And honestly, the rest is optional. It all depends on the situation. If their magicals hurt bad, get magical protection. If their Physicals hurt bad, get Physical Protection. It all depends on the situation.

Now what are some items that are really not that great and that you should avoid using entirely?

Here are a few:

  • Reinforced boots. It may seem really great for tanks, but every other boot is better than it because it gives no damage what-so-ever
  • Spirit Robe. This one is tricky. I don?t recommend unless you have a powerful mage that uses their cc to engage like He Bo or Anubis.
  • Telkhines Ring. 40 damage in the grand scheme of things is not that much damage. Get demonic grip if you are a heavy basic attacker.
  • Ninja Tabi. Pen on the Warrior Tabi is way more important then then cooldown reduction. If you are looking for cooldown reduction on physicals, get the aforementioned Jotuns.
  • Hastened Fatalis. Hastened Fatalis is only really good on a select few. If you are constently losing targets, get Sprint 3 because it gives hastened fatalis? passive plus 30% move speed increase.
  • Frostbound Hammer. This item is too expensive for what it does. Get the second tier of it instead.

What about actives? Some actives are fantastic and will save your life constently, while others are useless.

Some really good actives include:

  • Purification Beads. It makes you immune to crowd control for 3 seconds on activation. Get if enemy team has an Ares, Hades or anyone else with a large crowd control ability.
  • Aegis. Makes you immune to damage for 2 seconds but has a long cooldown. Get if tey have someone like Vulcan, He Bo or any other really high damaging ultimates.
  • Blink. An unpredictable teleport. Great for starting teamfights if you are a support. Would recommend Greater blink over Combat blink for its lower cooldown
  • Sprint. Increases movement speed by up to 33%. Great for getting out of sticky situations.
  • Girdle. Increases teams power by 20% if Girdle of Support is bought. Use for things like FG or GF for quicker taking of the buff.
  • Weakening Curse. Its slows them nothing and can counter heals like Herc (fuck herc) and Ra.
  • Hand of the Gods. Useful for taking FG, GF and buff camps. Must-buy if you are solo, jungle or support.
  • Salvation (ONLY IN ASSAULT). Free mana and health every 60 second. Use when low on mana.

And that?s my guide to items. If you want more in depth item builds for certain people, check out http://tiermonster.com/god. They are a great site that has been a great part of the smite community.

I hope this guide helped you on your way to becoming better at smite.


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